To Get To Where You Want In Life, You Might Have To Ride A Few Waves!

"Aisla Craig", "Gordon Bryan",
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I’m taking another personal development look at one of my quote images in this article, and the waters might get a little choppy…

I took that photo, on a trip out to Ailsa Craig rock, about 9 miles off the West coast of Scotland. It’s where all the curling stones come from, so I had made the trip up there to take some pictures, and the weather was kind for the boat trip over to go ahead.

Very nice it was too, and good fun to put hands over the side and let the waves lap over. As it happened, some of the waves did get a bit, er, bouncy, and then I felt glad I had a life jacket on!  I think the words work well over the top…

“To get to where you want in life, you might have to ride a few waves!”

Little boats run the risk of big waves! Even the small waves can have a big impact on the smaller boats, and it’s just something that has to be accepted.

Of course, it’s also true we can choose not to accept it, to avoid it altogether by doing not setting out in the boat in the first place, staying nice and safe on land. Yes, that’s true, but that would mean no enjoyment from the trip, no nice memories to look back on. In other words, missed opportunity.

That would be silly, wouldn’t it?

In life though, we *do* seem to fall into this situation though – we either make plans and then don’t follow them through, or we make plans that don’t ever get further than that because we never even get started in the first place!

Why is this, and what can we do about it?

Well, the reasons can be varied and individual, of course, but it’s reasonable to have a general understanding that fear is one of them. Fear of those potential waves. Fear of the difficulties we may face if we set out on a path towards something.

It may be less a fear of unknown difficulties we may face, and more a fear of fully known difficulties that we will *undoubtedly* face!

If we describe those difficulties as ‘work’, we might get to another main reason for not following through with plans – a lack of willingness to put in the effort! Laziness, apathy, a general can’t-be-bothered attitude that puts us off when we consider the work that will likely be involved, and let’s be honest, pretty much any worthwhile goal will have work involved, and it could be hard work, and lots of it.

So, if the reasons are fear and/or laziness, what can we do about it..?

To go back to the small boat trip out to that rock in the image, the answer is to simply take on the waves!
If we fear the unknown, then the answer is to test that unknown, to turn it into the ‘known.’

Any one of us, and this is certainly true for me, can look back on things we thought might be bad or difficult, only to find they weren’t anything like as bas as we thought. In fact if we consider it, this happens more often than not.

If we take that memory with us, we can use it as a tool to dispel the fear of the unknown and just get on and find out!

If we then find that things are as difficult as we thought, that the waves are indeed giving us a buffeting, then we get to the second part of the equation, which is the work.

We need to buckle down and push through. It’s here that we need to revisit why we set out in the first place, and if we set out with intention towards something that meant something to us, that was in line with the real authentic us, then why *wouldn’t* we push on through the work?

We should be taking that work on board, knowing that we are moving forwards towards our goal.

Now, I’m aware of the dangers of sounding glib about this – I realise that life isn’t as simple as a little boat trip out to a rock to take photos.

I realise that life is more layered and complicated than that, that some of the waves that life can send our way are huge, and can overwhelm us. I realise this because I’ve been through it myself.

So I’m not being glib.

We’re not going to sail through the most difficult times with just a permanent cheesy grin and just a mantra about riding a few waves, but I do consider it vital to have the attitude as key fundamental to your thought processes.

After all, remember the alternatives – a life without any waves to ride, without any hardships or difficulties that we bring on ourselves…


The hardships and difficulties will still come, that’s the way of life, but if we sit back and try to avoid them all, the ones that come our way will be to do with other people’s agendas rather than our own and more than that, choosing to ignore our dreams and passions due to trying to avoid waves just leads to a life of unfulfilment.

Is that better? I’d suggest not.

I’d suggest that it’s better to accept that the waves will come, decided to ride them, get ready to take them on, and set out on the journey, because in the end it’s always true – to get to where you want in life, sometimes you have to ride a few waves.

"Aisla Craig", "Gordon Bryan",

Try it, it can change your life, it can transform it!

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