The Great Gordino Newsletter – Sep 16th 2014

"Scotland decides"Hi,
I hope all is well with you.

My country is about to change this week, as the Scottish referendum on independence takes place on Thurs 18th. The polls say it’s too close to call, and both sides can make arguments for and against the unknown, because after hundreds of years of union, going independent will bring many unkowns, but would certainly mean massive changes both for Scotland and for what’s left behind.

My gut feeling is that the reassurance of the status quo will win out, but since it genuinely could go either way, it’s a case of wait and see.

I think April Fools Day must fall on a different day in France. That’s what I thought when I heard the latest brain wave from Michel Platini, the head of European football. He says that if a player retires from international football, but the manager still wants to pick him, if the player refuses he should be banned for his next 3 club matches.

Total nonsense – I wish he’d concentrate on more realistic improvements, like bringing in time clocks which the ref can stop, as already happens in other sports. It would eliminate the ugly and inevitable time wasting which is prevalent in the game.

"Ian Paisley"
Ian Paisley died this week. A hard line unionist during the troubles in Ireland, he said he would never sit down with the IRA, and when it was suggested there could be some sort of power share, he shouted ‘NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER’

In the end he came to see that intransigence was just prolonging the problems, so he did get involved with power sharing, and came to be friends with former IRA commander Martin McGuiness, a terrorist to many.

Paisley said he lost friends over that connection with McGuiness, but peace has pretty much taken over since the shared government there came to be.

"Richard Kiel"
James Bond actor Richard Kiel also died. Well, he didn’t play James Bond, his character was one that always make the top reaches of polls of baddies – Jaws. Originally written to die at the end of ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, the character was so popular he appeared again in ‘Moonraker’

"Marilyn Monroe"
Talking of movie polls, a prop that also appears at the top of the ‘favourite’ lists, is that dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in ‘The Seven Year Itch’. It’s a classic scene, a classic shot, and the dress sold for over £3 million in 2011. It’s 60 years this week that the scene was shot in New York, at 1am, taking 3 hours and 14 takes. As often happens in good old Hollywood, the shot still wasn’t right due to noise from fans, so it was re shot in California.

Legend has it that Marilyn and husband Joe DiMaggio had a big fight later that day over the scene, and she filed for divorce.

Movies are still big business today, and this anniversary is as good as any to remember the money that can be made, from merchandise and memorabilia. I did it myself, way back before the days of Facebook, but social media is great for doing it today. I’ll tell you exactly how I did it in my book ‘FB Passion Profits’, which has a full money back guarantee if you don’t like it!

Ok, I’d love to hear your thoughts as ever,
‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. In case you missed them from last week, here are 2 posts since the last newsletter:
ELO Cover Of The Day #2 – Showdown
Remembering Rick Rescorla 2014

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ELO Cover Of The Day #2 – Showdown

Here’s another ELO Cover – this one is a cracker, a nicely done version of Showdown by a band called The Swedish Legal System. I know nothing about them, don’t even know if they’re Swedish, but I like it! The original can be seen underneath if you’ve not heard it – let me know what you think, leave a comment, like, share, tweet, etc, thanks!

Here’s the ELO original:

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. You can type ‘Cover of the day’ into the search box to hear the others!

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Remembering Rick Rescorla 2014

"Rick Rescorla"

Rick Rescorla was one of the thousands that died on Sep 11th 2001. When I first heard his story back in 2005, his individual story struck me in amongst the many others, I think it will strike you too…

Although I wrote about it back in 2005, I realised in 2011 that I hadn’t put it on this particular blog, so I did it then.

I link back to it every year, because the people that died can tend to get forgotten as individuals, and I found his story well worth remembering.

Here it is:
Remembering Rick Rescorla 2011

Do feel free to leave a comment, and like, share, tweet if you enjoyed it and you think it deserves spreading around.

‘Til next time,
Health & Happiness,

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The Great Gordino Newsletter- Sep 9th 2014

I hope all is well with you.

The referendum on Scottish independence took a new turn this week, with one poll putting the yes campaign in the lead for the first time. When you consider that the no campaign was maybe 20% ahead less than 2 months ago, that’s a massive build up of momentum for the yes campaign.

I have been watching some fascinating programmes about the pros and cons. Did you know there is a country in Europe, population 5 million, which owns 2% of the entire stocks and shares in the world, and that fund is worth £400 billion? The fund is owned by the people, and the government only spends 4% of the annual interest. More on that later.

After that weekend poll, the no campaign came out and said they will be publishing a timetable for possible new powers for Scotland if they say no. Hmm, the yes campaign say that is desperation, the no campaign says it isn’t.

To me it looks like it is rather desperate, because it’s only dealing with ‘possible’, and when asked why they are saying this only 10 days before the vote, and after many thousands have already voted, maybe as many as 200,000, there is no real answer.

The vote will be close, with every possibility that Great Britain will be broken up, because if Scotland vote yes, what do you think the Welsh will be thinking about next?

I don’t get a vote, which may seem a bit odd, but the vote is not whether to kick Scotland out of the union, rather whether they want to leave. I’d find it more odd if I were Scottish living in England, as many of my curling friends are, because they don’t get to vote either.

"Great North Run"
The Great North Run took place at the weekend, and the half marathon race in the north east of England became the first mass participation road race to have a millionth finisher.

"Joan Rivers"
Joan Rivers died during the week. She deserved it.
Well, actually I don’t think that, but the coverage of her death has featured her comments that Palestinian civilians ‘deserved to die’.

Some people say that one episode cannot be used to remember or judge a woman who pushed the boundaries of comedy, and the boundaries of women in comedy, women on tv, and did so by being outspoken and controversial for decades.

The other side of that argument is that yes, many comedians build their act around being offensive, and have no barrier as to who they offend, including themselves, but her those particular comments were not her act, they were her actual views.

Yes, she was caught on the hoof, and although she later said she was quoted out of context, I think the video shows the context quite clearly.

I reckon that she would have been tearing into anybody else if they’d said it, and would expect others to be tearing into her for it.

Another quickie – long time readers will know I have a problem with tennis grand slam finals in the women’s game not being umpired by women, so I was pleased to have someone point out there was a British woman in the chair for the final of the US Open.

Serena Williams won her 18th Grand Slam title. That’s a phenomenal total, a result of years of hard work. I’m not a fan though, I’ve written before about what I see as a lack of sportsmanship from her, which is a shame.

Ok, I’ll finish back at the Scottish referendum. That country of 5 million with the £400 billion investment fund? Norway. That’s a result of investing their money from North Sea oil, and the yes campaign says Scotland can do exactly the same. Fascinating.

Ooh, I nearly forgot – the NFL season started this week, and the story that made me smile the most was…the new jerseys for the Philadelphia Eagles. Or the lack of them.

Their famous green home jerseys aren’t ready, and won’t be for a few weeks. The colour is a custom Reebok colour, and apparently Nike can’t get it ready on time, so the Eagles will be playing their home games in white for a while. Merchandise is a big part of the NFL money machine, so it’s no small change, and no surprise that the white jersey is being promoted as limited edition ‘platinum’ – ha!

Ok, that’s it for this week, do let me know what you think,
‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget my free report: FB Passion Profits – The Basics!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Sep 2nd 2014

"Gordon Bryan"Hi,
As we slip into September, I hope all is well with you.

I won’t be going to university. Well, not this year anyway. It was only a couple of weeks that I had the idea, and some frantic researching and action taking secured me a place studying BA(Hons) Sports Journalism.

That created challenges like finance and accommodation, and spending 3 years as a (very) mature student alongside 18 year olds. I did what I always advise others to do, which is to employ the great goal achievement tip of asking others what they thought. It’s amazing how much help can come your way by simply taking that step.

One of the people I asked directed me towards shorter diplomas, and I found a 1 year course that would have achieved a whole chunk of what the 3 year course would. I say ‘would have’ because after deciding this was a better option, I found that course was about to start even sooner than the university, and more importantly, was full!

Hmm. That then made me think that if I would have taken that course over the university, I could wait until next year, take the 1 year course in 2015 and still be finished a year ahead of the degree.

So, I came to the decision to turn down the offer from the university. It did feel a shame telling them, but I think it was a sensible way to handle what was a whirlwind of decisions based on an idea. It was maybe too much of a whirlwind, and that’s something that can happen when you decide to act on whims – sometimes it goes places, sometimes it doesn’t. This one may still go places in time!

A big thank you to those that gave me advice, it helped a lot!

As someone who has stood in the last 2 general elections, I was fascinated by the big political story to blow - Conservative MP Douglas Carswell left the party to join UKIP. He could have stayed on as an MP, but has resigned which has triggered a by-election.

Polls suggest he will win by a landslide, and will be UKIP’s first elected MP, and that’s big news. It’s big because although they have had members in the European Parliament, they haven’t had Mps at home.

Their leader Nigel Farage has courted the media to great effect, and he has tapped into the frustrations that people feel about interference from ‘Europe’ in Britain’s affairs. To vote UKIP has been seen as no more than a protest vote in the past, but it’s enough of a protest vote to force the Conservatives to act, because it’s mostly been their vote that’s been eaten into.

If, (more likely when) Carswell wins and becomes a UKIP MP, voting UKIP will move from just a protest vote to a vote that means something in the minds of many voters. It may also persuade other current Mps to jump ship and join UKIP. Fascinating for watchers of politics.

I did mention that we have slipped into September. That means a few things –

Firstly, it’s the start of the NFL! Ooh, I do enjoy the NFL, and with 3 games held in London this year, the possibility of a London team looms ever larger. It’s a massive money business, and in my book ‘FB Passion Profits’ I tell you how I made some good money from the sport myself. (you can also get the free guide to the basics at that link)

Talking of big sports money, the transfer window has closed in football, and Manchester United are still struggling to turn their fortunes around. New manager Louis Van Gaal spent a £60 million club record fee to sign Angel Di Maria, but when they played Burnley, they could only draw 0-0. The £60 million for Di Maria is more than the total ever spent on all transfers by Burnley in their *entire* 125 year history! That’s an amazing statistic, isn’t it!

September also brings another voting topic – the Scottish referendum on independence happens on the 18th. Huge for Scotland, and huge for the rest of the UK as well. More of that in the coming weeks.

The Christmas chocolate is already on the shelves in the shops. We still have 4 months left of the year though! A whole 3rd of the year left! I wrote an article about looking at ourselves when we got the halfway point in the year, and the point is just as valid as people start buying for Christmas when we’re only just into September:
Halfway Through The Year – Halfway To Your Goals, Right?

Ok, do let me know what you think – leave a comment below or like, share, tweet etc!
‘Til next time,
Health & happiness,

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Goal Achievement – Jo Paves The Way!

"Jo Pavey"Jo Pavey. You might know who she is, you might not, but in the summer of 2014, Jo showed us great lessons about goal achievement, well worth sharing…

Jo Pavey is a British runner, and I’ve been watching her on TV for years. She’s a good runner, world class in fact, but in races with the very best of the world, she is there or thereabouts in the race until about 200 metres to go, when she gets left behind by racers with the fierce kicks.

At her home Olympics of London 2012 Jo finished in the top 10 for both the 5,000 and 10,000 metres, which is no mean feat at all, but doesn’t bring any medals. So, at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 I expected the same thing to happen when she lined up for the 5,000 with 3 Kenyans in the race.

Jo is 40 after all, and only gave birth to her second child 10 months previously. As the race panned out, Jo was there or thereabouts as expected, but so were the 3 Kenyans who I expected to run away from her.

When they hit the bell though, an odd thing happened – Jo kicked and moved past them. Down the back straight they moved past her, but instead of accepting it, she kicked again. Once more the Kenyans moved past her, and I expected Jo to get left behind in the finish as per usual.

Round the last bend, another kick from Jo! The Kenyans were going flat out, but not pulling away from her. Down the final straight 2 of the Kenyans did pull away but yet another kick from Jo saw her go past the last Kenyan to pick up a bronze medal.

I’ve been watching sport for years, but it’s not often that I shout at the TV, but watching that race I could not help myself shouting ‘COME ON JO!’

In her post race interview she said two things which hit home with me…

Firstly she said it would have been easy to accept that she would not win a medal because she was up against 3 Kenyans, but had simply decided *not* to accept it but to take it to them!

She also said that the birth of her children helped to put things into perspective, and that she was so grateful to be so lucky to be able to compete in big events.

Throw in the fact that her home race track is shut so she has to drive an hour each way to get to training, and you get a whole package of great goal achievement lessons!

Then a week later at the European Championships, Jo stood on the start line of the 10,000 with a different attitude, with the knowledge that she did have what it took to win a medal and, kicking again at the bell this time she ran away from everyone to take the gold. Her first major gold at the age of 40! No woman has ever won a European Gold at that age.

That got her into the mass media – TV interviews, press features, etc.
Part of her appeal is that she’s very quiet and down to earth, not a showy person at all. In fact, the thing I remember her saying most in her interviews is that she’s thankful for people being so kind to her, and that she found it quite funny that success at that level came to her when athletics was less her ‘be all and end all’, but something that had to fit around her age and motherhood of two young children.


So, do you think you’re too old for your goal? Is your goal something no-one your age has done before? Look at Jo and think again. Or, maybe you think your goal is only for others, that it’s easier to accept it won’t happen for you? Look at Jo and think again.

Do let me know what you think, and share, like, tweet etc if you enjoyed it – thanks!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Running is a passion for Jo, and she makes money from her passion. Why not use the internet to make money from *your* passion? Grab my free guide FB Passion Profits – The Basics!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Aug 26th 2014

I hope this week’s newsletter finds you well.

Kate Bush opens a tour this week. Nothing odd there, you might think, a famous singer going on tour? Well, it’s Kate’s first shows since 1979! She said she was exhausted after the last one, not that she’s taken this long to recover, she just preferred to stay out of that particular limelight.

She did ask in the build up to the shows that the audience would not use phones or tablets to stare at throughout the show. My first reaction was ‘good luck with that one Kate’ but it could go either way.

It could be the fans simply record and watch the show through their screens like they seem to at every other live show, or it could be that the devoted nature of Kate’s fans means that people will stop doing that. Or, it could be that the die hard fans start a punch up with any fan that tries it!

Richard Attenborough died this week. Lord Attenborough. He was involved in some great films, on both sides of the camera. My favourites? The Great Escape, The Flight Of The Phoenix, Jurassic Park, Chaplin.

There’s lot of ice flying around the moment – flying over people’s heads as they take the ice bucket challenge. The challenge went viral as people accept the challenge from someone else and then nominate others in turn, to raise money for charity.

I was nominated, but didn’t do it. Bah humbug me, right? Well, I don’t think so. As it happens, I don’t think I’ve taken part in *any* challenge/tag ideas online. When the challenge first started, it stated that you had to donate $10 as well as pouring ice water over yourself – or, you could avoid the challenge but you had to donate $100 in that case.

More recently the whole charity aspect has virtually disappeared from the viral campaign, but I don’t enjoy being told when to donate to charity, which charity, or how much, nor do I enjoy the peer pressure aspect of ‘you have to do it’

Now, having said that, do I have a problem with others doing it? No, I don’t.
People are having fun with it. Lots of fun. It’s also raised a lot of money to help researching a cure for a thoroughly horrible illness. I’m enjoying watching them, but don’t waste a nomination on me, it won’t be happening!

I’ve had an odd week. Having realised this summer how much my passion for sport was at least equal and probably more than my passion for entertainment, I wondered if I could do something about it.

"Gordon Bryan"
I researched what’s called the clearing system to get into University, which is how universities with spare places connect with students who didn’t get onto their chosen course, or late applicants like me!

Anyhoo, I found a course at Southampton Solent University, studying Sports Journalism. I’ve applied, and have been offered a conditional place.

There are many problems (er, challenges!) – the course starts is a couple of weeks or so, so I would have to sort out accommodation and moving. Also, the course costs £9,000 each year for 3 years, and it seems I would be unlikely to get the student loan available to many, so I would have to fund it myself.

I do worry that although the idea appeals to me, a lot, it’s an idea that has come to me too late this year, that I might be rushing into a very expensive 3 year commitment on what could be no more than a whim.

I’ve found a one year diploma for £5000 which could serve many of the same purposes, but the time issue is pressing all the decision making, and part of me says to just take a step back, and if that means I’d have to wait a year, then so be it.

Being an indecisive type doesn’t exactly help either!

Ok, I hope you have a good week, and as ever would love to hear your opinions!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. If I take the uni place, I will be following the ideas in my own book ‘FB Passion Profits’ and there’s no reason why you couldn’t do the same. Even though the book has a 100% money back guarantee, I also created a totally free guide to cover the basics, so you can grab that right now!
FB Passion Profits – The Basics!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Aug 18th 2014

I hope all is well with you.

Another week with lots going on!

Robin Williams passed away. Lots of celebrities die, in fact Lauren Bacall also died this week, but whereas Bacall died of a stroke at a grand old age, Williams killed himself at a relatively young age, and his battles with depression brought lots of discussion. I wrote a separate article about it here, with some personal experience to help describe what it’s like to have it:
Robin Williams And The Darkness Of Depression.

Here in the UK, the house of singer Sir Cliff Richard was searched by police in connection with an allegation of historic sexual abuse. The singer, who has been selling records since the late 1950s(!), hundreds of millions of them, was at one of his properties in Portugal at the time, but the search of his property was covered live on the BBC, as a camera helicopter hovered overhead.

There’s something not right about this. He hasn’t been charged of anything yet, but in the same way that other celebrities like Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson and Jimmy Tarbuck had their names tarnished, it’s now Cliff’s turn.

Guilty or innocent, is it right that the taxpayer funded BBC, respected around the world, and the taxpayer funded police work together to have a live broadcast of the police turning up at his house?

The police say the BBC were going to reveal the raid unless the police agreed to keep them informed of when it would be. The police also denied it at first. Questions need to be asked here.

You may remember me celebrating athlete Jo Pavey’s bronze in the Commonwealth Games. Well she has now won her first ever gold medal, in the 10,000 at the European Championships this week.

She’s become a bit of a media figure this week, showing what can be achieved by ‘old’ people, and her down to earth style has endeared her to people who haven’t watched her all these years like I have. Another article in the works there I think!

The English Premier League started this weekend, I wrote about that here:
When Did Football Get So Ugly?

It’s one of the richest sporting leagues in the world, and there’s plenty of money to be made online.

One of the other richest sporting leagues is the NFL, and that is also about to start again very shortly – also plenty of money to be made.

Candlestick Park is an iconic stadium for American Football, but money and ‘progress’ means the 49ers don’t play there anymore, and the last concert there was held this week, by Paul McCartney. Very fitting, as Candlestick was the last stadium show The Beatles played back in the 60s, before they gave up as they just couldn’t hear themselves and suspected the audience couldn’t hear them either.

Back then the sound was just their amps going through the tannoy public address system! Needless to say, music is another industry with lots of money to be made.

Dr. Who starts again this week, with the eagerly anticipated new Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. Sci-Fi and TV are two more niches with plenty of money to be made, to go along with those of sport and music.

The reason all those industries make money is passion, and the internet of today allows pretty much anybody to grab a slice of that pie. I explain it in my book ‘FB Passion Profits!’ There is an option to get a free report covering the basics there, but the main book only costs a few dollars, and there’s a full money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

Ok, let me know what you think about any of this week’s topics!

‘Til NextTime,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget to connect with me on social media to keep updated with posts – use the buttons at the top right of any page!

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Robin Williams And The Darkness Of Depression

"Robin Williams"August 2014, and Robin Williams has died aged 63, apparently having killed himself. Social media goes into overdrive when someone that famous dies, but the subject of his depression had produced some different views. As someone who has personal experience, here’s my view…

Robin Williams had problems with drink and drugs addiction pretty much all the way through his career, and spells of depression. It’s very hard to describe to someone who hasn’t had it, and can be equally hard to understand if you’ve not had it.

When I was hit with it, it was a reaction to an event and I started off feeling ‘sad.’ I thought that’s all it was, and for people who haven’t had depression, that’s often the perception of someone who has it – yes, you are a bit sad, but we all get sad, pull yourself together.

For me, what then happened was very odd. The sadness didn’t stop. It didn’t go away, in fact it got worse. I felt myself flooded with adrenaline all the time, and the more I tried to think and talk myself out of it, the worse it got.

I found an increasing sense of being outside the world of ‘normal’ people, and the everyday act of telling people you are ok when they ask felt like it was accentuating that isolation.

That first time I had it, and this may sound odd, I genuinely felt like I was going mad.
I could sense myself shutting down, that my ability to function in the ’normal’ world was slipping away. I couldn’t seem to get my brain back to where it had been, where I felt it should be, and it seemed like whatever tide I was on had taken me too far away to ever get back.

I didn’t know that a chemical change had happened in my brain, which was affecting the way I was thinking.

This is where the thoughts come in about how to stop the situation. Killing yourself? Well, that ends the situation comprehensively, and at that stage you are swamped with the ‘why are we here anyway, what does it matter?’ type of questions.

In my case, I went to bed (knowing that I wouldn’t sleep), with a feeling of longing *not* to see the morning, and if there was a big red button which would have meant not waking up, I would have pressed it.

Of course there are plenty of big red button options available, and I was lucky enough to get advice from someone that I needed immediate medical attention. I took that advice, sought the medical attention and began a very long slog back to ‘normality’.

Lots of entertainers struggle with everyday life, and since I found my time in entertainment to be the happiest of my life, I know why that is. It’s because the world of entertainment is a make believe world. Yes, you are pretending, but it’s pretending that you want to do, that you choose to do, and it’s pretending that’s not only accepted by everyone else, it’s rewarded.

That’s completely different to the endless pretending in the ‘normal’ world, which you have to do all the time, with no round of applause at the end of it, and much less control over the circumstances. When entertainment throws something at you in mid-flow you have the mechanisms to deal with it – when life throws the curveball, as it regularly does for everyone, it’s much less easy to deal with for the pretenders. In fact it can trigger a relapse.

That’s why people with worldwide fame and massive fortunes, who seemingly have it all, will go to the extreme of killing themselves, because the private despair they are going through can be made worse by that very same fame and fortune. It means nothing, and that brings up those questions about the meaning of life.

Is it a selfish thing to do? By definition, yes it is. But when you are at that stage, you are pretty much beyond thinking about the effect it will have on others. In fact sometimes knowing the effect it will have on others makes the despair deeper still. I’m not sure that ‘selfish’ as a criticism applies in cases like this.

A high profile celebrity death like this always brings commentary, because the subject of depression can be a touchy one, both for people who have experienced it, and those who haven’t.

You can’t get out of it yourself, certainly not for the first time. Subsequent instances can be approached differently because there will be an understanding of the condition which wasn’t there previously.

If you feel you may have something like this, talk to someone. Talk to me. Preferably talk to someone professionally qualified. If you think someone else has something like this, make yourself available to talk. More often than not it will be just listening that’s the best thing you can do.

Robin Williams is gone now. He leaves a legacy of a large body of work which can move people. That’s great. As a man, he is one of many thousands of people that kill themselves every year due to depression. That’s not great.

The flood of social media posts, brings a flood almost as large, of posts criticising those posts! It’s an opportunity to highlight something that’s a real problem for many, and if highlighting it can help, it’s worth doing.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Aug 11th 2014

I hope this week’s newsletter finds you well.

A couple of comedy items from the news caught my eye this week, comedy items that weren’t funny –

1. An Italian University if offering lectures on panic and crisis management, with guest speaker being Francesco Schettino. Schettino is also known as Captain Coward. He was captain of The Costa Concordia which crashed against rocks with the loss of 32 lives after he had taken to close, to show how close he could get to the land.

During the disaster Schettino said he ‘accidentally tripped into a lifeboat’- that may or may not get into his lecture on panic and crisis management.

2. Bernie Ecclestone, the mega billionaire who basically *is* Formula 1 motor racing, struck a deal with the court in Germany where he was facing a bribery charge and a possible ten years in jail. The deal he struck involved all charges being dropped if he paid the court $100 million.

Hmm. Now, apparently this is allowed under Bavarian law, but to anyone looking in. doesn’t making a multi million dollar payment to get out of a bribery charge smacks of, well, bribery?

See what I mean about comedy items that aren’t funny?

"Gordon Bryan"
The British weather is doing its’ normal thing, we are veering between roasting hot and pouring rain from the tail end of Big Bertha hitting us from the US. Even though our weather always varies, we never seem to be able to cope with it!

Speaking of the hot weather, I took this picture this week. It’s not of a glorious sunny scene, it of some skin I peeled from my arm – what a beauty! At this rate I’ll enough to make a patchwork quilt in no time!

On TV, the Dr.Who machine is cranking back up to speed. A new series, with a new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, starts on Aug 23rd, and a premiere was held during the week in Cardiff as the main cast set off on a world promo tour.

Dr. Who is now a massive money making business, and with both TV and sci-fi being huge niche markets, this is a great opportunity to use my FB Passion Profits method to turn that passion into profits. The book has a full money back guarantee, but I did think it was worth writing a free report covering the basics, so if you fancy looking at that, you can download it instantly at: FB Passion Profits – The Basics! It’s totally free!

After last week’s events to mark the centenary of the start of World War 1, I felt mentioning it in the newsletter wasn’t enough, so wrote a separate article about it called:
‘First World War 100 Years On – We Have To Remember’
You can read that by clicking on the link in the ‘recent posts’ section on the right hand side. There you’ll also see another post which is the first in a series of music posts:
‘ELO Cover Of The Day #1 – Telephone Line’ I do like a good cover version!

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