Why I’m Getting Back On It, And Why I Was Off It!

"The Great Gordino" "Gordon Bryan"I’ll be honest, I was going to add ‘And What ‘It’ Is In The First Place’ to the title, but thought that might be stretching it a little, even for me!

So, I’m using the April blog challenge to get back into the swing of things. I noticed that when I took the challenge in January, I was writing lots of content that I considered to be of good value.

I enjoyed writing it, and found the ideas starting to flow more easily as I wrote more. That’s a common thing with writers/bloggers, and in fact it made the basis of one of my posts in the challenge!

It did push me, because I had to juggle time deadlines, and often found myself writing when I otherwise wouldn’t have. That point was certainly felt at the end of the challenge, because I stopped writing. I kept up the daily posting for a few days, then decided to give myself a few days off.

That was a mistake.

It was a mistake because it was telling both my conscious and subconscious that it was ok, to slip back, to ease off. The head of steam I had built up during the month started to fizzle out.

I had realised that making the effort to comment on anyone’s blog if they commented on mine was also taking a lot of time, when I had been intending to sort out and launch a coaching programme about how to monetise blogging efforts.

Sorting out the coaching programme didn’t happen though, precisely *because* I had let the head of steam ease off!

One positive that did come from the January blogging challenge, was that I decided to take my own goal achievement/personal development advice, and I signed up to a 7 week stand up comedy course.

Having found a passion when I did professional entertainment in years gone by, I wondered if stand up might be a way back in for me, so I dived in with this course.

At the end of the course there was a showcase for all the students, in front of a paying audience. I found that it really reminded me how much I had missed the feelings that performing produces in me – feelings that when I am performing, it feels right to me, that it’s where I should be, that’s it what I should be doing.

So, what’s stopping me following that up? Well, the next step is to go to lots of open mic nights, where you get up and do a 5 minute slot. Starting out in stand up, you can expect to be doing those for a year at least. There are many places to do them in London, but I live 30 miles from London, which means it will cost me to get there, either petrol and tolls, or train fares.

It’s a money thing.

That means, I need to get back into the swing of things and progress my efforts to get my coaching programme launched, leveraging the value of the content I write. That’s why the April blogging challenge has come about at a good time for me.

It will give me some firm deadlines to stick to, and it will see me making progress, while having the added benefit of lifting me out of my recent funk.

Due to ‘things’ in my past, it can happen that I slip into these funks, and when it happens I deal with it by recognising it, letting it happen without trying to block it out, while still trying to take opportunities if they present themselves.

So, I’m back on it, and moving onwards and upwards!

As ever, I’d love to get your feedback/comments!
‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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  • So, Great Gordino, I’ve been wondering where you dropped off the edge of the earth! Welcome back, and good luck with the blog and with the stand-up comedy routines. How about posting a video someday for us? You do write some very interesting post, it’s true. Keep it up!

    • Hi Amy,
      Hopefully will get a video of the comedy showcase next week sometime. I’m looking forward to getting back into gear, and although not commenting I did enjoy your posts about musical and new arrival!

  • This was a great personal post on how keeping momentum comes from-literally keeping momentum! I agree that the January Challenge brought a flow from the very act of continuously writing. Good luck in April!

    • Hi Donovan,
      Yes, momentum is a powerful thing, as illustrated by how quickly it can disappear if not maintained! I’ve written about it over so many years, but have also written about getting over slumps, so I’m looking forward into April. Thanks for the nudge!

  • Hi Gordon, You’re right, the Ultimate Blog Challenge DOES help you get into the habit of writing consistently – but I think the reason you or anyone else ends up taking a few days off is because it IS a demanding schedule to keep up. Writing your own posts, commenting on others – not to mention keeping up those replies as well.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve particpated in the Challenge – but only once have I completed it. It IS a commitement. So, as I enter the April Challenge, I plan on doing it differently. Instead of writing every day, I’ve decided to write 3 times a week. There is less pressure on me and my time (not to mention I don’t have to overwork my brain), and the commitment seems to be more managable.

    You don’t HAVE to write every day. Also remember – are you writing quality posts each and every time – OR are you writing just because you’re expected to write SOMETHING every day. Quality trumps quantity every time.

    Good luck with your comedic adventurs, Eydie 🙂

    • Hi Eydie,
      I had decided that with the January challenge, I was not going to start with any attitude other than I *was* going to complete it. So I posted everyday and commented, and replied, and yes, it took a lot of time!
      I also made the effort to make each post stand capabel of standing alone as an article, hopefully to leverage them as PLR. I still have that content ready to be used, so that was a huge positive.

      I’m using the challenge this time to kick start myself – I’m not sure that every post will be as stand alonable (made up word!) as last time – this post for example won’t really stand alone, but hopefully they’ll all fit into who I am and what I blog about, i.e. setting goals with belief and taking action, while enjoying life’s laughs along the way!

  • Yes, it is easy to slow down and stop blogging after the challenge. Maybe you can find a group of bloggers to work with the keep it going until the next challenge. Sometimes peer pressure is good!

    • Hi Sabrina,
      I did indeed join some other groups, but I had found that posting every day in January hed me feeling that some of the value of my content was being lost – that some of the exposure of one post would be lost by the sheer weight of posts.
      That’s why I decided to post less, but obviously I didn’t set myself a strict enough schedule, because it slipped almost to a total standstill! That’s all part of the learning process I guess, which I view as beneficial!

  • How nice to see you back again Gordon. I really like reading your posts; they are full of energy and useful advice. Yes, please post the video, I’d love to see it! I do think that life sometimes goes in phases and we perhaps shouldn’t always expect ourselves to be productive in the same way and at the same rate all the time. I haven’t blogged that much since the January challenge finished but I’ve written a lot otherwise, and now I am getting even busier and launching various other things. I do find that the busier I get the more efficient I am and the more I can achieve, but every now and then I am stopped in my tracks usually by a health issue and have to slow down! Looking forward to reading your posts in the coming month.

    • Thanks Harriet,
      I’m looking forward to reading your missives too!
      You are right that we must be prepared for ‘life’ to get in the way of our ideas, and that allowance for that must be taken into account. That’s the view I took anyway, and one of the things I’lll be writing about (and not for the first time!) is the funk I slipped into.
      Onwards and upwards!

  • The April blogging challenge is good for me because I have a lot of down time this month. January’s was a nightmare because I was working 10-12 hour days. Now I really have no excuses…except jury duty. BUT, that just means I will have to take some time this weekend to prepare several posts. I really need more content on my blog. I’ve been blogging there since December and only have 27 posts. Hmm. lol.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    • Hi Angie,
      Apart from the time aspect, I wondered if the value of my content was being lost under the weight of daily posting.
      So, I might be slightly changing tack this time, but will see how it goes – I’m looking forward to it though, so good luck to us all!

      • I sometimes have those worries, too. And the idea that rather good, informative posts might not get much promotion and are buried quickly under new content tends to make me rethink the idea. BUT, I do have a tendency to drag up old content from the archives and share it from time to time just so people know it is out there.

        • Yes Angie, you are right, and it’s something I need to do more of myself – reposting and distributing old content is a great idea! Old content doesn’t have to make it worthless just because it was written at a point in the past!

  • Great to see you back, Gordon! Stand up – well there’s another challenge – would love to see the video too 🙂

    I didn’t finish the January challenge, it was just too grueling a schedule. It will be the same again this month too, but one can but try! That’s the whole point of a challenge isn’t it?

    Good luck for April!

    • Hi Jan,
      I am a bit worried that I am starting this time without the firm determination I had for the Jan one. I guess I am using it for a kickstart, which is what I’m aiming to get from it!

  • Hi Gordino, I’m so happy to be back here with you. I had to drop out of the January challenge and it was a smart move, but now I’m back and committed to writing every day. Let’s keep each other going!

    • Hi Julia,
      I might find myself posting maybe less frequently than daily. I know that’s not the challenge, but feel it may be the best of both worlds, and think that lots of us are following that kind of route.
      Fingers crosssed!

  • Great post. This is my first time participating in the challenge. My biggest problem with blogging is writing consistently. I hope to keep up the steam after the challenge. Good luck with your comedy endeavor!

    • Hi Jen,
      You really can build up a head of steam with the writing – good luck with the challenge!

  • Hey Gordon,

    I was wondering where you’ve been since I didn’t see your post at QSC group.

    Welcome back bro and all the best with your Stand Up Comedy career.


  • Hi Gordon,

    well, since I knew what you were more than likely up to, it’s no real surprise to me that you took a few days off. But in truth, you’ve been away a while longer than I expected.

    I’d be the first to agree that moving away from a habit is a killer thing to do. Like the ciggie quitter who decides to move away. Whammo, all the hard work is gone in an instant.

    I think that whatever else you take on, you have to keep original channels operating.

    Maybe you could post less frequently. I’ve said many times in comments that you’re a prolific writer. So now you can be the same high quality writer, – just not so much of it. And in doing so, have time to get other stuff done too.

    All the best pal.


    • Thanks Paul,
      Yes, I found it hard when I had commited to keep what I thought was the quality of the posts up. I think this month’s challenge will allow me to get back in the swing, while probably following your line of turning down the frequency.

    • A logical idea Roy.
      The problem is that is loses the 3 massive plus points of the open mic:
      1. The interaction of a live audience cannot be replicated to the same effect.
      2. With that live audience you get to find out what is working and what isn’t.
      3. You get to build face to face, handshake type relationships with people in the field.

      probably will have to just bite bullet!
      Cheers, Gordon

  • I agree with Amy. Would love to see a video! I did one where I played part of Claire de Lune. It’s good for getting out of the comfort zone! 🙂

    And on the blog challenge side of things, a challenge is great for getting and keeping momentum. I was on a 90 day video challenge there for a while. I stopped after about 40 days because I needed to change course with my blogging platform which also made me do some rethinking about where I was heading. Sort of like you getting back into stand up.

    So although I thinks it’s important to see a thing through, there are times when we have to take a step back and re-evaluate our purpose and our goals.

    • You make an important point Dayna, about not sticking to goal rigidly without change, but it’s a fine line, because that can be sene by some as a green light to simply give up! It’s a skill which is developed the more goal we set and the more goals we go after!