The Great Gordino’s Photography!

Right, I know I’ve said several times that I intended to make posts about my various photo trips.
I also know, (as I’m sure you will have noticed!) that I never seem to get round to it 😉

This is because I’ve been such a FB person that once I post them there I tend to forget about them.

However, I recently decided to invest in a course about Pinterest, and it’s *this* that has prompted me into action.

The guide had some fascinating info in there, and I thought I’d give Pinterest another look. As I said, I’ve really been a FB person, but FB have changed their algorithms so many times, I decided it was time to look at other social networks in addition to FB.

I had been uploading bits and bobs occasionally to Pinterest, but it seems I had been doing it so ineffectively to almomst make it not worth the effort. Hopefully the direction this guide has given me might make the results a bit better.

So, here’s the plan…

I’m going to go through my photo sets, and create posts around them.
The post might start with only one photo, but then I can add more photos over time to the same post, which will hopefully build the traffic to each post. I may (may!), then get round to making the photos available on things like prints, canvas, mouse mats, that kind of thing.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, I’m going to start with a few posts and see how it goes

I hope you enjoy them, comments always welcome, and any suggestions for other photo trips also welcome!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,

P.S. Here’s my profile on Pinterest if you fancy a peek! Gordon Bryan on Pinterest

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