The Great Gordino Newsletter – Oct 21st 2014

I hope all is well where you are.
Here’s the video version of the newsletter if you’d prefer that, the text version is underneath:

I’ve had some frustrations this week. Last Tuesday saw my 25th wedding anniversary – that’s frustrating because the marriage ended many years ago, so many years ago that it almost feels like it was someone else.

It’s frustrating that we weren’t able to work it out, although I’ve always accepted it as ‘one of those things’. Frustrating that things could have been different, but that’s with the beauty of hindsight – at the time we acted the best we could for back then. By the way, although that’s not us in the picture, it does look like she is about to wallop him! He’s just made what he thought was an hilarious joke about her dress, she’s about to give his face a big slapping…

Then later in the week I had some frustration slap bang up to date, and a good dose of it too, as someone smashed the window of my car and rifled through the contents. I’ve never kept anything of real value in the car, blimey I’ve never driven *cars* of real value, so I suppose that’s why it’s the first time it’s happened in 29 years of driving.

Frustrating though, because the scum that did it probably just ran off down the street, but I was left with a bill of £120 to get the window replaced, and I had to get the smell of LOSER out of the car. I’m not a violent person (except when it comes to opening recalcitrant chocolate wrappers), but if I caught whoever did it, it wouldn’t just be the window getting smashed…#theirface.

Footballer Chad Evans was released from jail this week, having served 2 and a half years of a 5 year sentence for rape. It’s created a big hoo ha about whether he should be allowed to return to play for his club on wages of £20,000 a week.

Some people say he has served his time, and society must let people go back to what they were doing after they have been punished. Others say that not only has he never shown any remorse or apologised, he denies the charge, and that since footballers are high profile role models, letting him back would be a terrible message to send to young men.

I can see the argument about getting back into society, but it’s his attitude and that of his friends that would bother me. The victim was named on social media which is a crime, and she has had to go into the police programme with a new identity. The club he played for, Sheffield United, could let him go under a disrepute charge, and other teams simply choose not to employ him.

Or, he could go back to the £20,000 a week playing in front of massive crowds, it’s not my choice after all.

"TIE Helmet"
With the new Star Wars film being made, featuring ‘original’ cast members, the hype is bubbling away nicely, and I saw a story during the week that made me look twice. A helmet used in the 1977 film was valued at £40-50,000! It was on the BBC show ‘Antiques Roadshow’, and while presenter Fiona Bruce was dismissive of the prop as just a piece of plastic, that valuation raised more than a few eyebrows.

The TIE Pilot helmets were shown in the film in the last fight scenes with rebel fighters before Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star (hope I haven’t given the ending away for you).

There were only 14 made, in fact the studio was only invoiced for 12, and the picture shows designer Andre Ainsworth with all 14. Now *that* would be a nice little collection wouldn’t it!

The numpties that smashed my window would do well to be wearing a helmet if I ever found them!

Ok, that’s it for this week, let me know what you think, and don’t forget you can see my other posts over on the right hand side, including a great NFL Moment Of The Week, featuring a sporting role model that few would argue about!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 7

"Peyton Manning"I did say last week that I already had a good idea what my moment of the week for this week would be, and so it turned out…

Peyton Manning.

In the game against San Francisco on Sunday night he threw 4 touchdown passes, but it was the third which was THE moment. It was his 509th TD pass, breaking Brett Favre’s record of 508.

No quarterback has ever thrown more TDs. I’ve said before that many of the stats in the sport are meaningless, and can be ignored almost as soon as they’re shown. Not this one though, and the hype has been building all week.

The question was whether the Denver Broncos would be planning their game around it. Although they denied it, they were, because any team with Peyton Manning at QB will plan every game around him throwing nearly 3 TDs each game.

That’s because the offences are built around him, and since you plan each game with the aim of winning it, of course they were planning for him to throw the 3 he needed to break the record. As it happens, he threw 4 before the game was out.

The fact that it was the big live Sunday night game didn’t harm things either!

The debate will rage as to whether he’s the best ever, but there is no doubt he is at that top level in anyone’s book.

After a stellar career at Indianapolis, they basically dumped him when he had to have 4 neck surgeries and missed a whole season. To the surprise of many he signed with Denver, and has basically carried on where he left before!

It is impressive to watch him play. I think it can be a bit, dare I say it, boring, but it’s impressive.

After the game, Manning thanked all the coaches and players that have helped him to the record, with his usual impeccable politeness. Thank them he should too, because even the record breaking TD needed a catch of fine athleticism from Thomas, catching the ball on the edge of the endzone and making sure his toes dragged the ground to make the score count.

It might be churlish to say that Peyton needs a second Superbowl ring to totally cement his place at the top table, but this landmark record is set to stay for a long time, and who’s to argue with it! It’s a career highlight, so certainly worthy of a moment of the week!

OK, that’s it for this week – let me know what you think!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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NFL Moment Of The Week 2014 – Week 6

Well, this week it was a decision between one moment, or one game result.
I guess a game result doesn’t really count, but it’s always notable when there’s a tie (or draw as we call it here in the UK!), because so much is tried to avoid it! The tie happened in the Panthers/Bengals game.

It’s a long held generalisation that Americans hate any sport which can have a tied result, the view being ‘what’s the point in that if there’s no winner?’

It could be argued that the NFL is designed to always have a winner – nothing wrong with that, one of the reasons I love the NFL is the way the sport is designed.

My view though is that there’s nothing wrong with a tie – both teams had the chance to win, both in regular time and in overtime, and if neither team were capable of doing it, then the tie is the genuine result, isn’t it?

Also, as it happens, the tie could end up being a good tie *breaker* between teams at the end of the season, so despite the calls for yet another rule change to stop ties, I think they should be embraced and celebrated, part of the unpredicability of sport!

Ok, since I said a game result couldn’t really count as a ‘moment’, my moment of the week is something else that should be celebrated more – the onside kick…

The onside kick is normally only attempted when the team trying it is so far behind, and short of time. The trouble with that, is that the opposing team knows it’s coming. It’s a much better tactic when used unexpectedly, and the one carried out by the Indianapolis Colts’ kicker Pat McAfee was pretty much perfect.

The kick has to go 10 yards before it can be touched. Not only did McAfee kick it so that it only just went the 10 yards, it went so slowy and right up the middle of the pitch, that he was able to outrun his own kick, meaning he was waiting to drop on it as soon as it crossed the 10 yard mark.

Brilliant, impossible for opponents to do anything about, and well deserving of moment of the week!

Let me know what you think, and I’ll see you next week! (I’m already pretty sure of my moments for week 7 and week 8 even though they haven’t happened yet!)

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Oct 14th 2014

I hope all is well with you.

The political landscape in Britain took another shift last week. There were two by-elections, in one of them UKIP got their first MP elected, and in the other they came second, only 600 votes behind Labour in what should have been a ‘safe’ Labour seat.

You might think that having just 1 MP is not much of a game changer, but it really could be. Having stood in the last 2 elections myself, I heard over and over again that voting was a waste of time, that it made no difference. Well, many of those people might now be thinking that voting for UKIP might not be a waste of time.

An opinion poll held after those by-elections put UKIP at 25% of the vote, which could see them with over 100 Mps, and that’s staggering. The reason behind this surge?


It used to be that is you mentioned a view that immigration was causing problems, you were labelled a racist, but now it’s fair game to discuss the issue. David Cameron is trying to bring it as far to the front of the agenda as he dare, but it’s not fast enough for UKIP or many voters.

UKIP say they would take Britain out of the EU, and while Cameron has promised a referendum in 2017 if the Conservatives win a majority, that kind of political promise holds no weight at all with the kind of waverer thinking about voting UKIP.

Labour’s view? Well, unfortunate as it was, Ed Miliband forgot that part of his major conference speech, which hardly makes him look as if he has it anywhere near the top of his priorities.

I find the whole thing fascinating, and having decided that I would not stand a third time, the Scottish referendum and this latest twist in England does make me wonder if voters might be more accepting of my own platform this time around…

"Malala Yousafzai"

Malala Yousafzai has won the Nobel Peace Price. The youngest ever winner at 17, she was shot in the head 2 years ago by the Taliban for campaigning for girls education. The story of her shooting and recovery raised her profile to global status, and the way she has spoken since, to world leaders and the UN, has been inspirational.

She was awarded the prize jointly with another campaigner, Kailash Satyarthi. He is Indian, Malala is Pakistani, and that’s no coincidence from the Nobel committee. The division of India and Pakistan was done by a British civil servant in London with a map and a pencil, and it’s created tension ever since.

Satyarthi is a Hindu, Yousafzai is a Muslim, so there is another show of unity between different backgrounds. In a speech she made on the day of her award, Malala spoke of these differences between the two of them , but also spoke of the things they were both campaigning for at the same time. She asked, as did Satyarthi, that when they were presented with their awards, the leaders of both Pakistan and India would both be present, to show a united front for their push for peace and understanding. She also thanked her father for ‘not clipping her wings.’


Let’s finish with a bit of sport, which you were probably expecting!

Last week I spoke about a rugby punch which went unpunished because the player that was hit was deemed to not be hurt enough! That was in rugby union, but in rugby league this week there was a punch which certainly *will* be punished…

Lance Hohaia started the Grand Final by smashing his forearm into the face of Ben Flower. That had brought him a one match ban, and brought a retaliatory punch from Flower. That kind of thing happens a lot in rugby, and a bit of fisticuffs is normally at a level that is generally called ‘handbags at 5 paces’

This time, however, Flower’s punch saw Hohaia go down like a sack of spuds. Instead of leaving it there, Flower then held down his opponent and punched him in the head.

He was sent off, no surprise there, and will get a lengthy ban from the game. Had that happened in a pub car park, he may be looking at jail time, and it brings up the old debate about whether the police should be involved after incidents like this.

Flower has apologised, and Hohaia says he accepts the apology, and that it should be left at that. We’ll see – it’s punches like that which are the reason I enjoy watching sports like rugby, but enjoy playing a much politer sport – curling!

No punches in curling, and I had the first game of the season last week. I wore my new trousers, but they didn’t help my game as we went down to a loss. It was a fun back and forth game though, and hopefully I’ll get a win on the board this week.

Ok, that’s it for this week – don’t forget to leave your feedback! Also, on the right of the page you’ll find links to my NFL Moment of The Week, and latest ELO Cover Of The Day.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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ELO Cover Of The Day #4 – Here Is The News

For this post I’ve gone with ‘Here Is The News’.
This is a cover I really enjoyed, and it’s maybe the one I’ll be playing the most out of the list of covers.
I think I like it so much because it’s a pleasant surprise to see a cover of a song which was not exactly one of ELO’s massive hits. It *was* officially a hit though, getting to 24 in the UK chart, coupled with ‘Ticket To The Moon’, taken from the 1982 album ‘Time’, which divides a lot of ELO fans.
I enjoyed the album when it came out, but I think it’s fair to say it marked the end of ELO’s peak, and the change of sound was noticeable from the past.

I did also say in the last post that I would feature the band Five iron Frenzy again. I had thought it might be later on in the series, but what the hey, I’m going for it now.

A spin off band from Five Iron Frenzy was Brave Saint Saturn, and it’s them that have done this cover. Obviously a big ELO fan in there somewhere, with some real passion to do a good job on the covers. I love them both!

As always, the original ELO version in underneath so you can compare them. Here’s the Brave Saint Saturn cover:

Here’s the ELO original – again, I do have the vinyl 7 inch somewhere, I need to go digging for it!:

Ok, do let me know what you think – I love the feedback, and don’t forget to check out the rest on the list – just type in ‘cover of the day’ into the search box top right of any page!

‘Til next time,
Health & Happiness,
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NFL Moment of the Week – Week 5

"Tom Brady"The NFL is obsessed with statistics, that can’t be denied. All through each game on tv, they wheel out the stats, and some of them are so obscure they mean nothing.
An example would be after a tackle, a caption comes up saying that player is the first player aged 23 to make 5 tackles in each quarter for the first 3 games of the season while going on to lose the match…

Not exactly a statistic or a record to make the headlines is it!
However, for my week 5 moment, I’m going to the stats, because 2 players hit landmarks this week, and they are the 2 headline players of the generation, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

"Peyton Manning"
The debate has raged for many years about who is the better, although pretty much everyone agrees they are both right at the top in the entire history of the game.
Brady has won 3 Superbowls, while Manning only has 1, but Manning has the records and consistently better stats over the years.

My view? For what it’s worth, I’d go for Brady. In the clutch situations, Manning has shown a tendency to crack, whereas Brady hasn’t.

This week, Tom Brady threw a pass that took him over 50,000 yards for his career – it’s only a very small list of players that he joins.
Peyton Manning threw for his 500th touchdown, only Brett Favre has thrown more, and his final record of 508 will fall to Manning pretty shortly.

Both impressive stats, and both impressive players, and well worthy of being in anyone’s moment of the week!

Do let me know what you think, I love the feedback!
‘Til next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Oct 7th 2014

"green routemaster bus"Hi,
I hope all is well with you as we crack into October.

Something I forgot to mention last week was the 60th anniversary of an icon.
An icon certainly for London, and for Great Britain in general – the routemaster bus was first unveiled to the public at an exhibition 60 years ago. Ah, I remember hopping on and off the platform at the back, climbing up the spiral staircase to the top. There were also green ones, and I’m sure I used to go on green ones in my youth. Of course health & safety had something to say about these buses in the end!

"Star Wars"
That was a long long time ago, seemingly in a galaxy far far away, and it seems that long since 2 young pups made another icon – Star Wars. The original cast are currently back together making Star Wars VII, and Mark Hammill and Carrie Fisher were pictured at a charity bash recently. I remember watching the original film as much as the route master buses! No doubt the film will have its’ critics when it comes out, but I for one am looking forward to it.

Something else that has come a long way is the computer – although sometimes it doesn’t always go as planned. The beginning of October sees a switch in the UK from a paper car tax disc in the window to an all computer version. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the website crashed on the first day, seemingly unable to cope with demand. Get Han Solo in to whack it with something, that’ll sort it!

I haven’t covered sport yet, so time to put that right, with two stories…

Norway have pulled out of the bidding process for the 2022 winter Olympics, citing the excessive demands of the IOC members. If memory serves, Norway was one of the countries originally opposed to the Winter Olympics in the first place, so if any country was going to draw the line, it would likely be Norway. The IOC have blamed the media for ‘misreporting.’ Well, they would, wouldn’t they?

The act of diving to try and fool the ref, or ‘simulation’ as it’s called, was always seen as the preserve of football, whereas in rugby you would only go down if you were actually hurt, and *couldn’t* get up. Any diving was frowned upon. That might be about to change. A full on punch in the face in a recent game brought no punishment, because the punchee was deemed to not be hurt.

That implies that had he appeared hurt, it would have drawn punishment, a sin bin time out off the field, etc.
So the player that got punched in the face but stayed on his feet, would now be better served by going down, like the footballers who go down at the slightest whiff of anyone anywhere near them. This is not progress, come on officialdom! Grr.

"Steven Benjamin"
Ok, I’ll finish off with a photo I saw in the papers, and I saw it in lots of papers, because it’s pretty spectacular. This humpback whale was caught on camera off South Africa by guide Steven Benjamin. No-one’s quite sure why the humpback whale does this, and you can’t exactly ask it, but wow, what a sight that must have been in person if looking at the photo is enough to make you look twice!

That’s it for this week, let me know your thoughts!
‘Til Next Time,
health & happiness,
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NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 4

"Laura Wright"Well, week 4 saw the first of the 3 (yes, 3) NFL games in London this season. It’s an important season, because it’s the first time there have been 3 games, and one of them is a 1.30pm kick off, to test the market in the US for a breakfast kickoff.
So, I wanted to pick a moment from the game between Miami and Oakland, and the moment that struck me the most came early on – before kick off in fact!

The national anthems of both the USA and Great Britain were sung, and soprano Laura Wright sang God Save The Queen. Normally at sporting events, a soprano will go right up to the top notes at the end, but it’s changing the tune, the actual tune comes down at the end!

It’s a bug bear of mine, because it happens so often that people think this wrong version is actually how it goes – it isn’t!
I just find myself getting annoyed and wishingthe singer would just do the proper tune.

Lo and behold, Laura Wright sang the proper tune, which brought a smile to my face!

Roll on the next London game, which sees Detroit take on Atlanta, and I guess another moment of the week is that I got a ticket to the game! Having seen Atlanta on the ‘behind the scenes’ show called Hard Knocks, I decided that now would be the time to make the effort to get to a game, so I got a ticket – very excited!

Ok, let me know what you think!
‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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ELO Cover Of The Day #3 – Sweet Talkin’ Woman

Here’s a cover of Sweet Talkin’ Woman that I’d probably describe as ‘jolly’.

Performed by Five Iron Frenzy from Denver, it’s a bouncy version of the song. The original is one of ELO’s most well known hits, released in 1978 from the double album Out Of The Blue, which was a *massive* album pretty much all over the world.

I still have a copy of the 7 inch single released on purple vinyl – I’ll have to get that out and take a picture!

I’ve put the video to that underneath so that you can compare the two. It’s not the last cover I’ll be posting from that album, and it’s (in a way) not the last from Five Iron Frenzy either!

Here’s the ELO original:

Ok, do let me know what you think – I love the feedback, and don’t forget to check out the rest on the list – just type in ‘cover of the day’ into the search box top right of any page!

‘Til next time,
Health & Happiness,
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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Sep 30th 2014

"Ed Miliband"Hi,
I hope all is well with you.

Giving a speech with no notes for an hour is impressive, right? Maybe, but no quite so impressive when you’re the leader of a big political party, aiming to become Prime Minister in 2015, and you forget important bits from your keynote speech!

Poor old Ed Miliband. He forgot bits of the speech about immigration and the economy, two areas of huge concern to the electorate. He said that’s what happens if you give speeches like that, and it adds to the feeling of speaking person to person.


He must have been kicking himself. If had given his speech with notes, or an autocue, he thinks it might lose that ‘personal’ feeling. That may be true, but something it *wouldn’t* lose would be keys paragraphs of the speech.

I’ve spoken many times in public, both with and without notes, but the difference is I had practised and rehearsed many times over, with adlibs ready to go. Ed’s speech would have been changing all the time, even through the morning on the day, and although he says he won’t change the way he does it, I bet he will!

One of the biggest selling bands in the world have announce a new album. AC/DC had a long struggle to get to the top, but once they got there, they stayed! If memory serves, their album Back in Black is the biggest selling album by a group in the US market, excluding compilations. Sad to hear that co-founder and driving force Malcolm Young will not feature due to ill health.

It was Google’s birthday during the week. Except it wasn’t. They changed the date they use for their birthday a few years back from the 7th to the 27th, for PR reasons. So, don’t believe everything you see on the internet, even if you’ve googled it!

I had another one of those days this week, when I planned on googling something when I got in, only to totally forget what it was I wanted to google. Even typing ‘what was I going to google?’ into google was no help!

I’m feeling a bit wistful this week – it would be the first week of my degree study at university had I taken the place, studying sports journalism. Part of me is wishing I was down there, surrounded by the youthful enthusiasm of everyone embarking on the new adventure, but part of me is glad I’m not there, surrounded by drunk young’uns making me feel from a different planet! Oh well, the plan for the 1 year diploma next year is still on the cards.

The NFL came back to London this week. There are 3 regular season games this season, and the NFL are talking about a London team by 2022. Still a long way to go before it’s totally viable, but it’ll come around sooner rather than later. I really must get round to going to one of these London matches. So far the team match ups haven’t pushed my buttons enough to justify the ticket prices, and they sell out so quickly!

"Amy Hughes"
There were two world marathon records set this week! The first was 53 marathons in 53 days by 26 year old Brit Amy Hughes. A sports therapist, Amy was running to encourage children to be more active, and also to try and raise £53,000 for charity.

The second marathon world record was set in Berlin, which is a good course for record setting, as Kenyan Dennis Kimetto ran 2 hours 2 minutes and 57 seconds.
That was the first time under 2.03, and the 2 hour marathon is inching ever closer.

Phew, I’m worn out just thinking about all that running, so I’ll sign off – do let me know what you think as ever!

‘Til next time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget my free guide about turning your passion into profits!
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