The Great Gordino Newsletter – Sep 4th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

As we crack into September, 4 months of the year left, that’s a full 3rd of the year!

I did take some stick, and rightly so, on my face book page when I first posted that it was a ¼ of the year left – whoops! (you are connected with me on facebook, right? If not the link is at the bottom 😉 )

So, with a 3rd of the year left, what are you going to do about it?

If 2015 has so far gone the same way as 2014, and 2013, and so on, and you thought 2015 was going to be different, well, this last 3rd of 2015 is going to be *exactly* the same as long as you keep doing exactly the same!

For the results to be different, something different has to happen, something different has to be done, and it has to be done by *you*.

That means taking responsibility for your actions, or lack of them, and the results that follow.

There are some simple productivity techniques that can help with this, and I wrote about one of them in another article, which you can see here:
Would 10 Weeks Solid Working On Your Goals Help?

You’ll see in that article that I talk about an hour a day, and I often hear people say ‘I haven’t got an hour a day’. Well, you probably have, and here’s another technique to improve productivity…

Set a timer on your phone or computer, and set it for one hour. Get rid of other distractions, turn off social media notifications, and make the decision that for the solid one hour you will focus on the goal, the task.

If you tell me that this means you will have to miss out on something else, yes you will, that’s the point. However, because you are using this technique to help with focus and productivity, whatever you’re missing out on will not be as important as what you achieve in this new one hour slot.

This is a technique that works, but it only works if you apply it genuinely. When you get to the end of the hour and the timer goes off, you may well find you want to carry on as you have got into the task – if so, great, carry on! Do make sure you are time aware of other tasks though, if you do decide to carry on past the hour mark.

As for me, well I had hoped that September would see me starting my sports journalism course. You may remember I was offered a place at University last year, but it was just to close to the starting date for me to up sticks and go.

So, I decided to wait a year, and go for a one year course instead at a working sport journalism agency to get a relevant qualification. I went for their exam/interview, and while they gave me feedback that I impressed in both as well as my existing content, they wouldn’t offer me a place as I didn’t have relevant work experience.

I failed.

Except I didn’t fail, did I! I set a goal, worked out a plan, got to work on that plan. The direction changed once I had set out on the plan, as it often does, and I changed course. Because I had already developed skills I was able to impress with the new college, but not enough because they wanted something specific that I wasn’t able to show them at that time.

No failure there, because I’m further forward now than I was – I know that this wasn’t an adventure open to me at the moment, so other adventures can come into play.

One of those is a music project, and I have now booked into a studio this month to start the project off, so watch out – the Rock & Roll Bandits are coming!

I’m also working on my membership site, offering coaching and help. This will move me forwards towards certain goals, and it will move anyone who comes along with me – so I’ll leave you with this thought…

What did you intend for 2015? Has it happened? If not why not, and what are you going to do about it? Are you ready to make the decision to actually change something between now and the end of the year? You still have a whole 3rd left, and if there’s anything you need help with, let me know! Leave a comment or send me an email, or a face book message, and let’s get the year moving in *your* direction!

‘Til next time,
Health & happiness,
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  • Hey Gordon great post!

    I still plan on finishing the year strong. 2015 is definitely an improvement over the past few years (by 10 times over), but still is falling short of my initial goal (shot for 100 times better).

    As you say, there is still 4 months of the year left and I can still make a enough of a turn-around to improve those results and some of my sites do better because of the coming Christmas season.

    Thanks for the reminder, cheers. 🙂

    • Thanks Michel,
      It tends to be the case here that when we click into September, a chill comes in the air, the Christmas stuff appears in the shops, and people think the year is drawing to a close. That’s why I like to use times like these to remind myself that’s far from true!
      Onwards and upwards!

    • Thanks Deshawn,
      I’m looking forward to it, been a while since I was in a studio – of course you may be disappointed once you hear it, along with many many others! Ha!
      cheers, Gordon

  • Hi Gordon,

    hat a great post on accomplishing our goals by taking one hour a day, without distractions and getting down to business. We need to have clarity with the goals we set for ourselves as clarity and focus helps us with our mindset.

    People who succeed have a lot more failures to overcome than those who don’t. We all have different goals and we need to take time to work on them.

    Good luck to you on the Rock In Roll Bandits. I think this goal is so cool!

    Thank you for sharing, Gordon and you have a wonderful weekend.


    • Hi Linda,
      I was surprised not to get on the course, when they said they were impressed, that *didn’t* surprise me – not from being big headed, but just because I knew I had the skills.
      I had decided that if I didn’t get on the course I would press on with other things, and The Rock & Roll Bandits is an idea I’ve had for *years*!
      cheers, Gordon

  • As you are probably aware, I have had a major set-back due to health. But in spite of that, I am patiently revamping what is more realistic under the current circumstances.

    I plan to move forward. Sure, it is going to take longer; but, the reality is foreseeable as long as my focus remains riveted.

    Like you…I will never give up!