Your Past Choices Don’t Have To Be Your Future Choices!

This is the next in a series of articles where I expand on the points I make in my own quote images.

You’ll notice right away the little extra words I put at the end, your past choices don’t have to be your future choices – that’s why they’re called choices!

This is a point which ties in with others I teach, about getting the attitude system set up correctly, if we are to set out on a journey of self improvement efficiently. Any personal development must have an understanding of this point as a foundation.

Along with integrity to ourselves, which means admitting and allowing our real souls, our joys, whatever it is that we know deep down makes us feel alive, it also allies with the principle of taking responsibility – while it’s easy to blame others for our current circumstances, we need to first take a long hard look at our own part in those same current circumstances…

When we do this, we’ll find that the part we played in setting ourselves up to be exactly where we are right now, is a huge part. It’s a *massive* part.

It’s a point I find people are often reluctant to take on – when they look at a part of their current situation in life that they don’t like, the fault is too easily laid at someone else’s door. When asked what happened *before* that, it’s someone else’s fault again.

Sometimes you have to go a long way back, possibly years, but sure enough at some point you will get to something that *you* did, something you said, or maybe something you didn’t do.

That thing that you did or said, or didn’t do or say, was a choice, and taking responsibility for that choice is powerful. I did say a lot of people have trouble with the idea, because when they do finally hit that choice they made, accepting it as their own choice is grudging, and often accompanied by a “yes but,” or a “that’s because,” which invariably ends up with the blame still being placed with someone else. Again.

No, no, no. It needs to be said – no.

Take the responsibility, take ownership of the choices you made. I said it’s powerful, and the power it has I so immense it could light up the national grid, and here’s why…

Let’s look to the quote on the image again – ‘your past choices don’t have to be your future choices, that’s why they’re called choices!’

"Gordon Bryan" "quote images"

If you understand that your past choices shaped your present situation, and you understand that you don’t have to make the same choices, the logic is irrefutable that your situation can be changed by making different choices. It’s exciting, and can be a revelation for some people when they take it on board.

It means you can take your life in a new direction – not sent that way by others, not sent that way by chance, but sent that way by YOU, by deliberate CHOICE.

It means that in the future, when you have the situation more in line with the one the real you wants, you’ll be able to look back and see that it was brought about by the choices you decided to make, and you can start making those choices right now!

Yes, you might be afraid. Yes, different choices might bring discomfort and struggle along the way. The potential for what I call ‘life freedom’ is invigorating though, and should make you embrace the new, different choices with a spring in your heart.

Of course, as is true with most self improvement and personal development, it’s up to you. We must not forget the importance of the non-choice, where we do nothing without realising it’s just as much a choice as positive action.

We can just as easily continue to make these non-choices, or we can continue to make the same choices we’ve made before. That’s ok, as long as you’re prepared to accept the same results!

If you’re not prepared to take the same results though, if you know you something needs to change, and you take the concept that it’s your choices that need to change, then buckle up, because you’re on the way to changing your life, literally transforming it.

Ok, let me know what you think, I love the feedback, and remember – make the decision, take action, and it can transform your life.

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