Don’t Let Your Dreams Die When Daylight Comes!

This article looks closer at a point made in a quote image of mine, and it goes to the heart of why many people dismiss goal achievement, self improvement, personal development…


"Gordon Bryan", "Ailsa Craig",


Don’t let your dreams die when daylight comes.


Sounds a bit ‘airy fairy’ doesn’t it? In fact, I’d go further and suggest it sounds ‘happy clappy’ and ‘wishy washy’ at the same time!


People who dismiss the whole personal development field think that saying something like that, probably at dawn, in a hand-holding circle of people chanting, with flowers in their hair, is a load of old claptrap.


It allows them to validate their mental image, a box in their brain that they can consign ‘goal achievement; into, that it’s only for the kind of hippy that indulges in such nonsense!




I understand why people do it, it could be any number of reasons – peer pressusre, upbringing, surroundings, and then the self belief that is honed from these factors.


That’s a shame. It’s a crying shame, because so many people do it, so many people dismiss dreams as ‘not realistic’, which means that so many people shut off life avenues which could take them to places that fulfil them, that give joy, that allow the ‘real’ them to exist and flourish.


Oh, they have the dreams alright – they dream of the house they want, they dream of doing what they choose for a living, they dream of all sorts of things, but then they wake up. When they wake up, the dreams go back ‘where they belong’, and they get up and go to a job they don’t like, to pay for a car to get them there and back, to pay for the house that isn’t big enough or in the neighbourhood they want, and so it goes on.


It doesn’t have to be that way. It really doesn’t.


Another way is to focus on the dreams, the model of the life you’d *actually* want. Then, rather than dismiss it, you’d decide to go for it, and decide to believe it possible, and yourself worthy.


Next step would be to study how others got there, since it’s unlikely you’re the first. By gaining the knowledge, you build up a roadmap of steps you would need to take, and work out what the first step would be.


Then, while accepting there are no guarantees, and being prepared for hard work and possible setbacks, you take the first step.


This is life changing. It’s not necessarily easy, and in fact it can be incredibly hard, because change will be inevitable part of the process, and some of the changes might be unpleasant to go through.


You will find that you will need to surround yourself with people on the same page as yourself, and as you progress, this will have the inevitable side effect of leaving some other people behind.


That’s unavoidable, because you are moving in a direction that fewer people take. The competition will start to ramp up, and people who make the decision to accept the easier life will not stay along for the ride you are now on.


However, if you’ve tapped into your ideal mode, and are moving towards it, you’ll take on the difficulties, because difficulties come to us all in life, so why not face them on the road of our choosing rather than one we’ve settled for?


The idea of moving the dreams of sleep into awake reality can seem easy to rubbish as an idea, to box it away as ‘only for hippies.’ That would be a mistake though, because with practical ideas and techniques, with help and support from likeminded community (which the internet allows us to tap into), it’s something that can be done by anyone.


Try it, you might surprise yourself!


Ok, I’d love to hear what you think, do leave a comment!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


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This is a question that can be approached and looked at from a few different angles, and I’d suggest it’s a key question every time…



"12th Never", "Gordon Bryan",


“Have you set your goal achievement deadline as 12th Never?”


It could be argued that the concept of attaching a date deadline only works to specific areas of self improvement, goal achievement for example, and even then that it’s a technique which is said by many to actually be counter productive rather than helpful.


It’s probably viewed as counter productive when it’s set unrealistically, because that brings ‘failure’ as a result, which only has damaging self belief issues. For example if you set a deadline 6 months away to be a millionaire and you are starting from nothing, although it’s *possible* the most likely outcome is failure.


While that ‘counter productive’ argument has some logic to it, in my view it simply means that we have to give more careful consideration to the date setting exercise in the first place, rather than dismissing the whole idea altogether.


In fact, while accepting that the idea of date setting does take in the area of goal setting, let’s widen the scope to pull in the broader umbrellas of self improvement and personal development.


If we do that, I think we get a better understanding of the benefits of deadline setting, by looking at it in a different way. Let me explain…


Some people say that we should set a goal in the form of “by January 1st 2020 I will have 1 million pounds in the bank” for example.


Other people say that goals should be instead be set in the form of “I have 1 million pounds in the bank”


The way I’d look at it in this example, would be to do away with the money target altogether, because the actual goal is what the money will allow us to be, the freedom it may bring to allow us to be our real selves, and what we will become on the journey.


If we focus on those personal development targets rather than solely a monetary target we are setting a richer foundation in my view.


To take that view further, once we’ve set the goal, instead of focusing on that end deadline, we should work out a road map of steps between the goal back to where we are now, so that we have the very next step worked out that we need to take.


Once we’ve done that, we are starting to answer some key questions, like – ‘why don’t you have your goal already?’ and ‘what are you going to do about it?’


The next question to follow on from that is ‘when are you going to do it?’ I think *that’s* the date we should be worrying about, because it’s the action, the taking of that next step, that’s what will move us closer to where we want to be.


It’s why I call ‘action’ of the 4 magic words beginning with ‘A’, and it’s a reason so many people don’t move forwards – not because they set the end goal date as 12th Never, but because they set their *next step* deadline as 12th Never!


The excuses pile up – oh, I can’t do it now, I have to wait until so and so does this, I have to wait until that other thing happens, I can’t do it until, and so on and so on…


Anything to avoid actually taking the action, when often it’s action that can actually be taken right now!


It could be that the avoidance stems from fear – fear of failure, fear of ridicule. Those fears can be very real, although of course I believe one of the best ways of overcoming those fears is to take the very action we’re fearful of. Instead of worrying about potential results of action, take the action and *find out* the results!


Another reason we might be avoiding the action is that the goal isn’t really something we want at all. It might be that the goal is imposed on us, by our peers, family, society etc.


If that’s the case, then the next action to take is to re-evaluate the goals, to make sure you are setting goals that empower *you*, that serve you, that bring joy and passion and purpose and fulfilment to you, not others.


If we do that, and set goals that align with our true selves, then we stop using 12th Never as our deadline of choice, and find that we start taking action right now. That shifts the whole movement forwards, it brings vague dates from the future into sight.


Look to your own goals? Have you been using the 12th Never as your date deadline? If you have, you need to look again. It really can change your life – it can transform it!


By the way, if you’d like to get more ideas on goal achievement, don’t forget to grab my free 8 step goal achievement formula, via the box at top right of any page around the blog.


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


P.S. Here’s that other point I mentioned, The 4 Magic Words Beginning With ‘A’






You Weren’t Born Feeling Incapable…

Here’s another personal development point made in a quote image of mine…


"Gordon Bryan", "Whitstable",


I took this photo at Whitstable, Kent, UK, back in June 2015. It’s a cracking spot to walk along by the sea and it offers some great sunsets. When you can take in the air in an evening like that, perspective seems to change, and more seems possible.


That’s what I chose it to go with the words, so let’s look a little bit closer at the point…


“You weren’t born feeling incapable or inadequate. You learnt it. So unlearn it.”


You might say that we most certainly are born incapable, that we are totally dependant on others, in the form of adults, if we are to survive.


That’s true indeed, but the key is that although we might be *born* incapable, we aren’t born *feeling* incapable.


Brain science has shown that when we are born, we have way more neural connections in our brain than we do as adults. We may add new ones as we grow and develop, but in fact we discard those that we find we don’t need, we just stop using them.


That’s not something we do on a conscious level, it’s something that happens without us knowing.


As we grow up, in an effort to protect us, adults tell us “you can’t do that,” “you mustn’t do this,” “that’s not the way.” As this happens, the neural connections are effectively shut down, as our belief sets and internal models of the world and our place in it get shaped, basically by others.


As time goes on, as we grow into an awareness of our ‘self’, we take onboard the belief set that was put on us, and start to re-enforce it ourselves, and this is something that *can* be a conscious act.


We start to think, maybe even before we can talk, that certain things are ‘only for others‘. As you can imagine, since this starts at such an early stage of life, it becomes ingrained, and deeply.


The concept of inadequacy certainly only comes later in the development process, but still early in life. If there’s any kind of segregation for example, or we’re stopped doing something ‘to keep us from harm’, we come to think that if others can do it but we can’t, we are in some way less than they are. In other words, inadequate.


This combination of incapability belief and inadequacy belief then stays with us through childhood, as we view the outside world in a way that validates our internal model.


We take it into adolescence and then on into adulthood. All the way along that journey, as well as validating the beliefs ourselves, there are others who might go out of their way to validate it for us! People who were brought up with a sense of superiority, or an over inflated sense of capability will need to see others as below them in order to validate their own internal models, and so the patterns are perpetuated.


So, does it always have to be like this..?


No. No, it doesn’t.


If our beliefs of incapability or inadequacy were learnt, they can be unlearnt, to be replaced by new ones. When we stopped using all those extra neural connections we had when at birth. They weren’t lost, they were just put into a dormant state.


That means they can be reactivated. It may feel like you are making new ones, but it’s just firing up something that’s always been there.


Now, there are some important points to make at this point…


It might be that a certain belief in incapability is true, for example, certain sporting achievements need a certain physiological make up, and if your body doesn’t have it, it could be that no amount of work on the body will ever develop that make up enough.


In that case, the physical achievement might not be possible after all. The thing is, that needs to be found out by taking action and trying, and trying as long and as hard as possible until we know for sure! Just assuming it to be the case is not good enough, that’s just slipping back into your old patterns.


Another point to be made is that it may not be easy. You are doing a rewiring job on your brain that has been intricately woven for years, decades maybe, so it will take time, and patience is needed.


Having said that, you may well be surprised at just how quickly things can start to change – taking action can bring a result which has you thinking ‘oh that wasn’t as hard as I thought,’ at which point you immediately make a change to your belief about your capability, which in turn immediately makes a change to your belief about inadequacy.


Ask the questions, learn the techniques, take the steps, and the changes will come.


So, you may have learnt your feelings of incapability or inadequacy before you knew anything about it, yes. Now that you *do* know about it though, you can unlearn them by replacing them with new beliefs, based on different results, based on different actions.


Try it, it can change your life, it can *transform* it!


Ok, I’d love to hear what you think – do leave a comment.


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


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The Best Time To Plant A Tree..?

In this article I’m taking a closer look at another of my quote images, and this time it’s this one…


"Gordon Bryan", "Halnaker"


I took that photo at Halnaker, West Sussex, November 2015. I had actually gone there to take photos of a great tree tunnel just down the hill, but this shot from the top of the hill was just begging to be taken, and it reminded me of the old Chinese proverb about planting trees.


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.


Proverbs like that can be great for giving a little burst of positivity, which is great, but some of them can be taken and acted on, to make life changes that can be staggering.


This is one of those.


Some might say that the concept only has value to anyone around 40 or over, who might be looking back with regret at things they didn’t do, because if you’re 20 for example, you had no control over what you were doing 20 years ago. If you’re under 20, you probably weren’t even around then!


To say that would be wrong though – I think the proverb applies to all, it’s just a case of looking at from a different angle.


If you are one of those in the over 40 group that look at your life now, and look back twenty years and wish you’d done things differently, then you’re not alone. People do it all the time, and if they made a ‘mistake’ all those years ago by not doing or starting something, then they compound that mistake by assuming the chance has gone, that the twenty years of time lost means there is no way they can catch up now.


In some cases that may be true, but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically true in all cases, and the best way to know whether it’s true or not, is to get on and find out!


Also, it’s important to look at others who *did* plant that tree in their life 20 years ago, who did start down that road, who did do that thing. Take a good long look at your current situation and compare what their current situation is like, and maybe the sacrifices they had to make that you didn‘t. Is their intervening 20 years something you *really* wanted, or are you looking at their life with rose coloured glasses?


If it *is* what you wanted, then ask yourself what would happen if you did plant the ‘tree’ now. What could you achieve, and where could you be in 5, 10, 15 years from now if you took action?


Do you see the point I’m making?


Looking back with regret is not healthy, unless you use it as a spur to take action now. It’s all too easy to get used to a comfort blanket of thinking the chance has gone, when there is still plenty of opportunity right now! It could be that you miss the opportunity to act *yet again* because you are too busy looking back. That could mean that in 5, 10, 15 years in the future you will be looking back *yet again* and regretting your lack of action.


That’s a choice, and it’s your choice.


If you are in the 20 or under age bracket, and wondering what I’m waffling on about, then yes, the proverb does still apply to you…


I know it may be hard to imagine yourself in your 40s, but consider people who *are* that age, looking back with regret at opportunities not taken – will that be you? Project yourself into the future, looking back at the opportunities you have right now.


Are you taking them? Or are you thinking that it will all happen by magic, that the goal achievement fairies will do it for you?


If you’re leaving it for this year, then if you’re not careful that will turn into next year too, then 5, then 10, and you can see where I’m going with that!


That’s a choice, and yes, it’s your choice.


I love looking for the positives, I love sharing them with others, which is why I love this proverb so much. Whereas it might seem to be a negative idea, it’s actually driven by a massively positive message.


I don’t know what it says on the front of your own packets of tree seeds in your life, but whatever it says, isn’t it time you open that packet, plant the seeds and find out what happens? If the best time was twenty years ago, then that time has indeed gone, it’s in the past. The second best time is still available to you, and it’s right now!


Ok, as ever, I’d love to hear what you think, do leave a comment!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


P.S. If you think you’d like some guidance when it comes to your own ‘planting of trees’, then why not take a look at my coaching programme Transform Your Life Now!, and while you’re there you can grab my free 8 step goal achievement formula!






This article looks a little bit closer at one of my quote images, and it’s this one…


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


Life isn’t always rainbows and sequins, so when it is, soak those suckers up!


I was using that shiny card for something and as it passed under the light the colour spectrum came through, and it instantly brought the phrase to mind.


It’s a phrase I use a lot, for various reasons, the most important one concerning people dismissing the whole concept of self improvement and personal development as ‘airy fairy, happy clappy, wishy washy nonsense!’


That’s another phrase I enjoy using, because it makes me smile when it flows off the tongue, but I certainly *don’t* enjoy it when I come across people believing it.


Now, I can see why the ‘happy clappy’ side of things can put people off – the image is of a presenter on stage, shouting wildly at the audience, probably getting them too hug 5 strangers around them.


As someone living in Britain, that kind of thing can still be a turn off, and as it happens I’m not a massive fan of it personally.


I can see how it breaks down some mental barriers and relaxes some people though, (while of course irritating others!)


Then the ‘wishy washy’ dismissal of the field comes with the idea of visualisation and law of attraction. People can view those concepts as something that ‘hippies’ do, spending their time bringing what they want into their lives simple by imagining it!




If that’s the attitude someone has of the field of personal development, it’s not surprising that it’s mentally put away in the ‘airy fairy nonsense’ box in the brain, categorised as not relevant to the day to day necessities of going out to earn a living.


Well, that’s why I say life isn’t always rainbows and sequins.


When a tap floods the bathroom and the ceiling collapses, when a tyre on the car goes flat, when a train or plane is delayed, when someone is horrible to you for no reason – things like that happen in life.


No-one in the self improvement field is saying they don’t! What they *are* saying though, and obviously I’m saying it now, is that although unpleasant things will happen in life, so will the good stuff!


The hardships can be dealt with, and the good stuff can be enjoyed.
Dealing with the hardships can be made easier by the attitude we take into them, and this can be as simple as just accepting that ‘life’ happens – it will not be, and cannot be, perfect all the time.


The good stuff therefore must also be accepted and enjoyed in a similar way, they are two sides of the same coin.


There’s an important point to take further here – the balance can be tipped towards the good stuff. Eliminating all the bad stuff cannot be done, and it’s foolish to try, but a lot of it *can* be eliminated.


If it’s a sudden unexpected nuisance then there might not be much we can do, but if it’s an ongoing, long term annoyance, then it’s possible you can do something about it. What would you prefer instead? What have others done to achieve that alternative? What are YOU going to do about it?


When it comes to earning a living, this can be decades of drudgery for a lot of people, but why? Why does it have to be? There is so much opportunity in the world today, and if you’re able to read this article, that opportunity is all around you right now.


It may involve hard work, in fact you can expect it to be hard work, but that’s par for the course, and dealing with that is part of the attitude shift that might be needed.


I did say there were various reasons why I like my phrase of life not always being rainbows and sequins, and apart from the fact that it conveys a valuable point, I happen to like rainbows and sequins! Both of them lift my spirit when I see them.


So, in my case, the rainbows and sequins can be literal, as was the case with the piece of card, but in your life, what would you consider to be *your* rainbows and sequins?
Do you make enough room in your life to fully enjoy and appreciate them? Do you allow yourself to enjoy them?


The hardships will come along, and the hardships will go, because as the phrase goes, life isn’t always rainbows and sequins, so when it is, soak those suckers up!


Ok, I’d love to hear what you think as ever – do leave a comment!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


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New Video – Fact Checking 101!


I hope all is well with you.


I’ve just whacked up a new video on youtube, so thought I’d put it in a blog post too!


Here it is:


It’s called Fact Checking 101, so you can probably guess the point I’m making!


I’d love to hear what you think, as ever.


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


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I’ve whacked a new video up on youtube, talking about Leicester City winning the Premier League – and of course I threw in some goal achievement elements! 😉




It’s such a feel good story, headline news, and it certainly put a smile on *my* face!


I’d love to hear what you think.


‘Till Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


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Jeff Lynne’s ELO in London – My Review



I hope all is well with you.


I went to see Jeff Lynne’s ELO in London, April 20th 2016, and since it’s the first gig I’ve been to for a while, (and the first at the O2), I thought I’d whack up a review…


I’m an old school ELO fan – I first got into them back in 1979, and I’ve seen them 3 times before, Wembley Arena 1981, Birmingham NEC 1983, and Wembley Stadium 1986.


None of them featured that many of the older stuff, as Jeff Lynne was tiring of being constricted by what he felt were fans demands to stay with the ‘Out of the Blue’ lush sound.


To be honest, by the 1986 Wembley show it was all over bar the shouting. When he then went off into producing and the Travelling Wilbury’s, us old ELO fans thought he had firmly shut that door.


His attempt to bring ELO back in 2001 was not a success, with a mooted tour having to be cancelled. That’s because it was basically him and a backing band, so ELO fans rebelled!


This time around, he is doing it on the back of a big revival in media pushes, a seemingly genuine interest in going back to the ELO name, but taking the fans into account by calling it Jeff Lynne’s ELO.


He played all the instruments on the latest album, Alone In The Universe, so hardly a band effort, and for the live shows he is using what is basically Take That’s live band, but there are big arena dates set up for a big tour, so I was in for a ticket!


As I said, I had never even been to the O2 Arena before, so was looking forward to seeing what it was like. I got there early enough to take a ride on the cable car across the Thames, and then it was in for the show.


"O2 Arena", "Gordon Bryan"


I stopped off at the merchandise stand for the obligatory programme, plus a nice retro style tee shirt!

"Jeff Lynne's ELO", "Gordon Bryan"


I like the arena – the sound is good. The steep seats are *really* steep, but I had booked some a bit more pricey and lower down, so the view was fine.


Support band was The Feeling. They did a really good job in their half hour slot, and gained a new fan in me!


Then after a 45 minute wait after The Feeling, it was time for Jeff Lynne’s ELO…


What a show!


"Jeff Lynne's ELO", "Gordon Bryan"


Great light show, loads of old songs, masses of hits after hits. The sound was great, and the band was as tight as a nut.


"ELO", "Gordon Bryan"


They were on for 90 mins, lots of people dancing, lots of people singing. I suspect I’m not the only old school ELO who had thought they would never hear that kind of crowd or that sense of excitement for an ELO show again!


It seems to have gone down well on social media too, always a good sign.


For such a hardworking touring band back in the day, Jeff Lynne didn’t really enjoy it as he found he couldn’t reproduce the studio sound. This time around with a musical director fully involved, the sound is superb, so hopefully it won’t be just a one off tour.


So, the Great Gordino verdict? Very nice, to say the least, and it made an old fan very happy!


That’s a memory to stick around for a while!


‘Til Next Time,

Health and Happiness,





Before you set out for a new destination on life’s ocean, don’t forget to check the state of your boat first!


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino",


Now, I will admit, that’s quite a lot of text for a ‘quote image’ – quite a mouthful rather than something that slips off the tongue. When the picture was taken, I knew I’d be using it to say something along those lines, and since I also knew I’d be expanding on it with an article, I ended up just going with the whole shebang!


I think the words and the picture make a good point as a combination, but let’s take a closer look…


I’m a big believer, a massive believer in fact, that we can take our lives in any direction we choose, with choice being the important element. If we look around at our current circumstances, we can look back and see choices we made that led to our current situation.


We might have to look a long way back, and we might not like facing up to it, but it’s true nonetheless. With that being so, then it’s irrefutable logic that by making different choices we can create different circumstances.


That may sound glib, that it’s too simplistic, and while the principle *is* simple, it’s not always easy to do it in real life, that’s clear. Sometimes it can involve some real hardship, and that’s not to be dismissed. As I say often, life isn’t always rainbows and sequins.


While accepting that it might be hard, let’s not forget that it also might *not* be hard! It may be a whole lot easier than we ever thought, and the only way to find out is to just get on with it!


I’ve written for many years that if we want to do something in life, why shouldn’t we just do it? If we want to change something, why shouldn’t we just change it?


I think we should just do the things we want, we should follow our passions, our joys, the things that make our souls feel alive!


What we shouldn’t do though, is set out willy nilly, without a plan, and this is where the picture of the knackered boat comes in…


Once you’ve decided to make a change, to take your life somewhere new, you need to answer some questions, which will set you up before you cast off. The boat in the picture is not going to get anyone anywhere anytime soon, no matter how strong the desire might be, so to make sure the boat doesn’t represent *you* and your goals, here are the questions –


1. What is your destination, your goal, exactly? Not vaguely, not roughly, but exactly? When any boat sets out on the ocean, it never sets out to go ‘over there’ somewhere – the destination is clear.


2. Why do you want it? Do you really want it at all? Is it goal that others are imposed on you, or you think they will like? You need to know the deep down reason behind you wanting the goal.


3. Why haven’t you got there already? It could be that your boat is as dodgy looking as the one in the picture! Is it because you don’t have the skills? Or you’ve been too lazy? Or bad with your time management? Skills can be learnt, including time management and motivation upkeep and seeing to these elements can be likened to fixing the holes in the boat. Leave the holes there, and you can imagine what will happen!


4. What’s the plan? You need to know the next step you have to take, which for the boat would mean the first setting of the rudder (although as previously mentioned, the rudder needs some work first!)


So, life has a mass of opportunities to offer, and it’s up to us to choose. Once we’ve done that, we need to check that we are ready before we set off. Don’t take forever doing it mind you! Don’t get stuck in the ‘paralysis by analysis’ mode where you try and get everything right before you start, but *do* make sure you have got as many of the basics in place as you can, and then off you go!


Ok, I’d love to hear what you think as ever – I love the feedback!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


P.S. This is the exact kind of issue I cover in my Transform Your Life Now coaching programme. Why not go and take a look, and you can also grab my free 8  step goal achievement formula!



The image quote I’m looking at for this article doesn’t have a fancy sunset. It doesn’t have a sunrise for that matter, nor sea nor trees nor sweeping landscapes. There’s a reason for that…


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


The whole point of me starting my own image quotes was that I liked the pictures I was taking, and having written about personal development for many (many!) years, it seemed a nice way to get the points across.


I’m enjoying doing them, but sometimes I like the make the point with no photo in the background, just to drive home the words. Sometimes the words can be simple, blunt even, but powerful, and this is just such a case.


“You know you can. You’re just choosing not to.”


Let’s break that down into the 2 halves –


You know you can. Well, what do you know you can? I don’t know you, so how am I qualified to be telling you what you can or can’t do? The answer is that I’m not in that position, but you are, and *that’s* the point!


It’s not about what anyone else thinks you can or can’t do, it’s about your own belief. In my case, (and it’s the best one for me to talk about!) I could look at being an astronaut for example, or breaking the world record for the marathon. I can’t do either of those.


I’m too old, and my body is not made in certain ways that would be necessary to do those things. Sometimes physical requirements are a factor, and if we don’t have those requirements and they aren’t things that can be developed through training, then there is little we can do, and it’s a case of accepting it.


Once you dismiss the things you can’t do, and it’s important they are dismissed as fact, not just as theory, then you are left with everything else – everything else that you *can* do!


I can tell you, that’s a big old pile of everything! It varies according to the individual, but in all probability it includes your goals. Your *real* goals too, not the goals you think you should set, but the actual goals that you know deep down are your passions and your joys.


Those goals are more than likely within your capabilities – OR, and this is the key, you have the capability to learn whatever you need to learn, to do whatever work you need to in order too get there.


Deep down you know this to be true, which leads us on to the second half of the quote –


You’re just choosing not to. If you know you are capable of achieving huge goals, or have the ability to learn and work at what’s needed to get there, the obvious question to ask is this – why do you choose not to?




The answer is fear. Most people do not pursue their goals, and that’s a choice, because they are scared.


Scared of failing. Scared of what family and friends might say. Scared of it being hard work. Scared of exposing their souls to the world. Scared of the changes it will bring. Scared of how much money it will cost, or giving up financial ‘security.’


That’s quite a list, and even a quick read of the list will have many people nodding in agreement, that these are all good reasons not to pursue a goal.


I could argue that fear is no more than a thought that we choose to believe. How often can we look back in our lives to times we were scared, but then found out something was nowhere near as bad as we’d thought.


That happens far more often than not, but those memories get hidden beneath the new layers of fear we build up, because the fear gives us comfort. It’s comfortable for us to maintain the status quo, using our fears as a permanent excuse.


It’s not comfortable really though, is it? In reality it leads to a constant nagging feeling at the back of our minds that we are deliberately holding ourselves back, that we are not living the life we could be leading, and we know it’s down to us.


Now, it could be that pursuing a goal *doesn’t* work, that it does lead to failure, that it will be hard, that the people around us might be alienated. That could happen, and since it’s a choice whether to push for our goals or not, isn’t it logical that to choose not to try is ok..?


Well, yes, it *is* ok. If that’s the choice you make, then that’s ok, as long as you accept it fully as your choice, and stop blaming it on that big list of excuses!


Personally I recommend going the other way, of course! I recommend that if you continue to ‘choose not to,’ you are doing yourself a disservice. I recommend that you choose to go for whatever it is you desire deep down, because in that same deep down place that houses the desires is the ability to fulfil them.


You might not have the ability at the moment, but you have the ability to learn, which is the same thing with a little time lag!


What’s the worst that can happen? Whatever those worst things might be, as unlikely as they are, even if they do come to pass, you’ll have the knowledge that you went for it, that you won’t have to look back and wonder ‘what if?’


Stop choosing not to. Accept that you ‘can,’ and start. It can be a life changer!


As ever, I’d love to hear what you think – do leave a comment!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,

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