The Great Gordino Newsletter – Apr 17th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

You may remember that last week I wrote about failure and rejection – *my* failure and rejection as it happens. You do subscribe to get all the newsletters, right?

Anyway, something I’ve long written about, is the power of putting yourself out there. In the online world, I personally consider it essential, because it allows you to stand out in a crowd of people who won’t be themselves. It also means you can be genuine, because the story you deliver is your own story, and people will relate to the ups and the downs.

Before the explosion of the online world, (yes, there was such a time!), it was just as important in the ‘real’ world, and still is today.

If you put ideas out there, if you communicate, then other people will communicate back. That means ideas will flow back to you. You can then assess what comes your way – you might choose to ignore some of it, but you might find that some of the advice you get is pure gold.

All from simply putting yourself out there.

Well, when I posted it on FB as well as the newsletter, I got lots of advice. The advice about the woman mostly came *offline* with the advice about the sports journalism course coming *online*.

"Gordon Bryan"
I got some help about the possible ways to approach the local press, I also got advice about some online sites to approach where I could get my content used – unpaid, but with good exposure.

Well, I followed the advice I liked the sound of, and while some of my approaches got no response whatsoever, one did at least…

The Huffington Post.

An online newspaper/site with a massive presence, it was suggested to me to approach them. So, I sent a cold email with a pitch for an article I had written, the kind of feature article that sits at home with me, it suits my style.

I got a reply saying they’d be happy to take a look, and after I’d sent the article, they said it was ‘lovely,’ and would be happy to use it. They then me an invite to sign up as a blogger. As it happens, in their guide for bloggers, they suggest article length of 500-1000 words, which again is bang in my normal range.

The article I pitched was just under 500, as the newspaper articles I had seen seemed to be around the 450 mark.

So, I was quite excited. There is no pay for these articles, but the exposure could be good, and who knows who might see the content there. They have over 10,000 bloggers so it’s note exactly an exclusive thing, but it does mean that my content has to go through editorial judgement, which is something the sports journalism course said would benefit me.

So, I have my first 2 sports articles up there ( I can only do a max of 2 a week). If you fancy taking a peek, you can find them here:

Why Today’s TV Shouters Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Richie Benaud

Now the Women’s Boat Race Has Equality, Time To Sort Out the Heptathlon/Decathlon?

I would ask a little favour. If you enjoy them, I’d appreciate you hitting the like button there on the actual HuffPost page, plus the share button if you feel your connections on social media would enjoy it.

The same applies to comments, as the more interaction there is on that actual page there, helps me to get more exposure there. There’s also a button to be a fan of ‘me’ there, which would notify you of the articles as they come.

I did say I had written many times about the power of putting yourself and your ideas out there. The reason for me writing about it many times, (including in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’), is because it works. This is just the latest example of me putting it into practice and showing you the results.

Look to your own goals – does everyone know what they are? If one action fails, do you look around and ask around for a different step to take?

I’d love to hear what you think – feedback always appreciated!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,

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Why Today’s TV Shouters Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Richie Benaud

Here’s my first article written on Huffington Post.

Why Today’s TV Shouters Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Richie Benaud

Do pop over and leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,

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Should We Just Do Away With The Boat Race?

"the boat race"Hi,
Saturday April 11th sees the annual renewal of the Boat race, one of the oldest rivalries in sport, as the crews from Oxford and Cambridge battle down the Thames. It also sees the women’s race on equal footing for the first time, but if you look at the TV scheduling, maybe we should just do away with the whole thing..?

The women’s race goes off at 4.50pm, down the same course that the men will row an hour later. Both races are live on the BBC, but the problem is there’s the small matter of a certain horse race as well – The Grand National.

I grew up watching both events on the good old Beeb, but then the Grand National was lost to money and went to Channel 4. The Boat Race has been all over the place switching back and forth, and the scheduling is a classic battle of money versus tradition in sport.

The rowers compete for nothing but honour. Ok, they get a trophy from the race’s sponsor, but going back to the first race in 1829, it’s all about the competition, the valour, the honour.

All well and good, but with no money, it’s hard to compete in an increasingly vicious world of TV sport.

That’s why there is no option but to shoehorn it in after one of the biggest events in the British calendar, which is the National. That race will see complete non sports fans rushing to place bets for the one and only time of the year, because a horse is named after their Gran, or has a woman jockey.

Throw in Tony McCoy’s last National, and the betting shops will busier than Tesco at Christmas. It’s a vital day for the racing industry. What’s more, there’s a new starting procedure in jump racing this year, and the chance of a false start is high, pushing the start time back even further from its’ 4.15 slot.

Bearing all that in mind, those non sports fans who might normally tune in for the tradition of the boat race may have already had their fix of sport and the ubiquitous Clare Balding, and won’t bother with the Boat Race. Let’s face it, that may even be the case for *actual* sports fans.

Die hards like me will be watching both of course, but come on TV, sort it out!
Have it on Sunday, like it was last year, or have it on another Saturday not half an hour away from a sporting giant like the National.

The Boat Race deserves better, doesn’t it? We mustn’t just let the tradition of the race just fizzle out to an insignificance and die. We can’t…can we?

Do let me know what you think, I love the feedback, and of course if you are in any doubt, then no, I don’t think we should do away with the race at all – no, no, no!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget to connect with me via your favourite social network – buttons at top right of any page.

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – April 9th 2015

I hope all is well with you. This week is all about rejection, failure, and good grace…

They don’t sound like the most cheerful subjects do they, and let’s face it, they aren’t! However, you can’t make progress unless you accept the possibility of rejection/failure.

"Gordon Bryan"
At the Men’s World Curling Championships in Canada, Thomas Ulsrud and his Norwegian team were attempting to be the first non Canadian team to win the title back to back, and in the final they faced Sweden, who they beat in last year’s final.

Both teams are well liked in the curling fraternity, thanks to combination of great play and top sportsmanship. Both teams like to smile and enjoy themselves when playing – plus of course the Norwegian have their famous loud trousers, which I have also been partial to wearing myself.

"Thomas Ulsrud"
Anyway, in the final, Norway lost. To be honest they were simply beaten by a team that played better on the day, no disgrace in that, and although silver seems a let down after taking gold last year, Ulsrud took it with the good grace you’d expect.

Here’s how he delivered his last stone, knowing the title had gone…

I’ve had to say hello twice myself to my old friend rejection, in the last fortnight…

Firstly, another woman gave me a one way ticket to Dumpsville, which is never nice, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Secondly, I got rejected for a place at college. You may remember that last year I was offered a place at university, to do a 3 year degree in sports broadcasting. The problem was that I was offered the place only 3 weeks before the start date…

That would have meant upping sticks and moving in that space of time, plus as a previous university student, I wouldn’t get any loans for tuition fees. I like an adventure as much as the next man, but it felt just a little *too* much.

Also, as part of the decision making process, I had found a working sports agency that did a 1 year course. So, my thought process went that I could wait a year, do the 1 year diploma, and still be finished a year ahead of the degree course, at a much cheaper cost too.

Of course, that option depended on me getting onto the diploma course!
I went up for their exam/interview day a couple of weeks ago, and thought I had done well in all the phases of the day.

This week I got an email from them saying that I had indeed done well in both the exam and the interview, and that I showed ‘great potential’. They weren’t offering me a place though, because I had no work experience.

I have to admit, I did swear a bit when I read the email. That’s a spanner in the works.

Team Norway showed good grace as they failed in their attempt to win the world title.
I have had to show acceptance in failing to impress (another) woman, and failing to show enough to the college.

I’ve emailed the college to see what experience they had in mind, as it could yet be something I could put in place before September. I’ll have to wait and see.

Think of your own goals – is the thought of rejection/failure stopping you from even starting, or are you prepared to take the risk, on the basis that taking the risk is the *only* way to get to the adventures on the other side?

Ok, do let me know what you think, leave your feedback, and share the newsletter around if you feel anyone else might enjoy it, I’d appreciate the added exposure, thanks!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. I write about failure in my book. You have read my book, right?
‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

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Don’t Be Foolish When It Comes To Product Creation!

Some people say it’s foolish to release a product on April 1st, but I like to go against advice like that!

In fact, what *I* think is foolish is when people shut themselves off from the benefits of having their own products, simply because they get bogged down or overwhelmed by the thought of actually creating it!

It doesn’t have to be complicated, it really doesn’t, and to help, I’ve created this new training, and I called it:
How To Create Your Product Fast – So Fast You Can get It Done Today!

It’s a 40 minute audio, and I’m releasing it as a no cost download.
Some people have said that’s another foolish decision on my part, and I’ll be honest, I did wonder!

I’m still wondering actually, because I could easily charge for it, the value in the content is huge. However, at time of launch, I’m *not* charging, so I suggest you nip over and grab it now!

How To Create Your Product Fast – So Fast You Can Get It Done Today!

I’d love to hear what you think after you listened to it too!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Re,member, it won’t cost you a penny, so hop right over and grab my new training right now! How To Create Your Product Fast!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Mar 24th 2015

"Gordon Bryan"Hi,
I hope all is well with you.

The Spring Equinox has rolled around, as it tends to every year. Personally I get that smell in the air of spring way before now, but the marking in the calendar seems to bring a psychological change, a change in expectation.

As someone who’s written about goal achievement and self improvement for years, I find it fascinating that a date on a calendar can bring such a change in attitudes – why can’t attitudes be changed by *other* things, things that we can put in place ourselves?

The answer to that, is that they can! It’s been a key foundation to my theories over the years, and you’ll see it loud and clear in my book from 2003 (link at bottom!)

Something else that tied in with the Spring Equinox was a solar eclipse being visible in my part of the world. Well…

I say my part of the world, because some parts of the UK did get nice views, my part of the UK, in the south east, we got clouds!

It was a lovely clear sky by about 2.30pm, but that was 5 hours too late for the eclipse. It did get a bit darker at 9.30am , but to be honest since it was so cloudy it just looked like it was going to chuck it down, and any extra darkness was impossible to tie in to the eclipse.

Oh well, I’ll keep my memories of 1999, and wait until the next good one in the UK, which I think is 2026. Who knows where our adventures will have taken us by then eh!

"King Richard III"
Something else that happened this week, was the journey of a King. A dead King.
Richard III to be precise. His remains were taken on a procession, finishing at Leicester Cathedral, where they lie as I write, waiting for the reburial on Thursday 23rd.

It’s a fascinating story, both of his villainous image, cemented by Shakespeare’s play, and the story of finding him.

It had been a long plan to try and find the body, and the stories about what had happened to him lead the archaeologists to believe he might be underneath a government office car park.

They had to start digging somewhere, so they began a trench under a car parking space marked with a big letter ‘R’.

Right in that first dig down, they found a leg bone, then a whole skeleton, with a curved back and head wounds. They did a DNA test comparing against the closest known descendant, and there was a match.

After a row between where he was to be reburied, which went to court, we arrive in 2015 and the trip to Leicester.

Imagine what he would have said back in the 1480s if someone had said he would be reburied well over 600 years in the future! That’s like someone today being reburied in the 2600s! He would have laughed (then probably had the person who said it killed as a witch).

He was the last of the 300 year Plantagenet dynasty, and he was succeeded by Henry, the first of the Tudors, and looked what impact *they* had!

Ok, do let me know what you think, and feel free to share the newsletter if you think others might enjoy it!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Here’s my book I mentioned. Full money back guarantee – if you don’t like it, I refund you! (you will like it):
Transform Your Life in 21 Days!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Mar 18th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

As we get too the middle of March, we crack through the 10 weeks gone in 2015 mark.

10 weeks gone already? Wow.

How has the year gone so far? How are your plans and goals coming along?
Has life got in the way, as it always does?

Well, imagine if you’d had all the time between New Year and now to just work on your goals? Yep, think about how much further you would be had you spent all those 10 weeks, 10 full solid weeks with no distractions, on your goals. Would you be further forwards?

I don’t know what your individual goals are, but I do know that the answer to the question is “yes, yes you would be further forward!”

You might be thinking to yourself that this is all well and good in theory, but what’s the relevance in real life? The answer is that you *could* have 10 solid weeks to work on your goals, if you put into practice a technique I wrote about.

Here’s the article:
Would 10 Weeks Solid Working On Your Goals Help?

You may well dismiss the idea. That would be a mistake.
It’s up to you, you could let more time pass by with ‘life’ getting in the way, or you could apply the technique, take control, and make progress that may well astound you.

I’d love to hear what you think.

"Loch Ness Meteor"
Last week I featured a photo that had been around the papers, of a weasel on a woodpecker’s back, that the photographer said was a fluke. Well, there’s another photo this week.

This time it’s a meteor, shooting through a starry sky over Loch Ness in Scotland. Again the photographer, John Alasdair Macdonald, said it was a fluke – he just happened to be taking photos of the starry sky as the meteor shot over.

What a beautiful shot eh? Nessie herself would have enjoyed that one!

Ok, that’s it for this week – I wanted to just concentrate the focus on that article and the idea of the 10 weeks. I couldn’t resist including that photo once I saw it, and anyway it’s the kind of shots that makes us think about life’s possibilities, isn’t it? Use the 10 week technique, and those possibilities might start to happen!

Do let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget to get loads more motivational ideas and techniques in my book, described as ‘motivational magic!’ – Transform Your Life in 21 Days!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Mar 10th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

This week – flying to new heights, flying tackles, and flying weasels…

I wrote last week about the English Women playing in the World Junior Curling Championship, and securing their first ever win at that level, which was a huge result for them.

I thought this week I’d give my overview summary of their week.

As it happened, those 2 early wins would turn out to be the only wins of the week, which left them in 9th position, and having to qualify if they are to play again next year. So, a failure, right?

Er, hardly!

It was clear that they were fighting hard and giving very team a real game, bar the one match against USA when they were struggling from the off.

They were up after 3 ends against last year’s Champions Canada, who went on to win again this year. It’s the game against Sweden though, which summed up the week for me. They took the Swedes all the way, losing to the very last stone, but here’s the thing…

Sweden ended up taking the bronze medal in the tournament, and they are a big nation in the sport – World and Olympic wins, and plenty of them. They have curling academies set up, where the young players study, live and learn curling together. Their teamat this event includes academy players.

The England team? We have one single rink in the entire country, and 3 of the girls are currently away studying hundreds of miles spread across the country.

Having qualified for the Worlds, they didn’t compete or even practice together before arriving in Estonia for the tournament. That puts their performance into perspective, and shows the heights they have got to, and glimpses of what could be if there was money behind the sport in England.

Very exciting, and many people involved in, or watching English curling, will be hugely proud of them!

Ok, a couple of photos from the week…

"Dave Mackay"
Footballer Dave Mackay passed away, and this photo is the one he was always remembered for. The trouble is, he hated it.
It makes him look like a violent thug, but if you know the story behind it, you’d view the photo differently, of a man hugely respected by fans and players.

The player looking all innocent is Billy Bremner, who had a reputation all his career of *being* pretty violent on the pitch, a hard man, an enforcer.

In this game, Dave Mackay had only recently come back from breaking his left leg a second time. As he dribbled the ball with his right leg, Bremner flew in and deliberately went for Mackay’s vulnerable left leg.

That’s why Mackay went for Bremner. Now, I knew of the photo, but I hadn’t known of the story behind it, and it’s a great lesson about not making judgements without the full facts!

Here’s another picture that was in all the papers.

"woodpecker weasel"
A weasel hitch hiking on a woodpecker! Well, that’s what it looks like, right? Actually, the young weasel was attacking the woodpecker, and the woodpecker had taken off trying to get away.

After the picture was taken, they both tumbled back to earth. The shocked weasel scampered off, and the woodpecker flew off to fight another day.

It’s an amazing picture taken by chance (obviously) by keen amateur photographer Martin Le-May, who happened to have his camera with him. He must have pretty good reactions too eh, to sort out taking the shot. Not hard to see why the papers lapped up the shot.

Ok, that’s it for this week – I mentioned flying to new heights with our young curlers, what heights could you set yourself to go after? Let me know, I’d love to hear.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget to grab a copy of my motivational book to helpl you get to new heights – Transform Your Life in 21 Days!P.P.S. If photography is a passion for you, why not grab my free guide to the basics of using Facebook to turn it into profits:
FB Passion Profits – The Basics!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Mar 3rd 2015

I hope all is well with you.

"Gordon Bryan"
Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you’ll know that Leonard Nimoy died.
(see what I did there?)

I’ve written before about the social media torrent of posting when a celebrity dies – I wonder if some of the posts are about needing to be seen to go along with others, etc, and the use of the word ‘tragedy’ a lot.

I’m not sure it’s a ‘tragedy’ as such, but Nimoy’s passing did genuinely seem to resonate with a lot of people, and the thought of him brings a feeling of fondness.

That’s because they either have the memory of watching the early original shows, or know him through the expansion of the massive Star Trek franchise, and any such expansion always puts the originals on a pedestal.

I think more than anything, it was some of the characteristics we saw when he played Spock – the attitude of ‘live long and prosper’, and the idea of using logic to make decisions rather than clouding with emotion.

Of course what made Spock so popular was the conflict he had when he fell ‘victim’ to emotion himself, and it was Nimoy’s playing of those scenes that made them work.

What a legacy to leave behind, work which genuinely made a long term mark on society – not bad eh!

Here’s his last post on Twitter:
A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP

"English curling"
I got all excited recently when the England girls team won gold at the European Curling Challenge, meaning they secured a spot at the World Championships, the first ever for an England girls team.

That was such a result, and the result of years of progression and work.

This week they are in Estonia for those World Champs.

4 games in, 4 close games in, and they sit with 2 wins and 2 losses. Getting that first win at World level is a big thing, but to me it was not a surprise. They are not there to make up the numbers, and although they will be playing massive curling nations like Canada, Sweden and Scotland, they will give anybody a game.

I was speaking to one of the players, Lucy, after the Europeans, about how their expectation of their own performance had gone up. She agreed. I told her that it would be the same at the worlds, to go into every game with an expectation that if every stone if played right, the results would come. She took a bit of persuading on that point, but it was clear she believed it really.

The main aim of this week for them is to secure their place in the World group, because it’s such a slog to get there, and if you can finish high enough up the table, you already qualify for next year.

As I write this, they are doing much better than that. Tough games to come against Scotland, Sweden and on Tuesday, the Canadians!

Right, short and sweet this week, I’ve got a lot of curling to watch!

As ever, please do leave a comment, and if you feel others would enjoy the newsletter, then feel free to share it, I’d appreciate the exposure.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. If Sci Fi is a passion for you, why not grab my free guide about how to turn it into profit!
FB Passion Profits – The Basics!

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Tues Feb 24th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

This week there was a lunar eclipse, always fascinating to see. I always imagine myself looking at the shadow of the earth as it blocks the sunlight on the moon, and then I consider that the shadow is of the earth, which has me standing on it, looking at the shadow. Then I get a headache…

"Pale blue dot"
Nice as that was to see, this month also saw the 25th anniversary of the pale blue dot.
Hang on, the what now?

The pale blue dot.

Taken Feb 14th 1990 by the Voyager 1 space probe, from nearly 4 billion miles away.
The probe had finished all the designed tasks, and as it was leaving the solar system, it was directed to turn the camera around and take a last photo of the earth.

I always think of a Star Trek episode, where a civilisation on a planet far far away bows down to a God called Vyger, and it turns out to be a probe called Voyager.

The pale blue dot has given 25 years of wonder so far, it really puts things into perspective. Literally.

"New Zealand Police"
Talking about getting things in perspective, lots of us moan about our jobs. It’s easy to do, and it vents frustration. The majority of us have it easy though. I saw a story about 2 policemen in New Zealand, saving a woman from a sinking car. To the woman it was a potentially life ending situation.

The 2 policemen? Well, PCs Paul Watts and Simon Russell, described as heroes, said it was ‘just another day’.

Think of all the people all over the world that put their lives at risk everyday to save others. Yes, it’s their job, but they have my full respect, and again, it helps to give perspective when the easy moans about jobs start to surface.

"Peter & Laura Elliott"
Peter Elliott was the Captain for a flight the other day, taking people on holiday from Birmingham to Spain. Nothing unusual there you might think, and you’d be right.


The Senior First Officer flying next to him was his daughter, Laura, and that made them the first father/daughter combo to fly for the same commercial airline.

Laura didn’t always want to be a pilot, it was only after graduating that she decided to give it a go, having been given a trial flight present by…her father.

Good luck to both of them I say, and I’ve written before about whether following a parent’s career path doesn’t necessarily always make it easier!

Ok, that’s it for this week – let me know your thoughts on perspective, maybe on following your own parents’ career choices, and as always, I’d appreciate sharing the newsletter to anyone you think might enjoy it.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Hapiness,
P.S. Here’s that other article I mentioned:
Goal Achievement – Do You Wish Your Mum Was A Footballer?
P.P.S. I write about keeping perspective in my book
‘Tranform Your Life in 21 Days!’ – have you grabbed your copy yet?

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