The Great Gordino Newsletter – Sep 23rd 2014

"Gordon Bryan"Hi,
I hope all is well with you.

So, the UK is still the same UK is was last week, as Scotland voted to stay in the union, and not go for independence. Except the UK is *not* the same…

After a single poll showed the ‘yes’ campaign in the lead, panic set in at Westminster, and despite a couple of hundred thousand postal votes having already been cast, the leaders of the main political parties at Westminster announced a whole raft of new powers for a devolved Scotland if they stayed in the union.

The yes campaign pointed out that the parties could not agree exactly what those new powers would be, and it’s not sure how much difference the offer made in the ‘no’ vote winning in the referendum. In fact afterwards, some commentators said that the single poll may just have been wrong!

The day afterwards, David Cameron was accused of playing politics, by raising the so called West Lothian question and tying that in to any new powers. That argument is that although MPs in Scotland can vote on matters that have an impact in England, Mps in England are not able to vote on matters impacting Scotland, if those areas are devolved to the Scottish Assembly.

So, David Cameron said that English votes for English matters would have to be discussed. This leads to all sorts of possibilities, maybe even an English Parliament, and when you throw in Wales and Northern Ireland, is it possible that there’ll be a United States of Britain in my lifetime? The UK is not the same…

The new iphone went on sale during the week, and the money making opportunities are always there – people selling their places in the queue, for example. To celebrate, the new album from U2 was automatically added for free to all itunes accounts. Hmm, there certainly was a backlash on that, because although a band as massive as U2 do not need the money, if they give away their content for free, what does that do for new up and coming bands who are struggling for money?

The company Alibaba was floated this week. Never heard of it? Well no, neither had I, but how about if I told you they sold more online than eBay and Amazon combined!
Started by a Chinese teacher to open up the Chinese market to companies, he went into online retailing, and the explosion followed.

It was floated to raise money to expand into Europe and the US, so if you hadn’t heard of them before, you sure enough soon will!

The Royal and Ancient golf club has finally voted to allow women to be members, which is hugely symbolic in the sport which has seen a gradual but inevitable rise of women playing, and why not! It’s a superb sport, playable by young and old, good exercise, and based on politeness and good behaviour.

I did mention making money online when I spoke about, and they certainly tap into the sports market, and the golf market in particular – if you think you can’t make money online from golf, I’d say “BALLS!” Or maybe clubs, or bags, etc.

The Ryder Cup takes places at Gleneagles this week. It’s a massively successful team event in a sport which is an individual game. The atmosphere is always electric, and with some memorable battles in the past, the biannual event is eagerly awaited!

Ok, that’s it for this week, do let me know what you think!

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  • Interesting update Gordon. It brought me to one realization. Although we are so far apart, our world seems so close. UK issue, iPhone, Allibaba are all so familiar and as current as your part of the world receive. Not familiar with the other 2 u mentioned probably bcoz they are of more local news to u?

    The world is indeed small with extensive cyber connection… good? not good? Yes n No , I guess 🙂 Your thought?

      • Just thought of it.. what about Asian Games Incheon 2014? F1? It just left Singapore and moving to next stop with Hamilton leading. This little news I know even though I never really followed. It’s on our National paper…couldn’t skip ;D

        • Ah yes, F1. I used to follow it a lot more closely than I do now, I watch so much sport that something has to give, and Formula 1 just isn’t as exciting as it used to be for me – once the first lap is over, unlless there’s something unexpected the race can be fairly predictable.
          As for the Asian Games, that gets no coverage here at all, so I know nothing about it. I have often wondered why certain countries are not much bigger in the world of sport, so may go and take a look! Thanks!

    • I have always taken it for granted that Scotland was part of Great Britain for the 48 years that I’ve been around. Had I been Scottish with a vote I suspect stronglyl I would have voted yes. A lot of changes due to come now I think,

  • It was interesting learning about the U2 album being added to the new iphones for free. I hope to get the new Iphone soon. I’ve never heard of Alibaba so I’m surprised they have more sales than Ebay and Amazon combined.
    I’m enjoying your updates on things going on in Scotland. We like to travel and hope to get over there again soon.

    • Hi Linda,
      I’ve gone for the much cheaper end of the smartphone range, not even an iphone for me, but does the job!
      Alibaba has the massive Chinese market to tap into, and is now expanding, so we’ll be seeing it advertised all over soon!
      I’ve played some theatre shows in Scotland, should really get up there curling! I’m glad they stayed, but if I’d been Scottish with a vote, it may well have been yes!