The Great Gordino Newsletter – Sep 8th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

Long time readers will know I do like use date anniversaries a lot, a reminders of what others have done, and what we could do ourselves. Today’s no different, and you never know, I might even throw some sport at the end!

(ok, you *know* I’ll throw in some sport!)

Weds Sep 9th sees Queen Elizabeth II become the longest reigning British monarch, overtaking the mark set by Queen Victoria.

Now, I know a lot of people don’t like her, and dislike the monarchy and the whole idea of it. As it happens, I do like her. I can understand people who say she lives a life of privilege, paid for by those who don’t live that life.

On the other side of the coin, she did not choose to be Queen, and while she could have decided not to, she instead decided as a young woman, to dedicate the rest of her life to the service of her country.

That’s what she’s done, and is still doing 63 years later. Imagine the life of privilege that some people decry, and then imagine that every day is planned out for you, with little wriggle room if you are to follow the service of duty you signed up to.

Constant travelling, constant smiling at strangers, constantly representing your country. For 63 years.

She’s been Queen all my life, I’ve taken it for granted , and that’s part of what she offers, a continuity, a constant in a world of change. She’s been through 12 Prime Ministers of different political persuasions, and has stayed out of the political arena.

Good for her, I say!

Another anniversary this week is less pleasant – 9/11. I’ll be writing about that in another article on the day, and again, long time readers will already know what it’s about. That event, and consequent events, have made the world a different place, and not for the better.

I did say I’d throw in some sport – in football, Wayne Rooney has equalled the England goal scoring record of Sir Bobby Charlton, and will surely pass it soon. The debate rages as to whether he’s England’s best ever striker or not.

In American football, the NFL kicks off this week, with Tom Brady set to play after having his ban for ‘deflate gate’ overturned. The NFL is appealing that court decision, but in the meantime he plays. I must say the whole affair has tainted my opinion of him, I always regarded him as the best, but with my strong belief in integrity, I have severe doubts about him.

Also this season the NFL won’t be on freeview, and since I watch so much sport that I don’t pay for any, I imagine it will be a year off the NFL for me, the odd highlight apart. That’s a shame, but on the plus side it will free up time to press ahead with other things…

One of those other things is my new membership site. Originally I had planned to go with, with the basic premise of helping people follow their passions, by leveraging the power of the internet to free their finances.

That still holds true, but lately I have been thinking about going for a more personal development angle – focusing on my Transform Your Life in 21 Days! Book as the foundation of a life improvement course, with the internet marketing coming under just one section, the finance section, so people can focus solely on that if they choose.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear which one of those you think would appeal the most, and why?

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,

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