You Already Have The Wings, You Just Need To Choose To Fly!

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In this article I’m taking another deeper look at one of my quote images, and with this one it’s time to fly high…

You already have the wings. You just need to choose to fly.”

Flying high above the routine, flying high above the ‘normal’, flying high above what we thought was our lot in life.

I took that photo down at Herne Bay on the north Kent coast here in Britain. As it happens I was there to take some sunset pictures (which you’ll be able to see as I get round to adding the photo blog posts!) and as I was looking to frame a shot I could see the birds circling around so started snapping to see what I could get.

The nature of the sky at that time means the bird is in silhouette, and it’s not in focus, but I still think it works when it comes to getting the message across, and it’s gone down well on my Transform Your Life Now page on Facebook – (you have been over and liked the page, right..?)

You already have the wings. You just need to choose to fly.”

We are born as amazing creatures.
The functions we do on autopilot as soon as we enter the world are mind boggling, and that’s just at the start!

The potential is even more staggering.

It’s potential that’s available to all of us too.
Now, I can hear some people saying straight away that it isn’t something available to all of us, that people have their life paths set out for them, due to various parameters that they had no control over – their gender, their colour, their race, their birthplace, their parents – the list goes on.

I’m not going to dismiss that argument out of hand, that would be foolish. Clearly there are barriers set in place for some people, while others have opportunities set as their default instead. That’s just a fact of the world, and to dismiss it or deny it would be foolish indeed.

That’s why I’m not dismissing it – rather I’d say that forms a foundation for the whole point I make here…

You already have the wings. You just need to choose to fly.

My point comes down to the brain. That wonderful big old slab of jelly we have cradled in our heads, that it right at the centre of who we are, of what we do, of us.

As I said, it’s capable of amazing things from the moment of our birth – as we develop, so do the processes we use, and crucially, so does our understanding of our place in the world.

This is where it can go ‘wrong’, where our potential to fly to our full potential gets stunted, where our wings get clipped.

Others start to tell our brain what’s what in the world, including our place in it. Others start to tell us how to behave, what we can and can’t do, who we can and can’t like, what we can and can’t say.

We hear it so much, because it’s the situation we are born into, that we believe it to be true – so much so that our brain starts to see the world with an angle to validate those beliefs.

The potential we have is still there, it’s just that we start choosing not to use it.

It happens all over the world, and it leaves the majority of people in the world flying low, skirting along the bottom, if they even get off the ground in the first place.

When it comes to ‘flying’, so many people don’t even know they can! Others may know they can, but are not able to accept the possibilities to fly high, to start to soar.

I’ve said it already, and I’m going to say it again – our brain is amazing! Our brain knows how to do things that we don’t know it knows! If we don’t know how to do something, we can learn, and our ability to learn is unmatched by any other species on the planet.

It’s there for us – it’s there for me, and it’s there for you.

If you’re reading this, then you have access to the internet, which means you have access to a vast wealth of knowledge, and, as I say a lot, an abundance of opportunity that is simply staggering.

This means we can look higher when we think of flying. We can get help for our mindset issues that are stopping us, we can determine that our life will be one of joy of passion, that we will choose to follow a flight path that makes us feel alive.

It’s a choice. We might not always realise it but it’s a choice.

It might not always be an easy choice, because changing your flight path upwards will bring changes, and those changes might be difficult, with barriers to get past, hurdles to overcome.

Choosing not to fly, is not the same as being unable to fly.

We can all fly, whatever that means to us on an individual level.

So, what does that mean to you?

What are the heights the real you wants to get to? Why aren’t you already up there! Instead of believing you can’t, believe you can – work out the plan, work out the next step, get help if you need to, and then take the step.

Then the next step, then the next, and you pick up momentum, you’ll find yourself flying.

Then the brain, more and more, will remember what you can do with your wings, will start to tap into the real potential you’ve always had, and then you’ll find yourself soaring.

It’s powerful, it’s exciting, don’t you agree..!

Look at the image, and remember the words – you already have the wings, you just need to choose to fly.

"Gordon Bryan", "personal development",

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