What The Royal Wedding *Didn’t* Teach Us About Goal Achievement!

The royal wedding in April 2011 was a big event watched by an estimated 2 billion people, and it was packed with goal achievement stories. There is something it *didn’t* teach us though, and this article goes into the detail…

Whenever there’s a huge event like this, my mind tends to be drawn to the stories if the supporting players. In this case it might be the dress designer, maybe the hymn composer – someone who is not in the full spotlight but nevertheless has a big goal achievement story.

I could also focus on the couple themselves, maybe the middle class business success of Kate Middleton’s family. All well and good, but the story that really caught my eye involves the groom’s family – but why do I say it wasn’t a lesson from the wedding..?

Well, that’s because it comes not from the actual wedding, but a few months earlier, from the engagement!

Back in November 2010, the engagement was announced between Prince William and Kate Middleton. It’s how it was announced that’s the point of this article, it was announced on Twitter.

Yep, the Royal family on Twitter.
And Facebook.
And Youtube.

The Royal family can be seen as the embodiment of British establishment, the stuffiest of the stuffy, the most old fashioned, and so on. So, what are they doing on the social networks online? Well, they are adapting, that’s what.

The Queen has been on the throne for nearly 60 years, and is a traditionalist. I have no doubt that she would have been quite happy to not be online at all, but this kind of adaptation is essential for the goal achievement of maintaining the monarchy.

The Royal image went through a rough patch when Charles and Diana split up, and a row over The Queen’s taxes didn’t help. When Diana died, the royals were seen as badly out of touch, and it was at this point that the penny dropped within the royal circles.

Maintaining the aloof detachment might have been the choice of the traditionalists, but the realists realised that it was going to further alienate the general public. So, a more people friendly image was cultivated.

This is why the social networks all have a Royal presence, and this is a key to goal achievement. You may prefer not to adapt, you may not like the new way, but a blanket refusal to adapt can be fatal to your goal.

You must be prepared to change as the world around you changes – not at the slightest whim, but there must be an acceptance that sometimes it is necessary. At that point it should be embraced.

The Royal engagement was not the start of the Royal social networking, but as the wedding caught the world’s attention, the engagement announcement on Twitter is a worthwhile point to revisit.

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