Why ‘I Before E’ Is Wrong For Goal Achievement!

If I said to you ‘i before e’, I would expect you to respond with a resounding ‘except after c’. An interesting theory is that you would be wrong, so read on to find out how I think this affects goal achievement…

‘I before e, except after c’ is a phrase I was taught at school to help with spelling. It’s easy to remember, and as you can see, it’s correct for the word ‘achievement’. So why do I say it’s wrong for goal achievement..?

Well, although the phrase works well when spelling ‘achievement’, there are actually over 900 cases where it isn’t true. That figure is so high, that there are more exceptions to the rule than it actually works for! For this reason it is now no longer taught as a spelling aid in schools.

I was amazed when I found that out – it was something that was drummed into us at school, and I’ve remembered it ever since. That’s the key to this article, how many *other* things have you remembered since school, treated as simple fact, which may also have been wrong?

Maybe you thought it was right to believe you do a job just for money, and actually choosing to do a job you enjoy is only for the lucky few.

Maybe you believed that following your dream is just that, no more than a dream, and that people don’t do it in real life.

Maybe you were taught these things at school, or by society in general as you grew up – parents and friends etc.

Think though, if ‘i before e’ can be shown to be wrong after all those years, maybe all that other stuff was wrong too.

Maybe you *can* choose to do a job you enjoy!

Maybe you *can* follow your dream!

Don’t let beliefs you picked up as a youngster dominate your life now, be prepared to make your own decisions, to create your own future, and you’ll be amazed at where it can take you.

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