The Great Gordino Newsletter – Oct 15th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

This issue is about girl power, both old and new. First the old…


100 years old this week to be precise.
"Edith Cavell"

12th October 1915 saw the death of Edith Cavell. She died in a nurses uniform, shot at dawn by a German firing squad.


She had been convicted of treason, and had helped 200 Allied troops escape occupied Belgium to fight again in the war. She had been head of a nursing school in Brussels, and had long held the ambition of helping people, telling that she would do something worthwhile with her life.


As the war ravaged the bodies of troops, Edith tended soldiers from all sides, making no distinction between them. That didn’t help her after her arrest though.


Her execution caused an outcry, and doubled the amount of men enlisting to fight.
Tributes were held to mark the 100th anniversary of her death, and here’s a picture of the Edith Cavell Memorial near London’s Trafalgar Square.
"Edith Cavell"

Edith would possibly have been perplexed by the phrase ‘girl power’, and I’m sure would have dismissed it had anyone applied it to her, but I think she’s a great example.


Here’s a modern example…


The English Ladies Curling Team are off to play in the European Championships in November. Long time readers will know of my passion for curling, and also my passion for goal achievement and action taking.


The girls have long been proactive in their efforts to raise funds for their trips (curling is not a sport awash with money!), and this trip is no exception.


I knew of a site called Pledge Music, which allows people to help support music projects – in fact I am waiting for my next project to be approved, for my Rock & Roll Bandits idea. While waiting for that, I saw the girls post on Facebook about their new pledge sport campaign. I had never heard of the site, but as you can imagine, it pressed my buttons!


I hopped over to take a look, and saw that the girls have set up a campaign to raise funds for the trip.


I like it, I like the fact that they take action and do something about an obstacle in their path! If you fancy taking a look, here’s the link to The England Ladies Curling Team on Pledge Sports.


So, girl power in action, 100 years apart. Edith would have liked what the curlers are doing, the curlers will admire what Edith did.


Taking action, helping others, integrity, courage and dignity, all key elements of the self improvement world – once you have these in place, you can get to work using formulas to achieve things. Speaking of which, with my new coaching now launched, why not take a look at my free 8 step goal achievement formula? It’s taken me on some great adventures, and it will do for anyone that uses it!


Ok, do let me know what you think, I love the feedback!
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    • Thanks Ron,
      I was surprised I had never heard of her, so at least the anniversary has put her story on my radar, which is good, and I’m glad to spread it around since it falls into my areas of passion,
      cheers, Gordon

  • Hi Gordon,

    Boy things have gone through a lot of changes around here. You’re blog looks great!

    Loved the analogy you used between Edith Cavell and the woman’s curling team. They are helping themselves to get funds online. Tremendous idea. For those of us who are responding to your post will hopefully contribute as I plan on doing.

    Thank you for sharing, Gordon and you have a wonderful week!


    • Thanks Linda!
      I was finding that the links down the right hand side were only working on certain browsers. I couldn’t work out why, so went for a new theme – it looks a bit sleeker maybe, plus the links work! lol
      yes, I love the proactive side of things, it’s the key to getting almost anything done!
      cheers, Gordon