NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 15

"NFL Toe Drag"This week is all about a moment that *probably* happened…

“Hang on – probably happened?” I hear you ask. “Either it did happen, or it didn’t!?”

That’s a good point, and here’s the deal –
It’s a moment I have seen week after week in the live Sunday night game, and in the highlights around the league. I saw it at Wembley for my first time going to an NFL game.

I had meant to keep it as a moment for when nothing else caught my eye. Week 14 was just such a week, some great action, but nothing that caught my eye.
Unfortunately, the moment I had been saving for such a week, didn’t happen in the live game, and I didn’t see it in any of the highlight packages.

It is possible that it didn’t happen throughout the whole of the league, but when you see what incident I’m talking about, you’ll agree it must have happened at some point.

The toe drag.

That’s it.
It’s a thing of beauty!

You see it up and down the sidelines, but notably in the endzone on a scoring play. The quarterback throws the ball to the edge of the field, because if the offense knows that’s where the ball is going before the defence, it’s more likely the receiver has that extra step to get there before the defender reacts.

Even so, the QB throws the ball to the outside of the receiver, so that it will land out of play unless the receiver catches it.

This means two things. Firstly, the receiver is the only person that is able to catch it – the defender can’t get there because the receiver is between him and the ball.

Secondly it means the receiver will have to bring the toe drag into play. For a catch to be valid, the receiver has to be in control of the ball and have both feet in play.

So, once they’ve stretched up to catch the ball, they have to get their trailing foot to touch the ground before they fall out of play.

Bear in mind, these are men well over 6 feet tall, well over 200 pounds, and although the toe drag is taken for granted, to think about it makes you realise what a thing it is.

A hugely athletic movement, it’s most unnatural to catch a ball high in the air and then basically ram your foot to the ground.
I hope this video from the shows in your part of the world – the slow motions show the grace of the movement, but when you see it at full speed, you really appreciate it!

NFL Toe Drags

I love seeing it and although sod’s law dictates I didn’t see it this week, I’m sure you’ll agree it probably happened, and is well deserving to be moment of the week!

Ok, do leave a comment, and feel free to share around if you think others would enjoy it!
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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Dec 16th 2014

I hope today finds you well.

It’s that time of year when everyone’s gearing up for Christmas. Some gearing up better than others – mentioning no names as that might not be fair on Amazon…

Oh dear oh dear.

Firstly they, along with other online retailers have been having massive problems getting deliveries out on time due to the sheer volume of sales. It seems that Black Friday and Cyber Monday ‘caught them by surprise’

Come on, caught by surprise? I don’t think so!
Secondly, there was a glitch with the Amazon software which had products priced at 1p. Word got out, and people started buying bulk purchases of expensive items, all at 1p. Not only that, Amazon then continued to charge sellers using the site with their full fees, despite Amazon making the mistake.

It seems the glitch ‘caught them by surprise’
Come on, caught by surprise? I don’t think so!

Maybe they’ll get the delivery and pricing right for next year, eh?

I had the wing mirror on my car smashed the other night. That’s 3 wing mirrors and one window smashed. Is it too much to ask for my property to just be left alone? I have to declare myself hugely frustrated that scum can come along, vandalise something that’s mine, then walk off and leave sorting out the damage.

Someone suggested putting a dashboard cam in, to catch them, but the way it’s been going for me, they’d smash another window and take the camera too…sigh…

"Dick Van Dyke"
On the movie front, the candy striped jacket worn by Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins is going up for auction. It still has the holes he was hooked up by for the flying sequence, and if you hold the jacket up to your ears you can still hear his dodgy English accent…

Estimated to go for £50,000, showing that the movies is as good a market as ever to make money in!

My sporting item this week is the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year. The live event has got bigger and bigger every year, so much so that’s it’s now held in huge indoor arenas.

"Jo Pavey"
To be honest, I think it looks a bit ridiculous like that, but it is nice to have a reminder of the sporting moments of the year. The battle for the winner was always going to be between Lewis Hamilton and Rory McIlroy, but I was interested to see who go third.

It ended up being the person I actually voted for – Jo Pavey.
There’s something about Jo, a very down to earth athlete who has not been over polished by media training. People can relate to her, and I love the way she talks about contentment and appreciation – well done Jo, and I wrote an article about her which you can see here:

Ok, that’s it for today – do leave a comment below, and like, share, tweet etc if you think others would enjoy my newsletter, I’d appreciate it.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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If You Believe This Goal Achievement Myth – Let It Go!

"Frozen"I saw a video recently which had goal achievement lessons screaming at me from the screen, particularly about limiting beliefs. Read on to see if it applies to you, and if you need to let it go…

Some Disney films come and go with mild success, some come and stay around, and ‘Frozen’ is one which stayed around. The princess factor kicked in, with little girls all over the place getting togged up in their merchandise costumes.

The same can be said for the song ‘Let It Go.’ An Oscar winner if you don’t mind! Not every Disney song makes it big, but this one did, helped by social media and the spread of videos of little girls singing it in the back of the car.

The video I saw showed a multi language version of the song, showing it sung in 25 languages by 22 actresses. Here it is:

When I first shared it, someone commented that it sounded like the same singer – indeed so, they do all sound very similar, they sound like Idina Menzel, but they’re not her.

Each of the 22 women are individuals, they all have their own backgrounds. Some of them may have had musical theatre backgrounds, some of them might have been brought up in environments that have nothing to do with music *or* theatre!

Here’s what they have in common –
They can sing. They’ve all spent years having lessons and developing their talent.
They all sound the same for 2 reasons, firstly the result of the training, and secondly because that’s the type of singing required for this particular job.

They also all have decent teeth. They’ve probably all spent money on their teeth, and maybe the rest of their appearance. That work had to be paid for, so what sacrifices have been involved?

They’ve also all gone through rejection, and lots of it. In a packed competitive industry, rejection is par for the course.

Here’s what they didn’t do –
They didn’t assume that goal achievement was for others. Despite the competition they put themselves out there, working hard to put themselves in the position so that when the chances come to be the one that gets the part, they have the tools to put themselves in the running.

Let’s go back to thinking about their own stories – wouldn’t it be fascinating to find out about each of them to see how they arrived at singing the same song from the same film! There will undoubtedly be some good stories in there.

Lots of them will involve stage school I’m sure (plus the hard work that involves), but in amongst those will be stories of the non stage school route, showing that there is more than one way to get to the goal. 22 ways in this particular case.

Something else to remember is that although these 22 got the part, for each one of them there were plenty others who also auditioned but didn’t get the part. Maybe they’ll get the next part, maybe they won’t, but they’ll come back for more.

So, look to your own passions, your own goals. It may be musical theatre, it may not, but whatever it is, are you putting in the work, making progress so that when your chance comes you’re ready?

Do you believe that the route you are on, *you’re* route, is the one that will get you there? Do you believe that even though there may be competition, someone will get there, so why can’t it be you?

I loved the lessons warbling their way to me from watching these women sing, and if you believe that the single only way to get to your goal is beyond you, or if you believe that your goal is only available to others, you simply need to ‘Let It Go.’

As ever, feel free to leave a comment, share, like, tweet etc if you enojyed the article – thanks!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. This is the kind of thing I write about in my book, which has been described as ‘motivational magic’ – Transform Your Life in 21 Days!
P.P.S. Here’s another article about musical theatre:
3 Smashing Goal Achievement Tips From, Er, Smash!

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NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 14

"Mike Scifres"Last week I was talking about punters, so I didn’t expect to be talking punters again this week…

Mike Scifres is the punter for the San Diego Chargers. In their game against the New England Patriots, not only was his punt blocked, he took a big hit and was sent crashing into the turf, suffering a broken clavicle.

So, the field goal kicker took over punting for the rest of the game. No big deal, right?
Well, in the kicking fraternity, it *is* quite a big deal!

I’ll be honest, I’ve always found it a bit odd that they have specific players for kicking field goals and punting. Surely there are people out there that can do both?

Yes, of course there are, and in fact it used to be that one kicker would do both duties. As the game developed though, it was thought that having 2 kickers with different jobs would keep their legs fresher.

Now, to me that still sounds silly, but since that’s the way it went, each kicker only practices his own job, and does not practice the other job. Since kickers rarely get hit, let alone injured enough to leave the game, to have to take over punting duties is a bit like being thrown in at the deep end – for the pressure of expectation as much as anything.

Kicker Nick Novak was the one to take over after Scifres’ injury. He did ok, but it’s back to goal kicking for himm, as the Chargers have pulled in a replacement for Scifres now.

Funny old game, eh? Let’s see if it’s punting at the heart of next week’s moment of the week!

‘Til Next Time,
health & happiness,
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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Dec 9th 2014

I hope all is well with you.

I had planned to be having a bit of a giggle in today’s newsletter and also talk about a movie announcement causing excitement. All light hearted stuff, and I’m still going to write about those, but life also throws more serious stuff at us, and I saw a picture on social media last week that really caught my eye…

Tuğçe Albayrak.

Tugce died on Nov 28th, her 23rd birthday, as her parents decided to turn off the life support system that had kept her alive for 2 weeks.

Tugce had come to the aid of two girls who were being harassed by a group of men in the toilets at a fast food restaurant. Later that evening the men returned, and in a group confrontation in the car park, one of them punched Tugce in the head. She never regained consciousness.

I hadn’t spotted the story myself, it’s thanks to someone sharing it on social media that it came to my attention. The German President has praised her for her moral courage, and for not looking the other way, and is considering a petition to award her the German Federal Order of Merit.

It’s a sad story, it’s a shocking story but it’s a story that serves to remind us that for all the horrible people out there, and there are some real scum, there are people who will stand up for what’s right, who will stand up to protect others.

People like Tugce.

Onto the lighter stuff I mentioned earlier, I emailed Coca Cola recently.

I had seen an article about the fiasco at FIFA, football’s world governing body, which said that countries pulling out of the world cup or leaving FIFA was not going to happen due to financial reasons, and that the only way to force change at the top was for fans to start letting FIFA’s sponsors know what they thought.

I agreed with that, and decided I’d have a go, so I emailed Coke, saying I wouldn’t be buying any more of their products unless the report into the 2022 World Cup was published in full, and/or Sepp Blatter was no longer running FIFA.

I told them that their continued support of FIFA was sending me and my money straight to their competitors.

I didn’t expect a response, but got one, saying that they were concerned about the issue, and hoped it would be settled in a timely and transparent manner. I was surprised to get that, and it seemed like it had actually come from someone.

Then I read in the paper that Coke were ‘concerned about the issue, and hoped it would be settled in a timely and transparent manner’

Hmm. Oh well, they’ve got my message, and if other people do the same, Coke may withdraw their sponsorship money, If the other main sponsors do the same, change will come at the top of FIFA, because it’s the money that drives everything there. I can’t say I’m holding my breath…

The next Bond film, Spectre, has been announced to much hoo-ha. It’s amazing to think that the previous film Skyfall took so long to be made because the studio were in danger of going bankrupt, and yet it went on to become one of Britain’s biggest ever films at the box office.

I wonder how well this one will do?

Ok, that’s it for today – let me know what you think!
‘Til Next Time,
health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget, you can use your passion for movies and turn it into profit online! My book shows you exactly how to do it – FB Passion Profits!

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Nick Winton – What’s The Old Codger Doing This Time?

"Sir Nicholas Winton"I had mean to write about Nick Winton when I found out about his story earlier in the year, but it has taken a recent event involving him to prompt me to get it written. So, who is Nick Winton, and what’s the old codger been up to now..?

Well, that’s Nicholas Winton to you and me.
Sir Nicholas Winton as it happens.

Towards the end of 2014 he took a trip to Czech Republic to pick up their highest citizen award, for something he did 75 years ago. In fact he didn’t get his Knighthood in the UK until 2003, for the same thing he did 75 years ago.

He saved lives.
Children’s lives.
669 of them.

"Nicholas Winton"
In Prague in 1939, Winton saw the danger that the children refugees were in, and he was instrumental in getting safe passage for 8 trainloads of them to England. A 9th trainload was stopped when the Nazis closed the border, and those 250 children on board went to the concentration camps.

669 got through, and Winton kept low key about what he’d done, pointing out that he had never really been in danger himself. In fact, the story only really came into public knowledge nearly 50 years later when his wife handed one of Winton’s scrapbooks to a holocaust investigator. The story came to the attention of a newspaper, and the story ran.

A TV show called ‘That’s Life’ ran the story about the scrapbook, and then revealed that not only was Winton in the audience, he had one of the survivors sitting right next to him. It was the video of this moment that first brought the story to my attention, and what happened after brought a lump to my throat.

I know that sounds like terrible click bait, but it’s better to watch the short clip to get the full effect rather than me tell you:

So as I said, he was Knighted in 2003. He says he didn’t trumpet about the story previously because he didn’t think it was something to define his life by, and also that others that helped in the evacuation were not being remembered as much as him simply because he was ‘the only one left.’

That may be true, but I think he’s being modest. He’s fully aware of the impact of what he did. Why shouldn’t we remember people like him and his story?

Yes, there are countless stories of heroism in war, there are countless stories of heroism in peacetime. It could be argued that people who put their lives at risk every day to save others as part of their jobs don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Those are valid points, but nonetheless I was struck by the video, and the story when I researched it further. Seeing Sir Nicholas alive and going strong and being award by the Czechs made me feel like sharing his story again, and if you find it as uplifting as I do, then all the better for that.

Ok, do let me know what you think – I love the feedback! Also, feel free to share, like, tweet etc if you enjoyed the post.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,

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NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 13

"Calvin Johnson"Another choice to be made this week…

Thanksgiving in the US is marked in many traditional ways, and one of those ways is to have lots of football, with the Detroit Lions taking centre stage.

During the Lions game this week, Calvin Johnson passed the 10,000 yard mark in his career. In a tough position in a brutal sport, you only hit that kind of landmark with a certain skillset and physicality.

Johnson happens to be built in a certain way which allows him to dominate opponents in his position, and allows him to be a ‘get out’ option for the team – just throw the ball up and let Calvin go and get it. He normally does!

Megatron, as he’s nicknamed is a big star in the game, and I was thrilled to be able to see him play in London earlier this year…

Except I didn’t, because although I was there, and so was he, he was injured so didn’t play. Bugger!

"Colquitt Brothers"
The other moment I thought about picking came in the live Sunday night game between Denver and Kansas. The kickers often get a rough time in the NFL, and I’ve already picked one kicker for a previous moment of the week. This week I was tempted to go for 2 of them!
The punter for Denver was Britton Colquitt, while the punter for Kansas was Dustin Colquitt. What a coincidence to have the same name!

Well, they’re brothers, and guess what their father did? Yep, he was a punter in the NFL! Talk about an easy route in, eh? Or, maybe not so easy, and I wrote about this on the blog in another article:
Do You Wish Your Mother Was A Footballer?

So, although the story of the Colquitts is interesting, and something you can apply to your own life right now, the timing of Calvin Johnson hitting 10,000 yards on Thanksgiving had to make that my moment of the week!

Ok, let me know what you think!
‘Til Next Time,
health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget to connect with me on social media via any of the buttons top right – that way you won’t miss out on future posts ;-)

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Dec 2nd 2014

I hope all is well with you.

"Arthur the dog"
I’m starting this week with a shaggy dog story.
A Swedish team were taking part in the Adventure World Racing Championship, when they stopped to take a breather before a 20 mile section through Ecuadorian rainforest, part of the 430 mile race.

One of them noticed a stray dog, and since he looked hungry he tossed him a meatball.
When they started off, the dog tagged along and would not leave them. When the team tried to leave him behind for a dangerous kayaking section, the dog jumped in the water and swam alongside.

Whether knee deep in mud or clambering up hills, wherever the team went, the dog went. The team called him Arthur, and got so attached that after the race they took him back to Sweden.

Team member Mikael Lindnord said he went there for a world championship and came back with a friend. Now, that’s a story to warm the heart – hopefully this link will work to the story in a paper with some more lovely pics.

Black Friday has well and truly landed in Britain following the big sales it generates in the US. Despite us not even celebrating Thanksgiving, the push for sales is something the shops could not ignore, and something else that has come over with it, is the chaos in the shops. Mass brawls over Tvs? Since when was everyone so short of tv sets that you need you need to have a bundle in a shop with a stranger?

"Gordon Bryan"
I got myself a new external hard drive this week, as the 250GB one I use for backing up data is filling up. I got a tiny light thing, very cheap, and with 1TB of storage! Well, only 930 GB as it happens, because 70GB is taken up with the software to run it.

In that case they should have built it with 1070GB storage in the first place! I want my missing 70GB!

"Star Wars Episode VII"
Last week I was writing about Battlestar Galactica and how I was around to enjoy it in the aftermath of Star Wars. Well, the first trailer has been released for Star Wars VII The Force Awakens.

It’s always going to be difficult for any film in the franchise. It will always come in for criticism, blimey let’s face it the 3 prequels came in for some right old stick.
Some people will say this new one will be too modern, too effects laden. Others will say it’s not modern enough, not enough effects.

Some will say brining back the original cast was a mistake, others will say it was needed to save the project. I already know what I’ll be saying, which is that I’ll be enjoying it!

Will it have the impact of the original? No, because that movie raised the bar in lots of ways, plus I was only 11 at the time. I’ll be enjoying seeing where the story goes, and the whole hooha around it – lovely!

Ok, that’s it for this week – do let me know what you think!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Whether your passion is for animals, technology or movies, you can turn it into profits online. My book shows you how, and has a full money back guarantee of you don’t like it! FB Passion Profits!

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NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 12

"Odell Beckham"This week I had no trouble picking the moment, but befor I get to it, just a quick comment about last week’s…

Last week I featured an amazing performance by Jonas Gray for the New England Patriots, but this week he didn’t even play.

In the post last week I talked about coach Bill Belichick and his mantra of ‘just do your job’. Well, during the week, Gray turned up late for a team meeting. If you do that with Belichick as your coach, you’re off the team. It doesn’t matter how outstanding you were the previous week, you won’t be playing.

Ok, for this week, as I said it was an easy choice.

Odell Beckham Jr’s catch for New York Giants.

I was watching the game, and after Beckham made a fine two handed diving catch, the commentators showed a snippet of him matching amazing catches in warm up, set to music. Here it is:

Great catches, but not the kind you make in an actual game.
Well, a few minutes later, he made just such a catch in the actual game!
Here it is:

Amazing. Obviously something he was capable of doing, because he’d shown it in the warm up, but oh what a catch! Many people saying it’s the ‘best ever’ in the NFL. Now, that’s a subjective view obviously, but I know I was smiling when I saw it!

No trouble in selecting it as my moment of the week!
Ok, that’s it for this week – do let me know what you think!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happpiness,
P.S. Don’t forget my free report on the basics of how to turn your passion into profit online – FB Passion Profits – The Basics

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Nov 25th 2014

I hope all is well with you.

Glen Larson died this week. Actually, that’s Glen *A* Larson.

His was a name I saw regularly on my tv screen in my earlier years. Well, I say my tv, but it we’re going so far back I was too young to have my own tv, this was on the family tv.

"Battlestar Galactica"
I remember watching Alias Smith & Jones, and The Six Million Dollar Man, but it was another of his shows which for some reason got me noticing his name in the credits – Battlestar Galactica.

Forget the remakes, I’m talking about the original. I was just the right age to be mesmerised by Star Wars in the cinema, so when Battlestar Galactica hit the small screens, I was all over it!

Good theme tune too!

Larson was criticised throughout his career for, er, borrowing ideas from other shows for his own shows, and Battlestar Galactica was dismissed as nothing more than a cheap cash in following the Star Wars boom.

"Buck Rogers"
The same could be said for Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, but I can tell you, watching those 2 shows has had an impact on me, I’ve never looked at lip gloss in quite the same way as the gloss on some of the lips in those shows!

On the sporting front, I gave up watching international friendlies a long time ago. I watch enough sport as it is, without these matches that have no meaning. I made an exception during the week though, as England went up to face Scotland in Glasgow.

It’s the oldest fixture in international football, and much like Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers, I remember the mid to late 70s versions of this fixture, when it was played every year.

In fact this was the first match up in Scotland for over a decade, and the passion of the crowd was superb. England have the better players though, and the England victory was not really in doubt.

Another victory not really in doubt was when the England women’s team hosted Germany at Wembley. It was the first time England had played at Wembley, and a record crowd of 45,000 turned up. Unfortunately they turned up to see England get hammered…

The Germans are right at the top of the tree, previous World Cup winners, and winners of the last 5 European Championships, the women’s game is well established there. Here in England it’s a long slow development. It’s getting there, but when Germany play with their expected efficiency, the England players look second rate all over the pitch, and the 3-0 Germany win was easy for them.

What’s that, you want more passion?

How about Wales v New Zealand, rugby union, at the Millennium Stadium!

It’s one of my favourite games to watch. The passion from the crowd is superb – the physicality of the play is brutal. The players call the ref ‘sir’, and fans from both teams can sit next to each other in the stadium.

On the field, the All Blacks are clinical. Wales can hold their own, but the difference is in the small things. When New Zealand get the ball, you expect them to score unless stopped, meaning they are unlikely to drop passes. When Wales have the ball, although they are quite capable of scoring, they are also prone to dropping the ball, and it’s that level of efficiency that give the All Blacks their famous self belief.

This game also saw the 100th captaincy of Richie McCaw. Not just his 100th test match, but 100th as captain – an amazing feat, and well worth the respect he was shown in Wales.

When watching Wales I’m always reminded of when I did a panto tour winter 1996. We did a lot of shows in Wales, and I remember one tiny club we did in the middle of the valleys, when there was a 5 nations match on.

We walked in and said we were there to do the show, and our English accents had the whole club go silent, and everyone turned to stare at us, wearing their red Welsh jerseys!

Within 5 minutes though, they were buying us drinks and having a laugh, and a great time was had by all. Good memories!

Ok, that’s it, do let me know what you think – I love the feedback!
‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget, I put together a free guide to cover the basics of how to turn *your* passions into profits online: FB Passion Profits – The Basics

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