"Do You Feel Your Life Is Not Where You Want It To Be..? Do You Want It To CHANGE..?"

From: Gordon Bryan

Are you frustrated because you want something in your life to be *better*?
Better relationships for example? Or better health?
Maybe a better car? Or a better house? Maybe a better job? More money? More time?

If so youíre not alone! The majority of people feel like this, and the reason behind the frustration is that thereís a big gap between where your life is right now and where you want your life to be.

Itís not what you thought it would be, right?
Itís certainly not where you WANT it to be, right?

The good news, is that the gap can be closed!
You can move your life from where it is now, and move it to that place you want. Quite simply, you can TRANSFORM IT!

Iíve followed a set of principles for over 30 years, and itís taken me on some amazing adventures. The principles are based on solid logic, and rather than just being a set of Ďhappy clappyí ideas, they actually bring about change in the real world.

The change was *transformational* for me, and thatís why I know itís *transformational* for anyone that follows the principles, in any of the life areas Iíve mentioned above.

I was so keen to spread the message, that back in 2003 I wrote a book called ĎTransform Your Life in 21 Days!í, including a key chapter focused on an 8 step goal achievement formula. Last year I wrote a book about turning your passion into profit online, called ĎFB Passion profits!í

What I realised though, is that however good the principles are, people tend not to actually apply them, and the two biggest reasons are fear and finance.

The fear includes fear of change, fear of it not working, fear of looking silly to friends and family.

The finance barrier is one of feeling stuck in current circumstances - for example, a job which is needed to provide lifeís basics, but takes up so much time and energy there is no space to grow.

Throw all that in, and most people take the easy option, which is to do nothing. It's what most people do, opt for the easy option of resignation and frustration.

Thinking on a deeper level, itís not the easy option though, is it! Thatís precisely whatís led to your current feeling of dissatisfaction with things, wanting change in whichever life area is prodding you the most.

So, if most people choose the option of doing nothing, (I *did* say you're not alone, remember!), but you still feel the urge for change, whatís going to make the difference? Whatís going to finally push you forwards, to close the gap between where things are and where you want them to be?


You can read all the books in the world, but if you have a coach and support, you are surrounding yourself with people who are on the same page, who donít view your goals as silly, or pie-in-the-sky nonsense.

This immediately puts you ahead of others stuck in a similar rut, but who are trying to break through on their own.

Coaching and support gives you accountability, which is another key element as it brings about ACTION, and Ďactioní is one of what I call the 4 magic words, something I write about in the book.

I called the book ĎTransform Your Life in 21 Days!í but I decided that offering coaching and group support brings such powerful benefits that when I thought of creating the membership Iíd call itÖ

Transform Your Life NOW!

Hereís what you getÖ

- You get a copy of my book ĎTransform Your Life in 21 Days!í

- plus, and this is the key ingredient and the base of my offer, you get interaction with me.

Every week we will focus on one of the life areas, career, relationships, health, lifestyle, wealth, and in that life area you will create a defined goal. Once youíve defined that goal, weíll come up with 1 step you can take to close the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. Then youíll commit to that step, and be accountable for it, which more vitally makes you accountable to *yourself*. After all, itís *your* life being transformed here, right?

- I said Iíve been using the principles for over 30 years, well, that started with learning from people like Joe Karbo, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Susan Jeffers, M Scott Peck, and carries on to this day, discovering new people to learn from, like Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn and Brendon Burchard.

Iíd recommend them all, but since I noticed common themes running through all these providers, it was those themes I focused on, itís those themes I focus on now, and Iíll be able to pass them on to you as a member, via the contact and interactivity!

- You can focus on one life area if you like, your most pressing frustration, but on alternate weeks youíll pick a different area - this spreads your transformation across your life, which is vital for balance.

- The finance side of things is a key focus for me personally, and itís big focus area for many, because the vast majority of people say the biggest thing restricting their freedom in life *is* money. (As an aside, that's very often not the case at all, something I'll be dealing with as soon as you jump into the membership!)

Since money *is* undoubtedly a big factor in the mechanics of life, I will be delving deeply into the opportunity that the world of the internet provides us.

That opportunity is, in a word, stunning, and if your main focus is more money, then thatís where weíll go, although make no mistake, the overriding focus will be on the freedom that money will bring! That's because money in itself is not a goal, the real goal *is* the freedom the money will bring.
What that Ďfreedomí means to you is individual, which is why you get individual access to me as well.

- Ongoing training from me, in the form of articles, videos, audios.

Letís not forget, right at the centre of this is *your* transformation!

That's a lot you're getting, I hope you can see the power here, and what it can do for you - you may be well be asking Ďwhatís the cost?í

Itís a reasonable question, and as you can imagine there is a lot of time involvement for me.
Here's a reasonable question back - What would you think the cost should be? What is the *value* to you? Not the monetary value, the *life* value, to you personally, to bridge that gap between where you are now, and where you want to be?

I had originally thought of $97 a month.
In the coaching world, an offer like this with the level of personal involvement is at the low end of the scale believe me, but since Iíve not offered anything like this before, I wanted to go lower, because since it *is* brand new for me, the first people on board will have to bear with me as I possibly make mistakes.

Thatís a life lesson right there - Iím not waiting Ďtil any possible mistakes have been ironed out, Iím taking action, pressing ahead, and any mistakes can be dealt with as they arise! (it's more likely than not that they *will* arise, but is that stopping me? No, it isn't, and it's the kind of lesson you'll be taking on board!)

Taking that into account, I had thought of starting at $37 a month for the first 15 members only, then rising to $67 a month for the next 15 members, finally going up to $97.

That seems fair, and to be completely honest I can see myself going to that model in due course, but since I want as many people as possible to get on board Iíve decided to go lower still, with no initial limits on numbers, So, I decided onÖ

$29 a month.

Thatís on a monthly basis, there are no minimum lengths, and you can cancel at any time.

I've even gone one step further, and decided to offer a 7 day trial for just $1!
Yep, that's right, you can try the programme on for size for a week for just one dollar,
and then if you like the value you see, you'll pay the $29 month for as long as you choose
to continue.

Transform Your Life Now Membership
($1 trial for 7 days then $29 monthly) Transform Your Life Now Membership Programme

Let's go over what you get:
- My book, ĎTransform Your Life in 21 Days!í which gives the underlying principles which have taken me on some great adventures for over 30 years, and the book also features the powerful 8 step goal achievement formula.

- Interaction with me.
- You'll get ongoing training from me, in the form of videos, articles, audios.
- Each week, youíll pick one of the life areas, career, relationships, health, lifestyle, money, and work on 1 action you can take that week to move your life forward in the direction you choose.
- Contact with me. That will give you motivation, inspiration, discretion, positivity and *belief*.
- Plus Iíll be passing on the knowledge Iíve gained from studying the work of people like Joe Karbo, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, M Scott Peck, Susan Jeffers, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Brendon Burchard.

This is powerful. Massively powerful. I hope you can see it, I hope you can feel the excitement I have about it, and you are feeling excited at the opportunty for yourself!
Think about how and why you ended up on this page. In one or more of the life areas, you are not where you want to be, are you?

You want to be there, and you want it badly. This membership will close the gap, *transform* your life into what you thought it would be, so the question is, how badly do you want it?

Are you prepared to pass the membership by, which will leave you exactly where you are now? Because if you carry on doing what youíve always done, youíll carry on getting what youíve always got, that much is clear.

Or, is NOW the time you say enough is enough, is NOW the time for you to grab the reins and take control!

Whatís the *worst* that can happen if you join? There is no tie-in of membership, you can cancel at any time, so the worst that can happen is youíll pay the first $29 and no more, and youíll get my book and an experience of what a coaching and group support can bring.
In that first month alone, if you add up all those weekly action steps, think how much further forward you will be than if you *didnít* take those steps!

How would it feel if you *do* jump in, if you *do* start to see the changes you want in your life?
How would it feel to move from where you are now towards that place you want to be in whichever key areas of life are the most important to you right now?

Would you enjoy the clarity? The ability to shut out the noise and focus on a plan you know will work? I know how it felt for me, and thatís why I want to share it.

Now itís down to choice, and itís something I go on about a lot.
Personal choice. Your choice.

I canít make your choices for you, but I can tell you how passionate I am about this. You will have gathered that from this page, and if you havenít, read it again!

Iím passionate about the transformation it can bring to anyone who immerses themselves in it, and life transformation is a thing of wonder, to see people realise whatís available to them and move towards it, and itís something thatís there for you, right now, you just need to choose to take it.
For only $29 a month, cancellable at any time, whatís to lose? (As it happens, once you get started, I believe youíll see the benefits, and will take advantage for many months, as your life transforms more and more)

Itís a silly low price, the coaching industry would probably want to run me out of town, and as Iíve said, in all honesty, I think that as the membership develops, the time requirements apart from anything else will *force* me to raise the price, but at the moment, you get to jump on at the silly price!

Transform Your Life Now Membership
($1 trial for 7 days then $29 monthly)
Transform Your Life Now Membership Programme

Ok, Iíll sign off for now. If you have any questions before joining, then just ask away! Email me gordon@gordonbryan.com - You wonít get sales pressure in response, youíll just get an asnwer, from me.

Wishing you, as ever,
Health & happiness,

P.S.Remember, I canít make your choices for you. You could choose to carry on as you are, but then your results will also carry on as they are. Or, you could decide, decide that RIGHT NOW is the time you take control, and everything changes.

Thatís the key decision of the whole programme, and why I call it Transform Your Life NOW!

Hereís a reminder of what you get -
- My book ĎTransform Your Life in 21 Days!í
- Interaction with me to give you the vital accountability and support.
- Access to me, email or FB messaging, whicever works for you!
- Ongoing training in the form of articles, videos, audios.
- Passing on my knowledge from studying people like Joe Karbo, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Susan Jeffers, M Scott Peck, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Brendon Burchard.

Only $29 a month for as long as you choose to stay a member, and bear in mind you can cancel at any time, but bear in mind that as the programme develops, simple logisitcs will mean Iíll *have* to raise that price

Donn't forget also, that 7 day trial is only $1!

Transform Your Life Now Membership
$1 trial for 7 days then $29 monthly
Transform Your Life Now Membership Programme
I'll see you on the inside - let's get Transforming!

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