Ways To Make Money Online – The Method I Chose

There are many methods to use when setting out to make money online. It’s hard to give definitive rights or wrongs, as long as you are using legitimate methods. In this article I’ll go over the one I chose, and the reason why…

There is so much choice for routes to follow on the money making quest, it can seem that there is *too* much choice. People see all the different options, and get caught with information overload, also called paralysis by analysis.

This has been ruthlessly exploited by people in the Internet Marketing niche, who create and promote the next shiny new thing. People can end up sending lots of money on book after book, software after software. They find out pretty soon that it does not offer the quick riches it promised, but instead of following through with what may be good business models, they give up and move on the next shiny new thing!

The possibilities on the internet have developed massively over the years, but the method I chose is one that is still as valid as it was years ago – that’s one of the reasons I like it.

The method I went for is this – drive traffic to a page which offers something of value for free in exchange for someone’s email address. When they give their email, they are giving you permission to send them emails.

With these emails, you can build a relationship with them. If you can continue to provide genuine value, the people on your list will realise it, and see that you are not just out to take their money and run.

Once this happens, you can then include links in your emails, sending them to pages which then *do* provide you money. This list of email addresses can build into an asset which can provide for years and years.

It’s a model which has been proved. It works.
I have been a victim myself of paralysis by analysis, so with this project I intend to do what everyone should do – stick with one model and keep at it.

It might not be the quickest method, it’s more of a slow burn method. Having said that, you can tell fairly quickly if you are on the right track.

This is because you can check your list stats at anytime, see how many are signing up, see how many are making purchases. Then you can just keep doing it, refining things as you go along.

So, with all the fancy new make money ideas floating around, do not dismiss an oldie but goodie, email list marketing!

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  • Great post Gordino,

    I myself was victim to information overload. I constantly had new ideas to make money and didn’t even know where to start .. all thanks to all those “gurus” products that promised me millions by tomorrow which got me in a bad mindset.

    The method I’m using now is the one you talked about, list building !! and I’m also purely focused on it too. It for sure is the most powerful and profitable way to make money online. I mean if you want to be successful online, you have to do it ..

    I actually recently started a blog documenting my journey to success .. and am so excited!

    Well, lengthy comment, but anyway ..
    nice site, I’ll be back!


    • Yep, one of the most solid ways to build an online business is to build a list of subscribers you can email, it’s an old technique used by all the top successes today, and there’s a reason for that: it works! Cheers, Gordon