Which Years Do You Remember..?

"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"
Written by gordino

This article asks an important question about *those* years…

We all have them, don’t we! Those years that stick in our minds. We only have to hear the year, or see it written down, and BAM!! We find our minds drifting away from the present and to *that* year.

It could have been something bad, but in all probability it was something good, but either way it was something big. Our lives were impacted in a big way in that year, which is why it sticks out for us as a memory.

The other years? Well, they just tick by don’t they? The memory of them doesn’t strike any chords with us, they were just another year. Nothing really happened, they simply add to the bank of years that makes up our life.

You might be thinking “this is all well and good, but what’s the point?”

Good question!

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if when reading so far you have already had one of *those* years spring to mind, and it’s a phenomenon that fascinates me, and here’s why…

What would happen if you chose to make this year one of the years you look back on?

Not every year that sticks out is because of our actions, but most of them are. In my case, for some reason 1974 sticks out – I was only 8, and I’m not sure any actions of mine were behind it being a year to remember.

If I go to 2 other years though, 1995 and 1996, and come to think of it 1997, they were stand out years, with a massive impact on my life, and it most certainly was *directly* down to actions I had taken. More than that, actions I had taken following the goal achievement formula!

So, I ask again – what would happen if you chose to make this year one of the years you look back on?

Imagine how you look back on those impact years, and then imagine yourself in the future, looking back at this year, or the upcoming year. Will it be one of the special years, the big years?

If not, why not? If not, what *would* make it a special year? What could you do that could make the year one that has such a big impact in your life that you will always remember it?

Clearly the answer to that question is an individual one, but it’s also clear to me that once the answer is worked out, making it actually happen is down to goal achievement theory.

The good old goal achievement formula. The tried and tested goal achievement formula.

I know it works because I’ve used it many times to go on some great adventures. As it happens, you also know it works, because you’ve also used it many times – it might just be that you’ve been using it without realising it.

To use it deliberately, by choice, can be life changing, it can be transformational, and you can do it right now to make this year one of the stand out years.

Imagine if you make the year one that you will always look back on as a biggie, for the rest of your life! It’s something anyone can do. If I can do it, then you can do it – you simply decide to do it, decide what would need to happen for the year to be a biggie.

Then you work out how to make it happen, and you get started!

Sound simple? Well, life sometimes is anything *but* simple, but the theory behind the formula is simple, yes.

Imagine it working, in fact why not push the boat out and imagine *two* big years in a row, as a result of your own actions! When was the last time that happened? Has it ever happened?

Treat yourself. Treat your future memory by creating a glow around this year, the power to do it is in your hands, and it’s power that can get you crackling with excitement.

"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"

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