The Great Gordino Newsletter – Sep 2nd 2014

"Gordon Bryan"Hi,
As we slip into September, I hope all is well with you.

I won’t be going to university. Well, not this year anyway. It was only a couple of weeks that I had the idea, and some frantic researching and action taking secured me a place studying BA(Hons) Sports Journalism.

That created challenges like finance and accommodation, and spending 3 years as a (very) mature student alongside 18 year olds. I did what I always advise others to do, which is to employ the great goal achievement tip of asking others what they thought. It’s amazing how much help can come your way by simply taking that step.

One of the people I asked directed me towards shorter diplomas, and I found a 1 year course that would have achieved a whole chunk of what the 3 year course would. I say ‘would have’ because after deciding this was a better option, I found that course was about to start even sooner than the university, and more importantly, was full!

Hmm. That then made me think that if I would have taken that course over the university, I could wait until next year, take the 1 year course in 2015 and still be finished a year ahead of the degree.

So, I came to the decision to turn down the offer from the university. It did feel a shame telling them, but I think it was a sensible way to handle what was a whirlwind of decisions based on an idea. It was maybe too much of a whirlwind, and that’s something that can happen when you decide to act on whims – sometimes it goes places, sometimes it doesn’t. This one may still go places in time!

A big thank you to those that gave me advice, it helped a lot!

As someone who has stood in the last 2 general elections, I was fascinated by the big political story to blow – Conservative MP Douglas Carswell left the party to join UKIP. He could have stayed on as an MP, but has resigned which has triggered a by-election.

Polls suggest he will win by a landslide, and will be UKIP’s first elected MP, and that’s big news. It’s big because although they have had members in the European Parliament, they haven’t had Mps at home.

Their leader Nigel Farage has courted the media to great effect, and he has tapped into the frustrations that people feel about interference from ‘Europe’ in Britain’s affairs. To vote UKIP has been seen as no more than a protest vote in the past, but it’s enough of a protest vote to force the Conservatives to act, because it’s mostly been their vote that’s been eaten into.

If, (more likely when) Carswell wins and becomes a UKIP MP, voting UKIP will move from just a protest vote to a vote that means something in the minds of many voters. It may also persuade other current Mps to jump ship and join UKIP. Fascinating for watchers of politics.

I did mention that we have slipped into September. That means a few things –

Firstly, it’s the start of the NFL! Ooh, I do enjoy the NFL, and with 3 games held in London this year, the possibility of a London team looms ever larger. It’s a massive money business, and in my book ‘FB Passion Profits’ I tell you how I made some good money from the sport myself. (you can also get the free guide to the basics at that link)

Talking of big sports money, the transfer window has closed in football, and Manchester United are still struggling to turn their fortunes around. New manager Louis Van Gaal spent a £60 million club record fee to sign Angel Di Maria, but when they played Burnley, they could only draw 0-0. The £60 million for Di Maria is more than the total ever spent on all transfers by Burnley in their *entire* 125 year history! That’s an amazing statistic, isn’t it!

September also brings another voting topic – the Scottish referendum on independence happens on the 18th. Huge for Scotland, and huge for the rest of the UK as well. More of that in the coming weeks.

The Christmas chocolate is already on the shelves in the shops. We still have 4 months left of the year though! A whole 3rd of the year left! I wrote an article about looking at ourselves when we got the halfway point in the year, and the point is just as valid as people start buying for Christmas when we’re only just into September:
Halfway Through The Year – Halfway To Your Goals, Right?

Ok, do let me know what you think – leave a comment below or like, share, tweet etc!
‘Til next time,
Health & happiness,

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  • Gordon,
    I do enjoy your blog. You do have a fresh take on blogging. And it is mind expanding.

    As a huge NFL fan, I’m very excited to see the season get underway. It would definitely be interesting if London got a team.

    And whether its Christmas chocolate or Halloween costumes…retailers do push the window and start selling holiday products way too early. I just want to enjoy what’s left of my summer.


    • Hi Leslie,
      I can’t wait for the NFL either, and suspect a full London team will happen within 10 years, maybe within 5.
      I’m with you on the early selling – can see why the retailers do it, the commercial pressure to get ahead of competitors is huge, but it does feel like we are wishing the year away instead of focusing on the present.
      Thanks also for your kind words, I love probing into different subjects, and I love even more that money can be made from different passions!

  • Wow! How do I comment on all the things here? Firstly deferring uni for a year is a good idea. Better to enrol on a course you want to do, rather than just going for the sake of it.

    I was hoping the UKIP would lose some of it’s power between now and the election. Looks like that isn’t going to happen. Sadly.

    Not sure how I feel about the NFL having league games in foreign countries. I like the idea of showcasing new\different sports to places where that sport isn’t played. If the NFL can do will the Premier League follow suit….

    Great blog!

    • Hi Nick,
      I think one of the things putting me off uni is that it is stretched over 3 years partly to give young people the experience of being away from home/broadening horizons, neither of which I need!

      Ukip will be a whole different proposition after the October by-electioin, but they will be much more under the spotlight too.
      I like the NFL in London, although it shows the power of a sport which is called the *National* Football League! Who knows where that will end up in a few years, bearing in mind the failure of the NFL Europe league many years ago.
      The Premier League did moot having a game abroad, but the problem with that is that because football *is* played around the world, countries have their own leagues!
      Having said that, the pre season friendlies in the US are massive sell outs, which seems to show the mone is there to be taken.

  • Ahhh! Football is what I’m most excited for too!

    And I’m okay with Christmas chocolate already on the shelves 🙂 I’m a bit of a Christmas lover LOL

    • Hi Shay,
      I’m a raving chocoholic, so I’m not moaning too much either! 😉
      The one thing with the NFL here is that we get a full live game on free terestrial TV, and a highlights/magazine show, but only highlights of the playoffs, I guess the cost is too much for tv, so we have to make do with highlights, or pay for NFL online or tv subscriptions – it’s all about the money!

  • Wow Gordon, so much to receive here. “Ask and you shall receive” was the immediate thing that came to my mind from your first 2 para above. Glad there is one good option for you.

    Like the wide range of topics you have here. Can’t wait for your next post 🙂

    • Hi Sandy,
      Oh yes, the simple act of talking to others about your goal, and asking for opinions, is a powerful tool!

  • I live for the NFL but not for Christmas. Luckily, Christmas isn’t out in the stores as of yet here in the states but I expect it to be there shortly. The first football game is tomorrow night and I couldn’t be happier! I’m going to join a fantasy football league this year for the first time. By the way, I hope Scotland votes for independence and gets it.

    • I’m amazed Xmas isn’t in the stores there, 1st Sep it always starts her, not full on, but enough to make everyone sigh! Looking forward to the new NFL season, I love it, and 3 London games this season! I’m curious, why do you hope for Scottish independence?

  • You sort of threw me with the NFL in Europe. My question is, how are Europeans going to talk about football and still know which game you are referring to? Probably a silly question from an American who distinguishes the games by saying football or soccer.

    Your take on uni, although spot on in so far as helping young people with new experiences. But I disagree with you that it would not broaden your horizons. It really is a different kind of think tank.

    And chocolate…I love deep dark chocolate that is not too sweet. The kind you can let melt in your mouth and savor.

    • We just call it the NFL. That’s odd in a way, and part of the problem, particularly with a possible London team, that it’s the *National* Football league. I think that probably just using the name NFL is good enough, because that’s what we call it anyway. Of course, we call football football! 😉

      You are right that I would have experienced things at uni, but I did go when I was 18, so allthough it would have been new faces and new places, the experience itself, of going away from home, wouldn’t have been new.

      Dark chocolate? I have to be in the mood. I’m a milk chocolate man as default setting, but to be honest, if it says chocolate on the wrapper I’ll give it a good go!