The Great Gordino Newsletter – Oct 21st 2014

I hope all is well where you are.
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I’ve had some frustrations this week. Last Tuesday saw my 25th wedding anniversary – that’s frustrating because the marriage ended many years ago, so many years ago that it almost feels like it was someone else.

It’s frustrating that we weren’t able to work it out, although I’ve always accepted it as ‘one of those things’. Frustrating that things could have been different, but that’s with the beauty of hindsight – at the time we acted the best we could for back then. By the way, although that’s not us in the picture, it does look like she is about to wallop him! He’s just made what he thought was an hilarious joke about her dress, she’s about to give his face a big slapping…

Then later in the week I had some frustration slap bang up to date, and a good dose of it too, as someone smashed the window of my car and rifled through the contents. I’ve never kept anything of real value in the car, blimey I’ve never driven *cars* of real value, so I suppose that’s why it’s the first time it’s happened in 29 years of driving.

Frustrating though, because the scum that did it probably just ran off down the street, but I was left with a bill of £120 to get the window replaced, and I had to get the smell of LOSER out of the car. I’m not a violent person (except when it comes to opening recalcitrant chocolate wrappers), but if I caught whoever did it, it wouldn’t just be the window getting smashed…#theirface.

Footballer Chad Evans was released from jail this week, having served 2 and a half years of a 5 year sentence for rape. It’s created a big hoo ha about whether he should be allowed to return to play for his club on wages of £20,000 a week.

Some people say he has served his time, and society must let people go back to what they were doing after they have been punished. Others say that not only has he never shown any remorse or apologised, he denies the charge, and that since footballers are high profile role models, letting him back would be a terrible message to send to young men.

I can see the argument about getting back into society, but it’s his attitude and that of his friends that would bother me. The victim was named on social media which is a crime, and she has had to go into the police programme with a new identity. The club he played for, Sheffield United, could let him go under a disrepute charge, and other teams simply choose not to employ him.

Or, he could go back to the £20,000 a week playing in front of massive crowds, it’s not my choice after all.

"TIE Helmet"
With the new Star Wars film being made, featuring ‘original’ cast members, the hype is bubbling away nicely, and I saw a story during the week that made me look twice. A helmet used in the 1977 film was valued at £40-50,000! It was on the BBC show ‘Antiques Roadshow’, and while presenter Fiona Bruce was dismissive of the prop as just a piece of plastic, that valuation raised more than a few eyebrows.

The TIE Pilot helmets were shown in the film in the last fight scenes with rebel fighters before Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star (hope I haven’t given the ending away for you).

There were only 14 made, in fact the studio was only invoiced for 12, and the picture shows designer Andre Ainsworth with all 14. Now *that* would be a nice little collection wouldn’t it!

The numpties that smashed my window would do well to be wearing a helmet if I ever found them!

Ok, that’s it for this week, let me know what you think, and don’t forget you can see my other posts over on the right hand side, including a great NFL Moment Of The Week, featuring a sporting role model that few would argue about!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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  • Sorry to hear about your windshield. The dude was stupid; he could have gained entry by breaking a side window! Really though, I know how you felt. I had a car stolen when I lived in Germany. Guess they just wanted to go on a joy ride because we had a huge glass bottle filled with over $500 in coins and they didn’t touch it.

    Anyway, lots of emotions cycle through your brain between the discovery and recovery.

    And movies? People are willing to pay for the silliest trivia. Not my cup of tea, so to speak.

    • Ooh, it was frustrating! Still, plenty of people have a lot worse happen to them. I do enjoy the movies, and enjoy the memorabilia side of things, the props that were actually used etc. That’s a hefty old valuation, isn’t it!
      cheers, Gordon

  • For some reasons, I was extremely frustrated yesterday. Feel so guilty that my daughter had an earful… “For things to change, first I must change!”..

    Coming back to your post, the victim got to change her identity in order to carry on her life peacefully.. Wishing her well.

    Thanks for your sharing, Gordon. I learnt different things each time. And, nice vlog! 🙂

    • The victim got a new indentity because she had been illegally named by the rapist’s friends. Hopefully she can be more settled now, even though her life is anything *but* settled…;-(
      I do enjoy sharing stories that catch my eye, thanks for the kind words!

      • And that’s the reason why I thought of you whenever I saw something ‘interesting’ 😉 It says something about you or your strategy huh! *wink*

        • Oh yes! I have a curious mind, and love seeing things that I want to share – the internet certainyl makes it easier to connect with like minded people 😉