The Great Gordino Newsletter – Mon 26th Mar 2012

This week’s newsletter touches on some favourite subjects of mine (well, it would do really, wouldn’t it!), sport, personal development and goal achievement…

In the TV world, Britain’s Got Talent has started a new run, and BANG! Right in the first episode, the formula is played to a tee.

Remember when Susan Boyle exploded onto the scene with her audition that wowed the audience and had the judges eating their dismissive attitudes? Well, the show has gone for the same this time, and you suspect there are millions of record sales already assured.

I’ve written many times about talent shows, Britain’s Got Talent, and Simon Cowell, but if you strip back all the agendas, and get back to the idea of finding someone with talent that might otherwise have stayed hidden, then BGT hits the jackpot.

When Jonathan Antoine walked onto the stage, don’t be fooled by the microphone picking up Simon Cowell dismissing him – that’s as contrived as it can be. Cowell knows full well who is coming out, and can have any comments of his edited out.

No, that was left in with a deliberate purpose – to get the reaction it did.

When Jonathan opened his mouth, nervously and too early, he did it with the support of his friend onstage, and the voice was indeed stunning – lots of record sales assured as I mentioned earlier.

Let’s enjoy the moment for him, someone who was bullied to the point of not being able to cope with things, it’s lovely to see things work for him. Let’s also think of his friend, ignored in the gushing over Jonathan, and basically ripped to pieces by Cowell.

Things work for some, not for others, but Jonathan said himself he would not be on the stage without her support. So, think of your goals, and if others are ready to offer the help you need, then take it!

If you can help others, even if it’s only with words, do it. The effect of bullying is well known, but the effect of talking positively to someone is not so well appreciated – you might not know the boost you are giving someone.

In the world of sport, with London 2012 looming large, the kit for the British team has been unveiled, and it’s controversial.

That’s no accident either, as press publicity is what it’s all about.
Get a top designer, Stella McCartney, pick a design that misses a colour from the flag, and then focus on that in the launch, and you have a story.

McCartney said she started her design with the iconic design of the flag but wanted to present it in a modern way.

What, by moving away from the colours?

Hmm, I’m not a big fan, I might warm to it, but it seems a tad deliberate for my liking.

As for my own plans? Well I have narrowed down the choice of a stand up comedy course I think I’ll take. It will give me a good chance to see if I can combine any performance and writing skills I may have into something that works in the very challenging world of stand up.

I really want to put it to the test in an environment that is constructive, and I’m looking forward to it!

I’ve not written a newsletter in this format for a while, I am thinking of doing it a bit more often, as well as the more structured articles, so do let me know what you think!

‘Til next time,
Health & Happiness,

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