Why Cheryl Cole Should Stop Moaning!

Cheryl ColeLate May 2011, and Cheryl Cole has been booted off as a judge on American X Factor. She is all over the UK press, moaning about how she has been let down by Simon Cowell. I think Cheryl should simply stop moaning, and here’s why…

She just didn’t have enough.

Enough of what, you may ask? Well, enough of whatever was needed. She just didn’t fit the bill. Maybe it was her accent, maybe it was her figure, maybe it was her level of talent – show business is a fickle beast, and Cole knows this more than anyone.

She got her break on a reality show to find singers, and ended up in a girl band that sold a phenomenal amount of records, on the back of great marketing. The music wasn’t horrendous, it was throwaway pop, but the success was built on style rather than substance.

A criminal conviction for actual bodily harm seemed to do her career no harm, and then she married a footballer to become part of what I call a ‘second tier’ Posh and Becks.

When Simon Cowell picked her as a judge on the UK X Factor, it catapulted her onto the front pages, and kept her there.

The long running saga over whether she would judge the US series maintained that publicity, and the word ‘publicity’ is what has driven her career.

Can she sing? Well, better than I can.
Can she dance? Well, better than I can.

Can she sing and dance well enough for a US audience which demands lots of talent to back up the substance? Hmm, well that’s probably where she has come up short.

Remember, she got her break by winning a singing contest where all the other contestants were told they weren’t good enough. Then, her career reached it’s height be *her* telling others that they weren’t quite good enough.

Now it seems to have happened to her, and she doesn’t like it.
I’m not saying she should like it necessarily, but by now she surely must now how the entertainment world can be, and she should lump it.

Instead of whining in the press about others have let her down, wouldn’t it be nice to hear her say take responsibility for herself, and tell us a positive spin?

After all, she has massive amounts of money, a public persona, and a career that many would give their right arm for.

So Cheryl, stop moaning, and if you don’t like it, you could always go and work at your local supermarket, see how you like that!

I reckon Cheryl Cole could do with reading my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’. It would do her the world of good, and you can find out why by grabbing your own copy!

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