Where Does The Great Gordino Name Come From?

I’ve been using the name The Great Gordino since 1995, and until now all I’ve had to explain it was an old vinyl record. As of Dec 2011, I’ve finally found a video that reveals it all…

Well, let’s get to it – I first heard The Great Gonzo on an old vinyl record by The Muppets. I think the record was called ‘The Muppets’. One track featured Gonzo, calling himself The Great Gonzo, and he came on and announced that he would eat a rubber tyre to the music of ‘The Flight of The Bumble Bee’.

The music starts, and then you hear him chomping into the rubber. After a minute or so, there is a fanfare, and the act is over. Very strange, and even Kermit comments on the track about how unusual it is.

It made me laugh, I’m not sure why, just the pure silliness of it.
I wondered if I could come up with something that could pay tribute to it, so I came up with calling myself The Great Gordino, and my act would be blowing up a rubber shark to the music of ‘In The Hall of The Mountain King’.

In the act, the music would start and I would begin puffing into the rubber shark. As the music got faster, so would the puffing, and I timed it so that I finished blowing up the shark to the end of the music.
The GreatGordino

Brilliant, I thought.

Not many audiences agreed. When I say not many, I actually mean none. Once I’d explained it, people could understand it, but without the explanation, it just left people open mouthed. I sort of liked that.

The act wasn’t really a stayer though, but the name continued to make me laugh, and I’ve used it ever since. It reminds me of the absurdities of life, and hopefully does the same to anyone who hears the story.

I use it on stage, as a tongue in cheek thing, and online it helps to brand what I do.
Silly? Yes, but that’s precisely the point.

I’ve long been looking on you tube for a recording of Gonzo’s act, but to no avail.
Then the other day I spotted it – it isn’t the act in full, but in a way it’s better, as it features audience reaction and Gonzo’s disappointment.

Here’s the video:

Now whenever you see or hear me using the name The Great Gordino, allow yourself a moment to think of Gonzo and have a little chortle at life, ok?

I’ll sign off by wishing you, as ever,
Health & happiness,

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