You’re Not Just Using Your Content Once, Are You?

I’ve been writing a series of articles about ideas for content – how to reuse ideas, how to get ideas for new content, and how to get past writer’s block for example. This article is about what you should be doing to make sure that content isn’t just a one off use…

It can get really frustrating to put all that effort into creating content, only to see it posted on your blog and then disappear after a few views. It can feel like that content is now lost, the impact has come and gone, and even worse, the same fate awaits all future content too!

Well, there are ways that you can use the content again, increasing the bang you get for your writing effort buck! In fact, not only *can* you use these avenues, you probably *should* do, or you are leaving value to yourself on the table.

So, here are 3 ways you should be using your content after you’ve posted it in your blog. I say after, because your blog is always the first place you should post your content…

1. Traffic Generation.

You should spread the word about your blog by spreading your articles around. Post them on article directories, post links on social networks, post links in forums, use links in your email signature. Use the post as a guest post on relevant blogs that take content already used elsewhere.

You know your content is relevant to your niche, so why not let them know about it! Posting these links will not only take people to your article, it will take them to the *rest* of your content on your blog.

Putting your wares in the shop window like this, is a great way to reuse content to generate traffic. I might that shop analogy a bit further for the second method…

2. Product Creation.

Once you build a collection of articles, you can fairly easily compile them together into a book, either an ebook or physical product.

An introduction and the odd tweak here and there really can produce something that will offer value to your readers, who might find the content more accessible if it’s packaged like this rather than single posts all over the blog.

Imagine someone coming into the shop after seeing the display – they then find there is whole collection inside for them to enjoy! (that’s the traffic generation and book compilation combined – hmm, does that shop comparison still work?)

3. You can sell the content.

In this method I am not talking about selling the content to readers in the form of books – no, I’m talking about selling the rights to other bloggers to use your content on their site, or their products.

People can always put your content on their site, but should credit you as the author with a link to your site. That’s all well and good, it’s great for traffic in fact, but some people would rather keep that traffic on their site. In that case they will happily pay for PLR, private label rights, which allows then to user their name as author.

It’s a common practice, with many people making lots of money by writing content that they then sell PLR to. Again, you may need to tweak the article to make it suitable for PLR, although bear in mind that buyers normally make their own tweaks anyway.

You can sell PLR to your article over and over. And then over again.

So, you can see that yes, although using your articles as content for visitors to read may be the main aim as you write the content, here are 3 other ways you can also be using that content, with 2 of them having money making potential. Don’t let that extra long term value in content you’ve already written go to waste!

That’s it for today, do let me know what you think.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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P.P.S. Of course I should mention that I do sell PLR to my articles too!

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    • Hi Melinda,
      Some people don’t want their content elsewhere, which is fair enough, but it does allow to option to monetise the content – of course some people write specifically to sell PLR.

    • Thanks,
      It certainly makes sense to get full value from the content once you’ve spent that effort creating it!

    • Hi Colleen,
      Make sure you post it all on your site first. If directories only want unique content, my take is to move to the next one – why give away your content like that?
      Biggest directory? Probably

  • Great ideas, Gordon. Coincidently, I’m just going through my stacks of articles from my old blogs looking at tweaking for PLR. I don’t think I would want my current stuff re-selling. Mind you, most is far too chatty and will take a rewrite rather than a tweak!

    • Hi Jan,
      Good idea to look back at the old stuff, if it’s tweakable then there could be some money tied up in there waiting to be unlocked! As for chatty stuff needing rewriting, I know what you mean – but – some people would be happy to have a chatty style, and it could create a market for *your* writing. Some people are happy to rewrite, they just need PLR as a starting point.

  • Gordon, to save time, I did use a PLR a couple of years back for my free offer on my site. It was a great concept at the time. I could take my series of Pinterest articles I just wrote last week and compile it into an eBook (or possibly a paid product!). It’s actually what I’m working on right now. 🙂 Until I get that ready, I like scheduling and tweeting my tips to my followers. Oh, and I use the Tweet Old Post plugin that automatically generates tweets on a cycle from my old blog posts. Love it!

    • Hi Aletha,
      Yes your pinterest articles on your site are a great example of content suitable to be reworked.
      As PLR for sale? Yes. As a book to give away or sell? Yes.
      Sending out tips to folllowers is another great way to use the content, and I’m interested about automatically cycling old post – I could do with that!
      Cheers, Gordon

    • Interesting tactic! I have given unique content to other sites to use before, but decided I prefered to have the choice to reuse it myself.
      Others disagree, saying that the traffic and reputation benefits from the other person’s site is worth it.

      It can be, like most things online, a trial and error process!
      Good luck with Thursday’s book launch!

  • GG, have you written a post about how to go about the PLR route? In simple steps, perhaps, for blogging newbies (like me) who have no trouble churning out copy, but have no idea on how to market it? That would be very helpful.

    • Hi Amy,
      I have created an audio training about how to go about it, I’m intending to kick my own efforts up this year, getting more content up there, including most of my UBC posts.
      I just use a wordpress site, take a peek at mine to get an idea if it helps:
      Cheers, Gordon

  • Hey Gordino,

    as always buddy, some first class information. I know that when you’ve responded to some of my posts, you’ve mentioned that I could repurpose it in some of these ways. I confess to being a novice as far as this is concerned yet, as I’m basically busy doing my core stuff most of the time. But I do love your posts Gordino, – they’re always helpful and informative and you write so prolifically for cripes sakes !! Where DO YOU get the time ?

    All the best pal,
    Paul 🙂

    • Thanks Paul,
      I appreciate the kind words.
      You seem to be doing a good job of content reuse – blogging, emailing and products.
      I love the idea how we can use the *same* content in all these areas!
      As for the writing, I freely admit I enjoy iy, which helps, but can say that it gets easier the more you do it, as habit kicks in and the brain gets used to spotting ideas!
      Cheers, Gordon