The Great Gordino Newsletter – Nov 4th 2014

I hope all is well with you.
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"cadbury chocolate coins"

Let’s start with what’s clearly massive news – Cadbury’s are not making chocolate coins for Christmas this year! In all the coverage, I didn’t actually see the reason why, just a statement from them that they make plenty of other treats for Christmas. I think I know the reason why, and it explains why it’s not devastating news for a chocoholic Cadbury fan like me…

I don’t like them.

For some reason, when it comes to chocolate coins at Christmas, I prefer cheap tatty chocolate. I have no explanation for this, it’s a psychological thing, but I’m not sure I’ve ever bought Cadbury chocolate coins in all the (many) years I’ve been buying them for myself.

If other fans feel the same, then the demand just isn’t there, so they stop making it. A good news story, but I’ll still be having the odd coin (or two) (or three) of the cheap tatty variety!

"Sir Nicholas Winton"

Nicholas Winton was presented with the Czech Republic’s highest honour. Actually, that’s *Sir* Nicholas Winton, and he’s now 105 years old. He saved nearly 700 children from the Nazis during the war, and kept it quiet until his wife found diary entries in the 1980s.

Here’s the clip from BBC news, hopefully you’ll be able to watch it, but if not, go to you tube, type in his name and watch a clip from the 1980’s show That’s Life, it’ll make the hairs on your neck stand up – a great man, and a stand alone article coming soon on him soon.

"Darek Fidyka"

In the medical world, and Darek Fidyka, who was paralyzed from the chest down in a knife attack, has been able to walk again thanks to pioneering treatment. The treatment, developed by scientists in London and surgeons in Poland, involved transplanting cells from his nose. These cells are pathways that allow nerve fibres there to constantly regenerate.

Prof Geoff Raisman, who led the UK team, says it’s more impressive than man walking on the moon. That might sound a bit exaggerated, but if it’s a process that develops and kicks on, it could change the future for millions of paralysed people, and could be a step change in medical outlook for us as humans, so maybe not so exaggerated!

I wanted to cover something else I saw on TV to do with space and our future, but that will have to wait for another issue, and in any case will also be a standalone article. By the way, you are signed up to get email updates in your inbox, right? You can sign up via the box top right of any page, or connect with me via the social media buttons at the top to keep updated on new content.

I’ve been mentioning the movies lately, with the new Star Wars starting to loom large. That movie catapulted Harrison Ford into the acting stratosphere, which he then cemented with the Indiana Jones films. The whip he used in them has sold at auction for £140,000.

Originally owned by Steven Spielberg, he gave it to Unicef, who sold it to raise funds. It was last sold two years ago for £20,000 so that’s a big jump to today’s ‘value’ of £140,000!

I’ll finish with a photo I saw in the news, and what a photo – taken from a plane by passenger Melissa Rensen, it shows a rainbow beneath the clouds. When a picture makes me look twice, I know it’s one worth sharing! Taken by , it’s a cracker isn’t it!

Ok, do let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

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  • WHAT! No chocolate coins? That’s not Christmas then. They have been a stocking filler since I was little. Gutting. However Nicholas Winton’s story is amazing. Ultimately that he saved those children is the best part of the story, but to keep it quiet and not make a fuss is beyond cool! He deserves all the plaudits that he receives.

    I hope the new SW films are good, but you never know. Great news for Unicef! Such a worthwhile charity.

    Another great blog!!!!

    • Thanks Nick!
      I’ll still be getting some coins – well to be accurate, I’ve *already* got some coins, and the Cadbury’s will just be in another form or other 😉
      Sir Nicholas has a very ‘British’ way about him, no shouting about what he did, but as you say, amazing nonetheless.
      I love movies, but hate going to the cinema, I think the SW films might be an exception to get me to go!

  • Jam packed newsletter 😉

    1) Chocolate coins – I would be more interested in GOLD Coins! ;p
    2) Sir Nicholas Winton – He has gained my absolute respect. Wishing him great health at this advance years!
    3) Medical breakthrough – hope this becomes true reality and more ‘patients’ gain from it.
    4) Star Wars – keep your visit and experience at the cinema posted 😀 It is also interesting to observe how some items become precious over years whereas others become otherwise…
    5) Photo – looked so unreal and ‘photoshop-ed’ but then there do ARE many unreal beauty happening in the nature! Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing, Gordon. I am particularly touched by the medical breakthrough and the prospective!

    • Gold coins would be good yes, but I’ll settle for chocolate ones as second best 😉
      Sir Nick is doing well at 105 – if anyone deserved a long life it’s him!
      That medical breakthrough could well be something we look back on as a landmark, let’s hope it solidifies.
      I’m sure the Star Wars films will get me back into the cinema, despite the little annoyances there!
      The rainbow photo is spectacular, even more so because she just thought she was taking a picture of interesting clouds – rainbow photographers must be jealous!
      Thanks as ever for stopping by!
      cheers, Gordon

  • Wow! I came over here to look at the picture you told me about and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your entire newsletter. I cannot believe that picture, it is stunning!
    And Sir Nicholas…hell of a man! Not only being alive at 105, but … wow what an incredible thing he did.
    What is this about transplanting cells from this mans nose and they are able to regenerate?! That is fantastic. I am in awe and hope that this is surgery is able to help many more people in the near future. Wow!

    • Hi Jen,
      What I like even more about the rainbow photo is that due to the peculiarities of the light, Melissa thought she was just taking a photo of the clouds. It was only on seeing the final version that the rainbow was ther – lovely!
      The other stories are indeed amazing – to see that 1980s clip when the children he saved stood up around him is a spine tingler, and that paralysis cure, if it develops long term, is a real breakthrough!
      Stories like that are a pleasure to share!