The Great Gordino Newsletter – May 5th 2014

Hi, I hope today finds you well.

I’ve had a couple of comedy gigs since last week. The first was in a pub about 30 miles away, which is pretty local for the comedy world! It was a small crowd, and quite noisy, with most of them not there to see the comedy, so they were having their own conversations, which never helps the comedy!

Then yesterday I had one about 70 miles away, by the seaside. I went down a bit earlier to enjoy a walk by the sea. It was a lovely day. You could feel the sun, hear the seagulls and the shouts of the children, and smell the fish and chips and the sickly sweet smell of hot doughnuts and candy floss. Oh, and the odd splash of vomit.

I did think about walking along the pier, but there was a £2 charge just to walk along, so instead I took this picture from the pavement while tucking into a £2 box of fudge!

"Gordon Bryan"

I’ll be honest, it was glorious there, it was great just sitting there and soaking it all up. (The atmosphere, not vomit). I write a lot about appreciating abundance, appreciating the moment. To be able to enjoy that plus be able to do some comedy was great for me.

The gig was another pub, in a room upstairs, which has nice comedy club feel to it, and I’ve been there before. A nice crowd of about 40, a really nice evening.

"Elena Baltacha"

I got home after midnight to see that Elena Baltacha had died. Former British number 1, she died from liver cancer at the age of just 30. She was always smiling and positive in interviews, coming back time and time again from a series of illnesses and injuries.

Her highest world ranking was inside the top 50, so although she never hit the highest of highs, she had a career which was defined by hard work and determination, combined with a lot of work bringing youngsters through. In my book that’s makes her an inspirational woman, a role model to look up to, RIP Elena.

On the blogging front, which you’ll remember I’m doing partly to fund me being able to do more gigs, I’ve been playing around with the blog design. I was all ready to put in a new theme, but when I tried it, I didn’t feel it appealed to me as much as my old design.

That’s probably simply due to me being used to the old design, but I’ve made some tweaks to it, to see if I can keep it. The new coaching showed me an easy way to create buttons to connect with me on social media, and the blog definitely needed that, so that’s an improvement.

I also found out about changing the background colour, so I’ve gone for a blue similar to the header image, and it looks better than the white that was there before. The header image itself is something that probably needs changing but I like the way it puts across the Great Gordino brand, and the tag line of wealth creation, self improvement and goal achievement.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the design of the blog!

Ok, that’s it for today, feel free to check out the articles I’ve written since last week. You’ll see links on the right hand site of the page under latest posts. Do leave your comments. Let me know what you think:
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Ok, ‘til next time,
Health & happiness,
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    • I had enjoyed such a lovely day, and this the first time in a long time that a famous death had made me genuinely sad. Still, she was an inspiration and her passing is as a good a reminder as any to enjoy what we have – she certainly did!

    • It really hit home to me in amongst the celebrity deaths, I watched her for so many years as a battler on the court.

      Thanks for the blog design feedback, I think maybe the header image could be smaller, that’s my next challenge!

  • Hi Gordino

    I love your blog page, you quirky sense of humour (vomit indeed) lol – just priceless. It is really sad when we loose people so young too, I have never heard of Elena myself being an Aussie and I don’t get much time to watch tennis – but I am sure her family would be really proud to see what your thoughts about Elena were. If only more people in the world were more hardworking and determined, it could change the world. I will be back to check our your blog from time to time and have a look at the rest of your content. So far I really love it. Regards

    • Hi Karen,
      I was born in Aus, only stayed there a few weeks, so I didn’t get much of an accent! To be honest, not that many people in the UK would have heard of her, tennis fans only, but it’s nice to see she has had alot of coverage to mark what she achieved.
      Glad you enjoyed the newsletter thanks for the kind words, I used to write it a lot way back then, I think I’m going to ramp it up again!
      Thanks for stopping by!