When I took this picture, at Halnaker,  West Sussex, November 2015, I had a Jim Rohn quote spring to mind, so thought it worth taking a closer look at it…


"Gordon Bryan", "Jim Rohn"


I like Jim Rohn. As one of the big ‘names’ in the personal development field, I’m quite surprised it took me as long as it did to take a closer look at his content, but when I did, I found that I like it.


Because there are so many people in the field (which is a good thing), that allows us to find the people that connect with us, for whatever reason. It might be their back story, or it might be something pragmatic like their presenting style, or maybe a bit more abstract like how their voice makes you feel.


For example, I find Tony Robbins has a style that’s a bit too ‘in your face’ for me, but when I (eventually) got round to taking a look at Jim Rohn, I found I liked his voice, and I found myself smiling at his expressions and the way he put his ideas across.


In fact it was watching a presentation of his from the very early 80s that drew my attention to the quote in the image. When he said it, the audience started laughing, and that brought out my own smile which had been brewing at his phrasing.


He was talking about the simple concept that if you don’t like something, you can just change it! After giving a few examples, he came out with “if you don’t like your address, change it – you’re not a tree!”


I love it!


The naysayers, and I can hear them now, will be quick to pipe up “oh come on, that’s just a philosophy, and a childish one at that! It’s not valid in real life, it‘s not like that!”


Well, yes it is a philosophical point, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Well, it could be described as childish in its simplicity, yes, but there’s nothing wrong with that.
It’s not valid in real life? Nonsense! Life *is* like that!


Real life is based on action – the actions of others, and the actions of us.
Our actions are based on our beliefs, our attitudes – in other words, our philosophies!


We can look all around us, and see the real life results of our philosophies everywhere. If we don’t like those results, we’ll need different actions, which will need a change in philosophy in order to bring change into the real world.


So yes, philosophy is not to be dismissed here, it’s the foundation of self improvement and personal development. In order to change your address if you don’t like it, it will boil down to a change in philosophy, and if that’s a concept that needs some work before it sinks in then fine, put in the work, because it’s an essential component!


Once you accept the concept that if you don’t like something in your life you can change it, then the questions that follow might be ‘who can change it?’ and ‘how can it be changed?’


Well, when it comes to who is responsible for the change, then it could be down to waiting for circumstances to change, or waiting for others to make the change, but in fact it’s down to *you* to do the changing!


I’m going to stick with the Jim Rohn theme here, because he said that the general circumstances around you probably aren’t going to change that much, so it’s down to you, and he also said that you can’t pay someone else to do your push ups for you!


It’s down to you.


As for the question of how to make the changes, of course that depends to a huge extent on the circumstances to be changed – that’s an individual thing. However, what can be assumed, is that for your circumstances to change, YOU have to change.


This is the only option, and it’s an option available to anyone. As soon as you make the decision to change, and take ownership of that decision, you have already changed something, and it’s then a case of applying and increasing the change.


The tools are out there. The education is out there. Once you seek out the tools, understand them and learn to use them, the changes in your life will be bigger. In a final nod to Jim Rohn, he also said that your level of success depends on the value you bring to the market.


So, here’s how it works: if you don’t like your address, change it – you’re not a tree!
Decide to change, accept it’s down to you to change, learn how to change, increase the value you bring, and not only will things change, (including your address if you so wish!) the changes can be astonishing, amazing, transformational!


Do let me know what you think, I love the feedback!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


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If I Move Forwards, There May Be Rocks In The Way…

There are many reasons why people don’t achieve their goals, and one of the biggest reasons is those rocks that lie lurking down the road…


"Gordon Bryan", "Reculver"


I took the picture at Reculver in Kent, a glorious sunset in Autumn 2015, and the idea struck me as I looked at it.


When I talk about people achieving their goals, I mean following their passions, their joys, what they know deep down makes them feel alive.


It’s a personal thing as to what that might mean to each individual, of course, but if you’re someone who *isn’t* following that path in life, the path towards passion and joy, the reasons why can usually be ticked off a list.


Maybe you just don’t believe it. You just don’t believe that the goal will happen, even though in all likelihood it’s happened to many others before you, so the map is there for you to follow.


Maybe you don’t believe you’re worthy. Do the people around you support you, or do they bring you down, filling you with thoughts of negativity and settling for a lower level?


It could be something you tell *yourself*, that you’re not good enough, that achievements like that are only for ‘others.’


It could be that you *do* believe – you believe you deserve it, and you believe the goal can happen, but you haven’t defined it well enough, and as a result you haven’t worked out the next step you need to take.


If you’ve set yourself up with all of the above – the belief, the defined goal, the plan of the next step, it could still be that you are stuck where you are. That’s because you’re not taking any actual action, and it’s *here* that we come to the point made in the image. It’s *here* that we come to the big reason that kills so many dreams and keeps so many people in a life of unfulfillment…




That could be a fear of what your friends and family might say.
Fear of failing.
Fear of success (that’s a whole different article!)
Fear of how much it will cost.
Fear you won’t be good enough.
Fear it will be too hard.


Those fears are the rocks that might lie in wait for us down the road if we move towards what we know our life should be.


At this point I could say that all those fears are groundless, that of course you’ll succeed, of course everyone will be happy for you, and it’ll be a breeze.
Yes, I could say that, but it would be hogwash, nonsense.


The truth is that it might indeed be hard, people around you may well be opposed, and might even try to do something about stopping you.


There may be sacrifices involved, hard sacrifices.
It might take a lot of hard effort to make progress, and there be no guarantee of success.


In other words, there may be rocks down the road, and you may trip up on them. In fact, let’s be honest, there *will* be rocks along the way. That’s life, and as I say often, life isn’t always rainbows and sequins. To say otherwise is to live with your head in the clouds.


Getting back out of the clouds though, let’s look at an alternative view to those rocks…


The fear of the rocks is underpinned by the idea that tripping over them will stop us. What if tripping over them *didn’t* stop us? What if we got back up, realised we were ok, that the world was still turning, that we were closer to our goal than we were before, and that it was ok to keep going!


It could be that they aren’t all big rocks anyway, maybe some of them are only pebbles, that we won’t get tripped up in the first place.


That’s why the image answers the fear about the rock by saying ‘yes, and?’
The point is to accept the possibility of obstacles in life as part of life. We’ll have obstacles come our way in life even if we try and stand still, so why not press on?


Why not choose to take control, to choose to take the steps and just find out what happens, rather than assume the worst – you never know, it could work!


So, look to your goals – have you even seriously thought about your genuine passions and joys, set goals and plans? If you have, is the fear of potential rocks in the way keeping you rooted to where you are?


Maybe it’s time to start moving forwards, and deal with the rocks as and when they come. If you do that, you can be on the way to some amazing adventures, it can be a life changer.


Let me know what you think – what rocks might be in your way..?


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


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In this article I’m looking at another of my quote images…


"Gordon Bryan", "Ailsa Craig",


It may seem obvious to state that results are the consequences of actions, but it’s a truth that seems to be bypassed by so many people, and it leaves them frustrated and unfulfilled.


It could be frustration when it comes to how we view our life’s journey, with a knowing that we are not following our passions, we are not being our true selves. Or, it could be frustration at everyday life, the small things that get on our nerves and upset us.


That frustration is not going to go away, and it’s not something that can just be wished away either. It needs action. It always needs action, it’s why I call it one of the 4 magic words.


If our current results are consequences of previous actions, (and deep down we know this to be true), then we also know that to change the results, we’ll need to change the actions.


The key question then, is why don’t we..?


I think the reasons can be summed up in 2 words – fear, and entitlement.


The sense of entitlement is a malaise which has spread over the years, and the rise of social media has made it even easier to fall back into moaning. Moaning that it’s up to so and so to do it, that we need this, or we have a right to that. The ideas of hard work and putting in effort to get things, seem like so many dirty words.


When it comes to fear, it could be fear of failure, fear of reactions from the people around us, fear of change, fear that we won’t be good enough, or fear of, yes you guessed it, needing to take action!


Put together those fears with laziness and a sense of entitlement, and you end up taking actions which only cover the basics, if that. If you only take actions which cover the basics, if that, then what results do you get? Basic results – if that!


If you want the better results, the above average results, then look at others who have those results, and it won’t take long before you see a pattern of them taking above average action.


They studied harder. They worked harder. They sacrificed more. They committed harder. In short, they acted above average.


There are exceptions, of course. There are always exceptions. But the fact they are exceptions only proves even more, that for most people, above average results need above average actions.


Let’s look back at my image. That was taken looking at Ailsa Craig in Scotland, July 2015. I love curling, I love playing it, I love the etiquette and the tradition of the sport. Ailsa Craig is where the world’s curling stones come from, and I had it in my mind that I could maybe take a trip up there to see the rock, maybe even take the little boat trip over to the rock, around my 50th birthday in 2016.


All well and good but then I decided that I shouldn’t put something off for a year for no good reason, so made the decision to go up there in July 2015. I had intended to just drive up there (it’s a good few hundred miles) take some pictures, then drive down again, but I was persuaded that was a bit too much, so booked into a B&B for an overnight stay.


I was lucky with the weather, and was able to take photos all through a glorious sunny day. I now have the set of photos which will bring a smile to my face whenever I look at them.


That was an above average result for me. It needed above average action. I could have decided to just download someone else’s pictures and stay at home with some chocolate, but that would have been below average results, from below average action.


I decided to take a different approach.


Look at your results. You may not want to drive hundreds of miles to take some photos, but what *do* you want? Do you want something that’s above average, but you’re expecting it to somehow happen without the above average action to go with it?


If so, you can expect to carry on being disappointed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you commit, if you decide, if you act, and take your actions to a level above the average, *then* your results will start to notch up a level, then another. Believe me, it can be life changing. It can be transformational!


Ok, do let me know what you think, I love the feedback!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


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In this article I’m looking at something which holds so many people back from achieving their goals, from following their passions…


"Gordon Bryan", "personal development",


“There are plenty of people waiting to say you’re not good enough. Make sure you don’t put *yourself* at the front of the queue.”


Let’s get right to it – there are indeed plenty of people waiting to say you’re not good enough. Some of them will say it behind your back to others, some of them will have no problem saying it right to your face.


Some of them you can move your life away from, which I think you should, but some of them might be in your life for the foreseeable future.


They may say you’re not good enough because they actually believe it, maybe they think you don’t have the skills. They may say it because they think you have ideas above your station, that your passions and/or ambitions are above the status of people like you.


They may say it because they can see that you most certainly *do* have the skills needed, and will succeed if you go for it, which might leave them behind, or they may say it because they are jealous.


They might be friends, they might be family, they might be total strangers.


Phew! That’s quite a list of people who might say it, and quite a list of why they might say it.


There’s no getting away from it in life, but as I said, you *can* get away from some of the people that put you down. Your brain gets used to the people around you, it will influence your attitude, and your attitude will influence your actions, and your actions will influence your results.


So, given that there are so many people ready to say you’re not good enough, why oh why would you put yourself at the front of the queue!!


Here’s why…


You will undoubtedly have been tainted by the negative people around you. Distancing yourself from them is a good thing, and surrounding yourself with people who are positive to your passions and ambitions is a good thing.


You also need to work on yourself though – your self talk.


In all likelihood you tell yourself you aren’t good enough because it’s a symptom of fear. If you tell yourself you’re not good enough, you give yourself a reason to stop, or not even try in the first place.


That gets you out of having to confront your fears, which could be fear of failure, fear of how hard it may be, fear of change, fear of what the people around you will say.


So, it’s understandable why people do it, because telling yourself you aren’t good enough creates a comfort blanket to snuggle into.


It’s not very comfortable really though, is it!


It may seem comfortable, but deep down you know it’s a false comfort, because behind that comfort is the knowledge that you aren’t pursuing your passions, your joys. You know that you aren’t fulfilling your potential, you know that you aren’t living life to the full, not living the life you could, and should, be living.


So no, not comfortable really.


Once we accept that we are doing this, we can take steps to turn it around. You can look at the queue of people waiting to bring you down with words, and you can decide that not only will you *not* be first in the queue, you’ll instead stand at the front and say that you *are* good enough!


You’ll say you are worthy of pursuing your passions and goals. If you already have the skills you’ll start putting them to use, and if you don’t have the skills, you’ll learn them.


Don’t accept people saying you aren’t good enough, and this starts by not saying it to yourself! Challenge it when other people say it to you, and this starts by challenging it when you say it to yourself.


Why aren’t you good enough? Who says so? What’s it based on? Where’s the evidence? You need the answers to all these questions, and once you have the answers, you can begin to replace them with answers about why you ARE good enough.


Look to your own attitude here. Do you allow others to say it about you? Do you allow yourself to say it about you? If so, it’s time to change. Try the other way, coming from a default position that you are good enough. It can be a life changer.


Let me know what you think, I love the feedback!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


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Do You Allow Yourself To Just Breathe In The Happy?

This article is the next in the series delving deeper into the points I make in my quote images…


"Gordon Bryan", "personal development",


Do you allow yourself to just breathe in the happy?


The driving force behind my point here, is attitude, and specifically, perception.


Something I see a lot of people moaning about is the things that stop them being happy –


Why can’t so and so do this..?
Why can’t so and so do that..?
I’ll be happy when..?
I can’t be happy until…


If you say any (or all!) of these, then you are placing your happiness in the hands of others. You’re saying it’s not up to you whether you’re happy or not. That gives you a reason for not being happy, or more accurately, an *excuse.* There’s a difference, and it’s a crucial one.


You’re excusing yourself from being responsible for your happiness, and you’re excusing yourself from taking the action needed to get what you actually want in life. That would require setting goals, and more than that, taking action towards those goals, It’s so much easier to fall back into putting the blame on others, or circumstances, right?


In fact, while I mention goals, lets look a little closer at a mistake you could be making if you *are* a goal setter…


If you set goals, and take action towards them, then I take my hat off to you, and you should be proud of yourself. Proud of yourself for doing something that the majority are either not aware of, or not prepared to face up to and do the work for.


It is possible though, that in setting your goals you may have made a mistake which is reducing your happiness. Have you told yourself that achieving your goals will make you happy? You may have even set ‘being happier’ as one of your goals.


If so, you’ve built problems into your goals, and it’s something that needs correcting.


If you think that achieving your goal will make you happy, then you are implying that happiness is an end result rather than an ongoing process, that you somehow cross some finish line and become happy.


It doesn’t work like that, and even worse, if you tell yourself that your happiness is a future event dependent on a result, then you are telling yourself that you aren’t happy *right now*.


It’s easily done, I’ve done it myself, but it’s a goal setting flaw which must be recognised and dealt with.


So, what’s the idea behind the image, allowing yourself to breathe in the happy..?


Well, it’s as simple as it seems – you can shift your attitude away from happiness being a future event, or dependent on others, to an attitude that happiness is available for you in the here and now.


That’s because it *is* available in the here and now!


If you focus on the abundance you have, (and if you’re reading this on a device, you have a mass of abundance!) and be grateful for it, then guess what, that can mean happiness, if you let it.


You can do simple things like smile at people, and you’ll be amazed at how many people smile back.


You can take a short trip to open air – the park, the woods, the seaside, and breathe in the fresh air. Fill your lungs and if you smile at the same time, you’re breathing in the happy!


As I said, it’s an attitude twist, a perception shift, and it’s something that’s available to you now.


Am I saying you should walk around with an inane grin on your face no matter what? No, I’m not saying that – that would be silly – of course there are times in life when we aren’t happy. To suggest otherwise is simply not sensible.


What I am saying though, is that you can decide to look at life from an angle of appreciation and happiness, or you can choose not to.


So, think about your own attitude – do you tell yourself you can’t possibly be happy right now, because this or because that? How do you view the idea of simply *letting* yourself be happy now? Could you just breathe it in?


Let me know what you think – I love the feedback!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


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If Monday Morning Makes Your Shoulders Sag…

This article is the latest taking a closer look at a point made in a quote image of mine…


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


“If Monday morning makes your shoulders sag, you don’t need to expand your weekend, you need to expand your imagination, expand your actions.”


Blimey, that’s not beating around the bush, is it! I do think it’s true though.


The Monday morning feeling is all too common, and with the world of social media being only a fingertip away, it’s all too easy to fall into the crowd moaning about it.


Every Monday.


I have a problem with it, both with the moaning, and having the feeling in the first place.


Of course the reason behind it is not hard to fathom – people are going back to work, and that means trudge and grind. They do a job they don’t like, to pay for their rent or mortgage on a house they don’t spend much time in, because they are out working!


The commute can be hell, and the thought of a long week until the holy grail otherwise known as ‘the weekend’ sends shivers down the spine from around midday onwards on Sunday.


The idea of wanting the weekend to be longer seems an easy way out, but since that never happens, instead of falling into the rut of repeated moaning, why not look at other options that you *can* do something about..?


I say in the image about expanding the imagination. What do I mean by that?
Well it’s twofold – firstly you can change your angle from one of moaning, to one of appreciation.


You could focus on appreciating the fact that you *have* a job to go to. It may sound glib to say you should think of how many millions around the world would love to have a job to go to, but it’s true nonetheless. If you have the chance to go to work to provide for yourself and/or your family, to provide the nicer things in life, then that’s something to appreciate, right?


You could focus on the fact that you have your health to allow you to go to work. How many people don’t have that level of health?


If you’re reading this, you are living in a world of opportunity, so turn your imagination to asking what you could do to change the situation that makes Monday morning so horrendous.


If you think the answer is ‘nothing,’ then, to be blunt, you’re wrong. The opportunity all around you is amazing. It might be difficult, it will almost certainly involve big change, but there are always options to change things.


Once you’ve swung your imagination away from the moaning, and thought about actions you could take to change things, let’s move to the second thing I state in the image that you need to expand – “you need to expand your actions…”


YOU need to expand YOUR actions. Take responsibility for your current position, then take responsibility for doing something about it. Did anyone force you to take that job? Is anyone forcing you to stay there? I may be wrong, but I suspect the genuine answer to both of those questions is ‘no.’


Don’t expect others to take action for you, or for life to owe you anything.


Once you take back the steering wheel of your life yourself, and expand your actions, it’s amazing what can happen. It might be that you already know this, that in times gone by you have taken action to produce results. After all, you had to take action to get the job in the first place!


If that’s the case, that you remember results in your life that were outcomes of action, it might only take a small dose of progressive action to get the cogs turning again.


The idea of changing your thoughts and then your actions is a powerful one. Whether it’s followed through or not is up to you, but if it is, then the Monday morning feeling will start to fade into memory, replaced by forward moving habit and momentum, combined with acceptance and appreciation. Oh, it can be life changing, it can be transformational!


Let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


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New Year Coaching Offer


I hope all is well with you as we roll into 2016 – Happy New Year!


I’ve decided to do a January flash offer for my coaching


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


It’s going to last all month, so I’m not sure it’s really a ‘flash’ offer, but the decision came to me in a flash, so I’m sticking with it!


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Then we work on what needs to happen to unstick things, and how to go about them.


I provide the motivation and accountability, plus there’s a group of other members to support as well.


It’s a monthly membership, but there’s no tie in, you can cancel at anytime.


I am putting my foot down on this in 2016, and although I have priced it low, I have decided to go silly for the month of January.


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Yep, $1.


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Because this is an off the cuff decision, I’m going to do it old school style.
You’ll still have to sign up as per normal, but then I’ll paypal you the money back minus the $1.


Here’s the page – go and take a look, and remember, the worst that can happen if you sign up in January is you get my book, a month’s worth of coaching, and group support, for just $1


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As ‘no brainers’ go, for $1 this probably is one, and I’d love to see you on the inside 😉


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


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Stop Moaning, Start Doing!

The quote image I’m looking into this time is one of the simpler ones…


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


Stop moaning. Start doing.


Pretty simple eh? Some might call it ‘stark.’ However you’d describe it, it’s powerful, so let’s take a look in a bit more depth…


Moaning, ah moaning. It’s a great way to vent frustration – ‘why can’t so and so do this, why can’t they do that, why is it raining, so unfair, why me?’ and so on and so on.


It can become a habit we don’t even realise we have slipped into, and the stream of moaning can turn into an endless flow, so much so that it becomes our default setting! It then comes as a surprise to us when we have something positive to say, and in fact it can be so much of a shock that we follow up the positivity with more moaning, just because it’s more comfortable that way.


That’s the key – moaning, by and large, is comfortable.


If we moan about what others are, or are not doing, it provides us with an ongoing excuse for not doing anything about anything ourselves! If someone, heaven forbid, dares to suggest taking action instead of moaning, it’s met with the response of ‘oh you don’t understand!’ which as you surely realise, is more moaning used as a defence mechanism.


Moaning also means we think that things could be different. It could be argued that this is not true in all cases, but in most case it is. We think things could be different, but we don’t want to take on the action to change it ourselves.


That might be because we don’t know how to do it, or don’t think we’ll be able to. Maybe we’re worrying about what others might think of us, of if we fail, or maybe it just seems like too much work.


So, it’s easier to moan, right?

Well, no. I’d say no, it isn’t easier!


It might seem it short term, but if nothing changes, then all those short term moans just add up to long term frustration with no change in outcome!


There’s a better way. Take action.


Do something that moves the situation from the one you don’t like, and moan about, to the one you *do* like.

Once you take action, start doing something about it, it can be revealing, and uplifting.


You might find that it was all massively easier that you ever thought, and the reason for the moan can be done away with.

Or, you might find that once you start doing something about it, you realise that it might be a long hard job to change things. It’s at this point that you need to focus on habit and momentum.


The more you do, the more you believe you can, so the more you do in turn. That keeps going until habit kicks in, so that the doing becomes the default setting instead of the moaning.


Once this happens, even though the situation might still not be to your liking, the way you talk about it will change, because the way you think about it will have changed. The negativity and frustration of doing nothing will be replaced by energy and positivity about the future outcome.


That set up spills out into other areas of your life, and it will spill out to others too. You might even find *yourself* at the end of moans now, from the other moaners who can see you leaving them behind!


So, a simple set of words, yes, but powerful. Look to your own moans. Are you using them as a comfort blanket, an excuse for not taking action. If you’re honest, that may well be the case, and if so, bravo for being honest with yourself to realise it, and now you know what you need to do – stop moaning, start doing!


I’d love to hear your views as ever…


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


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Which Years Do You Remember..?

This article asks an important question about *those* years…

"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


We all have them, don’t we! Those years that stick in our minds. We only have to hear the year, or see it written down, and BAM!! We find our minds drifting away from the present and to *that* year.


It could have been something bad, but in all probability it was something good, but either way it was something big. Our lives were impacted in a big way in that year, which is why it sticks out for us as a memory.


The other years? Well, they just tick by don’t they? The memory of them doesn’t strike any chords with us, they were just another year. Nothing really happened, they simply add to the bank of years that makes up our life.


You might be thinking “this is all well and good, but what’s the point?”

Good question!


Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if when reading so far you have already had one of *those* years spring to mind, and it’s a phenomenon that fascinates me, and here’s why…


What would happen if you chose to make this year one of the years you look back on?


Not every year that sticks out is because of our actions, but most of them are. In my case, for some reason 1974 sticks out – I was only 8, and I’m not sure any actions of mine were behind it being a year to remember.


If I go to 2 other years though, 1995 and 1996, and come to think of it 1997, they were stand out years, with a massive impact on my life, and it most certainly was *directly* down to actions I had taken. More than that, actions I had taken following the goal achievement formula!


So, I ask again – what would happen if you chose to make this year one of the years you look back on?


Imagine how you look back on those impact years, and then imagine yourself in the future, looking back at this year, or the upcoming year. Will it be one of the special years, the big years?


If not, why not? If not, what *would* make it a special year? What could you do that could make the year one that has such a big impact in your life that you will always remember it?


Clearly the answer to that question is an individual one, but it’s also clear to me that once the answer is worked out, making it actually happen is down to goal achievement theory.


The good old goal achievement formula. The tried and tested goal achievement formula.

I know it works because I’ve used it many times to go on some great adventures. As it happens, you also know it works, because you’ve also used it many times – it might just be that you’ve been using it without realising it.


To use it deliberately, by choice, can be life changing, it can be transformational, and you can do it right now to make this year one of the stand out years.


Imagine if you make the year one that you will always look back on as a biggie, for the rest of your life! It’s something anyone can do. If I can do it, then you can do it – you simply decide to do it, decide what would need to happen for the year to be a biggie.


Then you work out how to make it happen, and you get started!

Sound simple? Well, life sometimes is anything *but* simple, but the theory behind the formula is simple, yes.


Imagine it working, in fact why not push the boat out and imagine *two* big years in a row, as a result of your own actions! When was the last time that happened? Has it ever happened?


Treat yourself. Treat your future memory by creating a glow around this year, the power to do it is in your hands, and it’s power that can get you crackling with excitement.


I’d love to hear what you think – do leave your feedback!

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Ask Yourself This – Why Not?

This latest personal development article looks at another of my quote images with a simple question…


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


Yes, there are 3 questions there, but the list could have been a lot longer, all starting with the same 2 words…WHY NOT?


I hear it all the time, I see people post it all the time on social media – they wish things were like this, they wish things were like that, and when the question is asked why they don’t do something about it, the most common answer is ‘oh, I couldn’t do that!’


The responses are variations on that theme, that whatever the situation is, it’s not something that can be changed.


I ask again – why not? Why can’t it be changed? Why can’t it be changed by you? Why can’t something be done now?


If people moan about their surroundings, their job, their house, their relationships, their finance, I ask again – why not? Why can’t it be changed, why can’t it be changed by you? Why can’t it be started now?


It’s always challenging for people to be asked the question, because it’s not a question they have seriously considered before, so they aren’t able to put it into words. That’s a key point, because the lack of formulation of actual reasons behind the ‘nothing can be done’ response, allows it to flow around as nothing more than a vague concept.


The problem is, this vague concept has the power to rule and shape our life, because we let it fool us into thinking that the status quo is the only way. If we think there is only one way, then we only act one way, and that way will leave everything unchanged, which in turn is seen as evidence that it ‘has to be that way!’


So, when challenged about why changes can’t happen, if we delve deeper, we normally get to reasons of belief and fear.


Belief of not being good enough, a fears of failing, fears of it being too hard, fears of others laughing at us.




I can understand how a mindset like this comes to be, I can. If it’s drummed into us, by our peers and then by ourselves (!), then why *wouldn’t* it become our default way of thinking?


Yes, I can understand it, but I also *know* that it most certainly doesn’t have to be that way.


The belief of not being good enough normally comes from no more than being told it by others! More often than not it doesn’t come from actually finding out, taking action to try, and *then* see what happens. Taking action might show that you have a lot to learn, in which case, great! Set off and start learning.


The fears of failing or it being too hard, well they also tend to come from the imagination, thinking about failure rather than finding out in reality.


If we stop answering the ‘why not’ questions with negative answers ungrounded in factual trial, and replace them with answers of ‘I don’t know, let’s find out’, then, oh, life changes!


Life changes right there and then, and if followed through, can change it beyond recognition – it can transform it.


I’d love to hear what you think – leave a comment below!


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