The Rock & Roll Bandits – New Project Launch!

Well, I’ve been on another learning curve – how to get a PledgeMusic project launched!

"Gordon Bryan"

If you don’t know what PledgeMusic is, it allows you to get fans to pledge to support music projects, offering them something back in return.


It’s a great idea, but does need some work to set up, so that’s what I learnt!


The project is launched TODAY, and has 43 days to reach the target, or I get none of the money, so it’s also an exercise in promotion!


Here’s the link, and I’d love it if you went and had a look:

The Rock & Roll Bandits latest PledgeMusic Project


As you can see, we’ll be taking on the Three Degrees classic ‘When Will I See You Again’ – I think it’ll be a lot of fun, and you’ll notice that as one of the exclusive offers, anyone can be on the record, doing the backing vocals! That could include YOU! You send your vocals in as per instructions, and you’ll find yourself a recording artist!


Anyway, just a short post to let you know about the launch, I’m busy putting the word out, and of course I’d love it if you shared it around too!


Do let me know what you think!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


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