The Great Gordino Newsletter – July 21st 2014

I hope all is well with you.

Lots happening this week, but isn’t that the same every week!

Possibly the biggest tournament in golf, The Open, has taken place, won by the new young gun on the circuit Rory McIlroy. I was interested in two interviews I saw with former great major winners, Sir Nick Faldo and Gary Player.

South African Gary Player is now 78. He still does 100 sit ups a day, but it was his infectious enthusiasm in his interview that struck me. Not one for the bland responses of the current media trained players, Player just says what he thinks, and is not afraid to express views!

He spoke about his age, but says that age is just a man made concept, that it’s up to us to decide how we behave, it’s up to us to decide what we can or cannot do. He also spoke about gratitude, his own gratitude for what the game of golf had given him, and gratitude that we all should think about more in our lives.

He also spoke about hard work. No surprise there! He said that people should not expect things to simply be given – people should expect to have to do something about it themselves, and to get ready for lots of hard work!

Nick Faldo is one of the most successful players Britain has produced. He spoke about some players who came close to winning Majors talking about ‘trying’ and ‘hoping’. Nick says you should never use words like that – you should use words like ‘will’ and ‘expect’. If things don’t go the way you want, then you look at what happened, and work hard to change things for next time.

Hmm, 2 massively successful sportsmen, both straight talkers which has cost both of them in the eyes of the media in their prime, talking about the words we use to ourselves, and the importance of hard work.  Good old hard work. Good words from both of them!

"Johnny Winter"
Rock blues guitarist and singer Johnny Winter passed away. I have had several decades of enjoying his music, after discovering him on a vinyl (yes, I’m old) record collection called The History of Rock. I love discovering new music, knowing from the first time I hear it that I’ll be enjoying it for years to come!

"Elaine Stritch"
Broadway legend Elaine Strich has also passed away. I knew of her via tv appearances when I was growing up, and knew her name was legendary on Broadway, but I’m sort of surprised I can’t really think of a signature piece of hers that comes to mind.

"James Garner"
Actor James Garner had also passed away. I always remember watching The Rockford Files on TV when I grew up, and then in films like The Great Escape and the ‘Support Your Local…’ series of films. Garner had a languid style, and had little time for what he saw as the pretentious side of the acting industry. I like that.

Then there are the two big news stories, the war between Israel and Hammas, and the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner. Very difficult to see all the death in the war, and all the plane crash site being moved around by various ‘people’, while Russia stands by.

I suspect both episodes will end with some kind of political mish mash, which will either not last, or cause different problems further down the line.

It was Malala Yousafzai’s 17th birthday during the week. Shot in the head at 14 by the Taliban for wanting to read, she has used her high profile to campaign for girl’s education rights around the world.  So much can be achieved through education, and for adults it’s a crying shame that too many people assume that education finished when they left school, and the opportunity to educate ourselves as adults passes too many by.

We had some great thunderstorms here in the UK to counteract the 33 degree heat. I did post on face book that lightning is something we see in the sky and post pictures of, but lightening is something done to hair, or maybe a mood!  I just saw it too many times to resist!

Ok, I told you a lot had been happening, I’ll sign off for now! Let me know you thoughts, leave a comment below, and feel free to share, like, tweet etc!
‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. I’ve covered, sport, films, broadway and education. Are any of those a passion for you? I wrote a book “FB Passion Profits” about how to use social media to turn that passion into profits. You can grab a FREE guide covering the basics at FB Passion Profits – The Basics!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Jul 14th 2014

I hope all is well with you.

So, the World Cup has finished! I have written about it once or twice, I don’t know if you noticed(!)

I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with myself now, but there’s always the Open golf, and the Tour de France to keep me going…

I’ve written a couple of new article since last time. The first one is about Eugenie Bouchard losing in the Wimbledon final. There is an absolutely key goal achievement lesson that can be found in her interviews and it’s something she said throughout the tournament.

It’s not a new lesson, but it’s working for her, and it will work for you. Here’s the article:
Goal Achievement – Eugenie Bouchard Is Such A Loser!

The other article I want to feature is one I wrote about the time we have left in the year. We have 50% left. The same 50% as everyone else in the world. People did all sorts of things with the first 50%, and it’s a good point to look at what *you* did, and what *you’re* going to do with the other 50%! Here’s that article:
Halfway Through The Year – Halfway To Your Goals, Right..?

One thing I’m trying to get back to myself is selling PLR to my content. I love writing, but others hate it, and since content is a key to making progress online, the PLR model works well, because it allows you to use my content on your blogs (and plenty of other ways!) with your own name on it.

I’ve put an offer up for PLR to that latest ‘Halfway’ article, so if you fancy using the content with your own name attached to it, (and you may be surprised by the price), then pop over and take a look here.

Ok, that covers it for this week, do let me know how things are with you, and I’ll sign off by wishing you, as ever,

Health & Happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget to connect with me on social media if you haven’t already, to keep updated of new posts – the buttons are at the top right of the site
P.P.S. Also, don’t forget my new book on how to use social media to turn *your* passions into profits FB Passion Profits

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Halfway Through The Year – Halfway To Your Goals, Right?

"Gordon Bryan"As we hit July, we get to the halfway point of the year. That also means we must be halfway to our goals – hooray! Or maybe not…

Some goals are easier to get to, that’s obvious, and some goals are easier to measure, that’s also obvious. Most obvious of all though, when it comes to measuring your goals, is that you have to actually *have* goals in the first place!

If you don’t have goals that are defined to a point where they are measurable, then how will you know if you achieve them?

I’ve written many times over the years about my reservations over New Year Resolutions, because they are, more often than not, set in a jokey way with no real intent to do anything about them. When the inevitable failure comes from that, it creates a negative view of the whole concept of goal setting.

That negative view is a shame, because it stops so many people setting out on amazing journeys in their lives simply because they choose to be negative about the fundamental principles of success.

So, how has the year gone so far, with half of it gone..?

If you decided to go to the gym once a week, you should have at least 26 ticks in your boxes. If you decided to give up smoking, you’re now 182 days healthier.

Your goal could be anything, not just health related – maybe this year you decided you would actually *try* writing your goals down and reading them out loud everyday, in which case your self esteem and belief will be much higher than it was 6 months ago.

I did say that some goals are harder to measure – it might not be so easy to say ‘I did this everyday for 6 months’ or ‘I’ve hit my targets each month so far’, because the goal is a longer term end result.

If it’s a career goal for example, there might not be daily tasks to accomplish, but there most definitely *will* be steps that you could have, should have, taken by now.

If you are on track with your goals, that’s great! Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back, you have achieved something and are on the way to achieving even more.

If, however, you start the second half of the year not seeing the success you want, then it’s time to analyse why not…

Maybe you set your goals but didn’t really believe them. Maybe you set your goals and thought that would be enough, that they would magically happen without you taking any action.

Of course, maybe you didn’t set any goals in the first place, and that’s why this year so far has resembled last year. Well, it’s going to carry on resembling last year too, and on into next year, unless something changes.

The good news is that you still have *half* the year to do something about it! Either revisit the goals you set at the start of the year, and work on your belief, or work on actually taking the first step rather than leaving it just on paper.

Or, make this the time to set goals in the first place. Time-wise we are all in the same boat here – half the year gone, 6 months left. No-one in the world has more time than you. The richest people on the planet have the same 6 months.  The most successful, (and the least successful!), they have the same 6 months.

The difference is what they *do* with that time, and the best way to get the best out of your time is to focus, and the best way to focus is with goal setting.

So, look to your own year so far. Has it gone the way you wanted? Are you halfway to your goals? If so that’s excellent, but if not, what are you going to do about it? How are you going to take control of *your* year, so that when you look back you can say you were in charge for these 6 months?

Ok, do let me know what you think, leave a comment below!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. by the way, if you enjoyed this article why not look at my motivational book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

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Goal Achievement – Eugenie Bouchard Is Such A Loser!

"Eugenie Bouchard"

click to go to

July 2014 and Eugenie Bouchard loses the final at Wimbledon, getting hammered in a little over 50 minutes. What a loser, right? Well, maybe, maybe not…

In the 2013 final, Sabine Lisicki lost her first final too, simply crumpling under the pressure. I wrote about that one last year, because there were important points to note on the self improvement front. I’ve put a link to that article below.

In Lisicki’s case, her nerves got the better of her as she lost to Marion Bartoli. Interesting to note that Bartoli herself had buckled from nerves in the 2007 final but had come back to win.

Let’s not forget Jana Novotna, who lost in the final and burst into tears during the presentations, but who also later came back to take the title.

There’s a difference in Eugenie’s case though, partly because it wasn’t the pressure that beat her, and partly because of what she said throughout the whole tournament…

She wasn’t beaten by pressure she had heaped on herself, nor by a particular collapse under nerves – she was just beaten by someone playing much better tennis! Petra Kvitova simply worked out how to take the strengths of Genie’s game away from her, so she nullified her.

That was impressive from Kvitova, a player who had won the title early on, but in her case found it difficult to cope *after* the win, and it’s only really now that she has got back to the mental place she was before.

A lot of modern tennis players come from poor backgrounds, and they have used tennis as a way to struggle onwards and upwards. It’s impressive every time I see it, but that’s not what happened to Bouchard either…

Growing up in Canada, she wasn’t from a poor background. Far from it in fact, so she didn’t have that as a driver. Her driver was that she had simply decided to do it, and had decided that she would strive to be the best at anything she did. That’s my main point today, and it could be seen loud and clear in her interviews.

She’s an up comer in the game, it was only a couple of years ago that she won the junior title. As she progressed through the rounds, the interviewers asked her time and time again if she was surprised by the results.

Her answer? “No, not really”

"Eugenie Bouchard loser"She didn’t say that in a cocky way either, because she followed it up by saying that she had spent hours a day on court, and hours a day in the gym for years, and her results were an end product of all that work.

She also said that she expected herself to perform her *best* every time. She didn’t say that just once, it’s her stock answer to the same question, and whereas some sports players give fairly anodyne answers, that answer of hers is a lesson that can change lives.

One chapter in my book is called ‘Do You Expect To Succeed?’ and Genie’s words go to the heart of it. She expects to succeed, she expects the best of herself, and that expectation is not based on wishful thinking, it’s based on the knowledge of all the years of hard work.

How surprising is it to hear that hard work is the foundation to success? It’s not surprising at all, there’s a reason for it coming up time and time again!

Bearing all that in mind, she didn’t win, so it’s hats off to Kvitova, and unlucky Eugenie. Although I doubt that she’ll be thinking of herself as ‘unlucky’. She’ll be analysing why she lost, and then getting to work on preventing it happening again, and that will mean working out a way to stop opponents doing what Kvitova did to her game.

I love this story! Look to your own goals, whether they include a Wimbledon title or not! Do you expect to succeed? Do you demand the best of yourself, and are you putting in the hard graft to get there? Instead of viewing tennis as a gentle lob across the net, how about viewing it as a full speed forehand whack right to a goal achievement lesson that can bring amazing results!

Ok, do let me know what you think, and feel free to share, like, tweet etc, thanks!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Here’s that article about Sabine Lisicki from last year
P.P.S.If sport is a passion for you, check out my free report on turning it into profits!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – July 7th 2014

Another busy week, so this is basically just a quick round up of what I’ve been up to…

Watching sport.

Yes, I know I do lots of that, all the time, but this week it has been in overdrive, even for me! The World Cup is ongoing, Wimbledon has reached a climax, and the Tour de France began, starting in the hills of Yorkshire, so my eyes are squarer than normal.

I regularly use sport as something to hang goal achievement principles on, and there’s one article from Wimbledon which had my crying out to write it – hopefully by next week!

I did write an article about a 25th anniversary in June that hadn’t got as much coverage as I’d expected – Tiananmen Square. You won’t get a lot of response if you mention that to the authorities in China, but it’s an event worth remembering, so here’s the article:

Tiananmen Tank Man – Twenty Five Years

"goal achievement" "the great gordino"Today is the 9th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London, and the way I chose to write about was to do with sport (no surprise there!)  I found myself inspired in 2012 by the story of Martine Wright taking part in the Paralympics, so here’s that article:

Paralympic Goal Achievement – Martine’s Bum Deal!

"Gordon Bryan"
It was my birthday during the week, so I took advantage of one of the hottest days of the year, hopped in the car and took a 30 minute drive to the seaside, enjoying a lovely stroll along the beach watching the sun go down. Sometimes the abundance we have all around us is ignored by people who are too busy moaning about what they *don’t* have instead of noticing what they, and the ability for me to enjoy such a glorious evening is an abundance I’m fully aware of!

I saw a video shared on Facebook. It was on one of those viral sites, with a title that was set up as ‘click bait’ – basically a sales headline, designed to get you to click because you’re so curious to see what happens in the video.

Well, normally I avoid those, but this one worked and had me clicking. I’m glad I did, because it got me looking closer into a man I had seen mentioned before, and will be the subject of another article in the not too distant future.

That man is Sir Nicholas Winton, and here’s the video. I found a lump hit the back of my throat as I watched, and it’s only a couple of minutes:

Sir Nicholas Winton

Ok, that’s it for this week, do let me know how things are with you,

‘Til next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget my FREE report on how to turn your passions into profits on Facebook!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Introducing “FB Passion Profits!”

"Gordon Bryan"It’s July 1st 2014, and as we crack on into the second half of the year, I’m very excited that today is the release of my book “FB Passion Profits!”

Quite simply, it shows you how to use social media, Facebook in particular, to turn your passions into online profits.

I’ve been writing away for many years online, and created many products along the way. Some of them focused on the goal achievement and self improvement side of things, and some of them focused on the making money online side of things.

One thing that ran through all of them was the opportunity available, for us to steer our lives towards our passions, and away from the notion that our passions can never be more than a hobby.

If you’re reading this edition of the newsletter, this opportunity is available to *you*, and it’s available *right now!*

FB Passion Profits is an ebook, which means it’s something you can download instantly, any time of day.
In the book, I start by going over why people don’t follow their passions, and what to do about it if it applies to you.

Then I go over the fundamental principles behind all marketing, how that applies online, and how it applies to Facebook.

I’ll also cover the bad advice that a lot of internet marketing experts give, and in fact it’s advice that leaves a gap for you to walk right into.

I’ll also be giving real life examples of my own. If it’s worked for others, and it’s worked for me, it will work for you too.

I don’t know what your passions are. I’d love you to get in touch and tell me, but whatever they are, (and it doesn’t matter how obscure they may be), you can use them to make money online.

The book comes with a money back guarantee too, which means if you buy it and don’t like it, for any reason, you have 30 days to simply get 100% of your money back.

That makes it a ‘no lose’ for you, quite literally.

The price is set on a rising scale for the launch, which means that it goes up after every few sales, so I suggest you get in while it’s still at the low end, because the price is only going one way!

I picked July 1st to launch it, because it’s the first day of the second half of the year. Has your year gone as you hoped so far? Did you set goals, and are you half way to achieving them?

If the year hasn’t gone as hoped, then why not pick today as the time to change course, to take action and set out on a new path. New Year resolutions have their place, but I believe a goal set as the second half of the year begins is way more powerful.

Ok, here’s the link to the page:

Pop over and take a look, and if you have any questions, just ask!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Remember the book has a 100% money back guarantee, if you buy it and don’t like it, you just get a full refund, so you cannot lose. Think of whatever your passion is, then think of how it will feel to be able to turn that passion into profits, then hop over and look at
FB Passion Profits right now!

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Tiananmen Tank Man – Twenty Five Years

"The Great Gordino"Anniversaries of events always make good news items, so it’s no surprise to see so many of them in the news! I love writing about them, because there’s always a story to be found in them. June 2014 saw a 25th anniversary which hardly got any coverage though- Tiananmen Square…

June 4th 1989, 25 years ago. What happened that day had a huge impact back then, and it’s had a huge impact in the 25 years since, as it helped to shape the direction of what is now one of the biggest economies in the world, China.

I didn’t see much coverage of the 25th anniversary here, and there wouldn’t have been any coverage at all in China. You won’t get anywhere trying to discuss it there, and in fact there is only ever a slight acknowledgement that anything even happened, and even that is only delivered under pressure.

On June 4th 2014, the square was blocked off, journalists couldn’t get within a mile, and the generally held name of the event gives an idea as to what happened. The event is generally called the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Back in 1989 there had been a build up of public protest, initially student led, calling for greater political freedom and transparency, greater freedom of speech, greater freedoms all round.

The government had been ok to let these protests happen at first, but gradually begane to realise that not only was the big protest population on the square not going to go away, it was multiplying in other cities and bringing worldwide attention on the way the communist state was run.

The government built up a force of troops around the square, and on June 4th they opened fire.

The death toll varies, from ‘a few’, to hundreds, to thousands, but what is clear is that the government cracked down, and cracked down hard. Any government members who had been supportive of greater freedoms were purged, and the hard-line position of the government was reinstated.

"Gordon Bryan"What happened to ‘Tank Man?’

No-one really knows. Some people say he went into hiding, some people say he was taken down an alley and shot in the head. His image went around the world though, and the thoughts that image generated were not something any government could do anything about, and they knew change had to happen.

Being a single party state though, they could do it how they wanted, so freedoms were increased, but only when it suited them, capitalist business was promoted, but only when it suited them. Any hard-line processes that suited them, well they were kept.

This transformed the Chinese economy, with infra structure and business growth at unprecedented levels anywhere in the world, shooting China into the top 4 largest economies in the world.

Business follows money, and the vast amounts of money on offer with such a massive market meant that people were prepared to overlook human rights issues in favour of the profit potential, on the basis that ‘if we don’t go there, someone else will and we’ll be left behind, so we have no choice.’

Keeping on the good side of such a huge economy, despite any apparent human rights failings could well be behind the lack of coverage of the 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square.

That doesn’t mean we can’t think about it ourselves, does it? So, think of Tiananmen 25 years ago. Think of the opportunities you have right now that millions of people around the world still do *not* have, and maybe think of Tank Man. He probably knew what he was doing would see him dead, but he did it anyway – what does the image say to you..?

Do let me know what you think, and feel free to share, like, tweet etc if you enjoyed the article – thanks!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for email updates, and connect with me on social media, via the top right of any page on the site.

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – June 23rd 2014

I hope all is well with you.

It’s a short one this week, much like England’s stay in the World Cup.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Thank goodness the expectation for the England team was lower this time around, because there was a sense of inevitability about our exit, and the manner of it.

The fallout has been equally as inevitable, bit I think there’s something that people forget – football is a game between two teams.

One team losing is not unusual and in both losses, England played teams which had a world class striker, the kind of player that might only get one or two chances in the game, but will take them.

That’s what happened. England got beaten by world class goal scorers – we played quite well, no need for massive soul searching.

Long term readers will know I often use sport to put across goal achievement/self improvement points, because sport illustrates them so clearly, sometimes brutally so.

There is no guarantee in life, and there is no guarantee of sport. That’s the whole point of sport, so to forget that basic premise is a symptom of how people forget in life that failure is possible.

Wimbledon starts today, and how about *that* sport for one-on-one, nowhere-to-hide goal achievement struggles, remember last year when Andy Murray ended a 75 year wait for another British winner of the men’s singles?

"Gerry Goffin"
Ok, there is a world outside sport, and I also love my music.
Songwriter Gerry Goffin died this week. I suppose it was no surprise that he was billed in a lot of the coverage as ‘ex-husband of Carole King’, but that’s seems a bit harsh, as they had been divorced for 45 years, and it’s not as if his success came solely on the back of her.

He wrote the lyrics to some great songs, songs that people will recognise and sing along to, without maybe knowing who wrote them.

My favourite Gerry Goffin song though, was one I didn’t even know he wrote. I’ve been enjoying this song since I first heard it 20 years ago, and it’s called ‘So Sad The Song’

Ok, that’s it for today, do let me know what you think!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. If sport or music are passions for you, why not grab my free report on the basics of using Facebook to turn it into profits: FB Passion Profits – The Basics!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – June 16th 2014

I hope all is well where you are.

So, the World Cup has finally started – hooray!
I know some people don’t like football, and despair at a month’s worth of coverage, so I apologise if you’re one of those, but I love it!

The first one I watched was back in 1974 (yes, I know I know) and I had to watch it without England, who had failed to qualify!

Then in 1978 England failed to qualify again! What was going on, that was no good for a 12 year old football fan! In fact I had to wait until I was 16 too see England kick a ball at the world cup, which is what makes it all the more exciting when England *are* there.

It’s one of the biggest sporting events on the planet so as a sports fan and a football fan, it draw me like a moth to a flame!

As I write, I’ve seen 11 matches in 4 days, with no goalless draws, in fact no draws at all! Normally the first games ca be cagey affairs with teams desperate not to lose, but this time around the football has been attacking and open.

England’s first game went the way as might have been expected – we played quite well, but lost. The end could be nigh already, but you never know…

"Sam Kelly"The British actor Sam Kelly died this week. The online outpouring of grief was notably absent, it seemed to reach fever pitch following the recent death of one comedy actor Rik Mayall, but barely a squeak over Sam Kelly, who had achieved just as much success in some well loved British comedy sitcoms. I loved his default ‘gormless’ face, and it’s one I’ve used myself over many years, although some people might not realise when I was putting it on!

In the world of the movies, the much awaited new Star Wars edition has been hit with an injury worry, as Harrison Ford was injured on set while shooting in Britain. He comes in for a lot of stick, I’m not sure why as he’s been in some great films, and is a great story of creating your own luck by being in the right place at the right time.

"Harrison Ford"
He posted a picture of himself after the accident, which made me smile, and he seems to be able to laugh about the whole thing. Reports say he sprained his ankle, then it was reported it was broken. Then reports say he hurt his pelvis, then reports of rib problems, so who knows what really happened, although the picture would suggest nothing too serious. Seems he might miss up to 8 weeks filming, which can be costly on a film of that scale. (bet it makes it back at the box office though!)

If you remember me saying the first world cup I saw was in 1974, you won’t be surprised to read that I remember the *first* Star Wars film, and was probably slap bang in the right age group to be blown away by it. The sheer size and scale of it did indeed wow me, I was very impressed!

I enjoyed the 3 ‘prequel’ movies, which got a decidedly mixed reception, and I suspect that these 3 new moves, even with original cast members, will get a good old pasting by critics and/or fans, but I’m really looking forward to them and will enjoy them even if I don’t enjoy them (if that makes sense!)

I’ve covered sport, comedy and the movies in this issue. I love all three, they are a bit of a passion for me, and tie in perfectly with my new report, which goes over the basics of how you can use social media to turn your own passions into online profits.

"Gordon Bryan"

I called it FB Passion Profits – The Basics, and it’s a prelude to the book I’m currently in the process of writing.

If you fancy taking a look at the free report, you can grab it here!

Ok, that’s it for today, do let me know what you think!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Here’s that free report link again: FB Passion Profits – The Basics!

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Goal Achievement – The Great Escape of Bernard Jordan!

"Gordon Bryan"June 2014, and the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings produced a story about doing your own thing, which could be viewed as archetypically British…

Bernard Jordan is a veteran of World War 2, and he went missing from his car home on the South Coast, after telling staff he was going for a walk. The police were called after the staff couldn’t find him.

In fact his ‘walk’ involved getting to the ferry port and buying a ticket to France, where he booked into a hotel. The first anyone knew where he was, was when a fellow veteran got in touch to tell them they were on the way to Normandy to join the events marking the anniversary.

The British papers were all over this story like a rash and the next day, alongside pictures of The Queen or the other heads of state who had been there, there was Bernard’s picture, with a headline along the lines of ‘The Great Escape’.

True British grit, the determination of the war generation embodied in an old boy who refused to be beaten by authority, right? The story also has the distinct flavour of British humour to it.

The care home rushed out a statement saying they had never ‘banned’ him, and were fully supportive of him attending the events. Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they!

Let’s look a little deeper, and in fact we don’t have to look that much deeper to find that care home wasn’t necessarily the dark side that it was being presented as.
It seems that the care home had indeed, *not* banned him.

He had asked to go on an official tour to the events, but had asked too late, and despite the efforts of the care home, his place on the tour couldn’t be secured, and that’s what he had been told.

There have been lots of stories about shocking treatment in care homes, too many of them, so it was easy to present this one as just another big bad nasty, but in fact this care home has regularly been praised for the way it operates.

So, with that side of the story taken care of, does it mean the whole thing was just a waste of column inches? Well, yes and no…

It could be argued that the coverage of Bernard’s story took away the focus form the serious and sombre nature of marking what happened 70 years ago on those beaches, where thousands of men arrived in crammed boats, sea sick from a rough voyage, seeing their friends mown down by machine guns, knowing they were next in line.

The heads of state from all the Allies were there, and yet the front pages were taken up by a pensioner who had become a news story by simply getting on a ferry. It could also be argued that blowing up the whole story was patronising ageism.

That’s probably over thinking it I reckon. Maybe the story was overdone, and it looks like Bernard is to be given the Freedom of the City for his display of determination, which definitely seems a bit over the top, but to me the story *does* sum up a certain Britishness, and there are elements to take note of.

The fact that the press knew the public would smile at the story shows our characteristic of laughing at ourselves. Whatever the circumstance behind the story, the fact that Bernard snuck out with his war medals under his raincoat does show a determination to do something despite being told it couldn’t be done.

It also reminds us that when we see old people, and maybe think of them as past their best or on the scrap heap, we should remember that it was people of that age that did fight in the war, that they are the survivors of a conflict that many of their own friends did not survive.

I certainly smiled at the story of Bernard Jordan, and found points worthy of note, I hope you did too.

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