The Great Gordino Newsletter – Jan 27th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

Two things this week – one nice, one not nice. Let’s start with the not nice…

Last year saw the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings and the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. Lots of people at the time said we shouldn’t be having any events, as why should war be celebrated?

I said at the time that it wasn’t ‘celebrating,’ it was marking and remembering.

This year sees more anniversaries and today is 70 years since the camp at Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet army. Not a holiday camp, but a death camp.

1.1 million people were killed there, over a million Jews.

I’ve been watching a few documentaries about the camps, from survivors, to the films made by the liberating troops to document what had happened there. Those films are shocking to say the least. I can’t watch them without finding myself shaking my head.

The piles of clothes. The piles of shoes. The piles of toothbrushes. The piles of bodies.

It’s distressing to watch, it’s distressing to think man’s inhumanity to man carries on in the world today, but we have to remember what happened all those years ago.

Today, on holocaust memorial day, think of how it must have been for the survivors to have been rescued on Jan 27th, and think about those who didn’t survive. It’s all too easy to think our world has ended because we have broken a nail – think again…

Ok, the nice…

If you’re reading this newsletter, you are slap bang, front and centre in a world of opportunity. Opportunity unimaginable to the prisoners of Auschwitz for example, and in fact unimaginable to anyone even a few years ago.

The wonderful tool of the internet allows us to do amazing things, and instead of moaning about what we don’t have, it allows us to do something about it, and create our own wealth, to forge our own destinies.

I wrote about this in my book ‘FB Passion Profits’ which combines the money making power of the internet and the liberating personal freedom of following your passions. This Thursday, 27th Jan, 10pm UK time, 5pm Eastern, I’m doing a video presentation where I’ll go through the book, for free. All of it, not just an overview, and it won’t cost you a penny.

There’s a picture of the book cover to the right of the blog, linking to the sales page – don’t buy it though, remember I’m going through it all on the presentation.

I’ll also cover how you can do the same without even touching Facebook because, as hard as it may be to believe, not *everyone* uses Facebook!

If you’re wondering about the picture, well that’s from the Disney movie ‘UP’. Movies are a passion for me, and in the book I give you a specific example of how I used the technique to tie in that passion. There’s another specific example showing another passion of mine, sport, and remember the Superbowl is only a few days away!

The picture also does a good job of encapsulating the idea of following your dreams, soaring high above the clouds to do it.

If you fancy the free video presentation, and it works for whatever your passion is, keep your eyes peeled for the link to it. I’ll be posting it on FB, and the blog, but it might be a good idea to sign up to my newsletter, as I’ll be sending out the link to subscribers. The box to do that is up the top right side of any page on the blog.

I deliberately waited until a while after New Year to do it, because I wanted the wash of New Year Resolutions to fade. Most people have failed on them by now, given up already, and I’ll be honest, I want people watching who are genuinely intending to take action this year, to make this year the one that something different happens.

Come along for the ride..?

Ok, ‘til next time (which is hopefully Thursday 10pm UK, 5pm Eastern),
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter subscription!

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NFL Moment Of The Week – Playoffs Week 3

This week had loads of moments to offer, with only two games being played..!

In the Green Bay/Seattle game, we had a superb special teams trick play, which is something I’ve written about this season. It was a cracking playoff game, unfortunately ruined for me by the presenter we have here.

I only get to see highlights of the playoffs, unlike a live game during the season. After the first half of this game, with Seattle looking down and out on the scoreboard, the presenter said ‘it looked along shot, but you might want to stick around for the second half’

Well blimey, that told me that they *did* come back – he might as well have told me the score!

Sure enough, after saying it again before showing the second half, I watched it knowing that Seattle were about to do the comeback. I wasn’t happy!

In the other game, there was a superb toe drag, something else I’ve written about this year, and the Patriots winning, but not without yet more controversy – this time about the balls!

The away team are allowed to bring their own balls to use, and Tom Brady likes them as soft as possible, so they inflate them to the lowest allowed level. They are checked and good to go. At halftime, they were checked again, and 11 out of 12 had fallen to below the minimum.

Unlikely to have really changed the result, it could still means problems for the Patriots in terms of punishment, but what it does is confirm that they will do naything they can to increase any advantage, and will sail as close to the edge as they can, stepping over it, it seems again.

Legacy spoiled? Maybe, maybe not, I guess that’s down to any individual’s opinion about what should happen in the business of sport!

Speaking of sports business, it’s unlikely I’ll be going to any of the London games in 2015. The team match ups didn’t really appeal, only Miami/New York was one I would go to see.

When the tickets went on sale, it was only to buy a ‘season’ ticket for all 3 games, at £108, not a bad price. However, people were buying all 3, only to sell them for the individual games on reseller sites, for £118 for each ticket!

With single game tickets not officially on sale, it was cheaper for me to buy a season ticket officially than buy a single ticket via a reseller!

This week, the single game tickets went on sale, and yep, Miami/New York sold out as soon as they were ‘available’. Of course they never were available, they had been bought up by the resellers! I emailes the NFL to see what they said. No response, which is what I expected. They don’t care, they know it happens, but don’t care becauuse the game shows as a sell out, and hey, it’s all about the business right? Ask the Patriots!

I’ll still be enjoying the Superbowl live though, stocking up on the treats and seeing how Adele Dazeem gets on with the Star Spangled Banner!

‘Til next Time,
Health & Happiness,

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Jan 21st 2015

I hope all is well with you.

I’ve found a couple of pictures/videos catching my eye, and I’ve been a bit miffed around one of my favourites sport, the NFL. Let’s start with the pictures…

"Kai abandoned dog"
This one appeared in the papers, a dog that had been abandoned at a train station in Scotland, with a suitcase containing his toy, his blanket, his bowl and some food.
It’s a picture/story combo designed to make us say ‘aah’ and think of Paddington Bear and so on.

Partly sad that he should end up abandoned, and partly happy that he was left with his stuff. As it happens, abandoning a dog is illegal in Scotland, and it didn’t take long for the media to track down who had left him.

The woman concerned said she had bought the dog, Kai, via a selling website called Gumtree, but had panicked when she saw him, thinking he had ‘something wrong with his eyes’.

I’m not sure the story quite adds up, and in any case, looking at the woman’s picture, I’m not sure she’s in any position to talk about others having something wrong with their eyes…

Then I saw a video that made me giggle. The sport of darts has seen its’ rival World Championships take place lately, and it had me surfing you tube for some videos of darts players getting angry during matches. I’m not sure why!

Anyway, I saw this video of Ted Hankey. He’s not currently playing due to ill health, but in his heyday he got the nickname of The Count, because he had a dark, unwelcoming demeanour when he played. Nice as pie off the darts, but mean when playing.

In this video he is trying to intimidate his opponent, making mean roars and glances. I won’t tell you what happens, but the video’s less than 120 seconds, see if it makes you giggle like it did me…

I did say I found myself miffed with the NFL. As the Superbowl nears, tickets have been on sale for next season’s 3 games in London. The problem is, it’s been ‘season’ tickets that have been on sale, covering all 3 games. They work out at a reasonable price for each single game, but you haven’t been able to buy the single game tickets.

What people have been doing though, is buying up the season tickets, then using reseller sites to sell single game tickets at a massive mark up! In fact, the official price for the 3 game ticket is less than the marked up reseller price for a single game ticket!

That’s not right, because this week when the single games officially went on sale, surprise surprise, they were sold out.

All the NFL needs to do to stop this is to put the game goers name on the ticket, and make people show ID at the gate. That won’t happen though, because the NFL is more concerned with selling out the seats than whether real fans are getting stuffed by ticket touts.

Not impressed, and even though the line up for this year’s London games in maybe not the most mouth-watering, I’d have gone to the Miami/New York game. Oh well, I’ll be watching live on TV with vast quantities of chocolate, so it’s not all bad!

Ok, that’s it for this week, as ever do give me your feedback, and if you think others would enjoy the newsletter, share it around ;-)

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. make sure you’re connected with me via your fave social media channel, buttons to the top right of any page.

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NFL Moment Of The Week – Playoffs Week 2

Another week of being torn between 2 different items to feature, both of them concerning legends of the game throwing the ball…

First there’s Peyton Manning.
A few players are deemed to be legends of the game while they are still playing, and Manning is one of them. He holds many of the statistical records for regular season play, but that’s the key – regular season play.

In the playoffs, he has a reputation of not delivering. Whether that’s him folding under the pressure, or team mates underperforming, the results have not been good. One Superbowl ring for someone as good as he is supposed to be? Well, that’s just not enough.

I did see one commentator say “how can you call someone the best of all time when they’re not even the best in their *own* time?”

He has competition for the title of the best, and that’s Tom Brady. As for Peyton, well this week his team went out of the playoffs, and he had a bad game. A really bad game, with some throws that were just way off.

The media pretty much think that’s it all over for him, but he has a multi million dollar contract, so multi million reasons to carry on.

Speaking of Tom Brady, he has *3* Superbowl wins! His regular season stats may not be as good as Manning’s, but the NFL is not geared around the regular season, it’s geared around the Superbowl, and that’s why I’ve been in the Brady camp in the debate of who is better. Whereas Manning’s record seems to suggest he folds, Brady’s record seems to suggest he steps up and rises to the occasion.

This week his team the New England Patriots marched on, with a play that has to be my moment of the week…

Whereas Manning’s throws were way off, Brady was on song, and it was one pass in particular that caught the eye.

"Julian Edelman pass"
He threw the ball to Julian Edelman, who is a wide receiver, so nothing odd there. The thing is, Edelman played quarterback at college, and after catching the ball, he took a throwing stance and launched the ball downfield, resulting in a 51 yard touchdown!

Ha! Some people might say a trick play like that in a playoff game is a great idea, and fun to watch. Others might say it’s disrespectful to the opposition to use a type of play normally left behind at the college stage.

I’m in the ‘fun to use, fun to watch’ camp. Professional sport is about winning, and in a sport like the NFL which is a combination of tactics and execution, why would a move like this *not* be applauded?

So that’s my moment for this week – next week it’s the ‘semi finals’ – ;et’s see what the games bring!

‘Til next Time,
Health & happiness,

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Jan 13th 2015

I hope all is well with you.
Quite a few stories caught my eye this week, so let’s go…

"je suis charlie"
The attacks in France – they weren’t something that just ‘caught my eye’, you couldn’t really miss the coverage. More murderous activity from people using religion as their cover.

Some people have said that the magazine Charlie Hebdo deliberately provokes, to cause controversy, and the editor had spoken about making himself a target. Others have said that nothing drawn or written with a pen should be enough to kill someone.

As someone who has been writing online for over 10 years, and lampoons many people, myself included, while I don’t find deliberate provocation particularly attractive, the right to free speech is vital, and no, it’s not worth killing someone over some drawings.

Elvis would have been 80 this year. Would his legend be as big if he were still alive? Maybe, maybe not. I’ve always enjoyed lots of his songs, and while his Vegas years get a lot of poo pooing, with the talk of fat Elvis and burgers, in the early Vegas years he was in his prime. Check out his live 1972 version of Bridge Over Troubled Water, and here’s a real fave of mine, Separate Ways. Not an overly cheerful song I admit, but there you go..!

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned sport so far this year, so here I go, and it’s my favourite sport, curling.

"English curling"
England Women have won the European Curling Challenge in Prague. It’s a huge moment for English curling, as it means the team will now go to the World Junior Championship, and we’ve never sent a girls team to it before, so it’s a first.

To me it shows 2 things loud and clear – firstly, the girls came to the sport from the local area, taking advantage of the first (and currently only) only curling rink in England. They learnt and developed their game at the rink, local to them. The history of sport is littered with examples of champions coming from local areas to a facility, and this is no exception.

A lot of the old guard of English curling were not welcoming of the new rink 10 years ago, saying it would not work in the middle of the Kent countryside.

Secondly, this victory for the girls shows the result of good old fashioned hard work. When they first went to this challenge, it was for experience, and it’s fair to say they were a bit like rabbits caught in the headlights. Nervous and lacking confidence, it showed in the results. I know how that feels, because every week is like that for me ;-)

Then, after that first try had given them the taste, they set about developing themselves. They went away to training camps. They set up fund raising. They brought in coaches. The knew what had to be done to move forward, and then made the effort to do it.

The results started to shift, and in recent years, not only were they expecting to win every time, the opponents knew they now had the game to do it, and would be a tough match for anyone. This tournament win, although it had been knocking on the door for a while, was SO exciting for them, and for the rest of English curling looking on.

Next up, the worlds – will they be afraid? In awe of their new opponents? Er, no – look out the rest!

Finally, I read that Bernard Jordan has died, aged 90. He came to the headlines during the D-Day commemoration events, and I wrote about it on the blog, if you fancy reading about him:
The Great Escape of Bernard Jordan!

Ok, that’s it for this week, do let me know what you think, and feel free to hit the share button if you think others would enjoy the newsletter – thanks!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,

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NFL Moment Of The Week – Playoff Week 1

Ok, so a few weeks left of the season, and this week saw the first week of the playoffs, although I didn’t see any of the games in full…

It’s a frustration I have every year – Channel 4 here in the UK show a live game every Sunday night during the regular 17 week season, but then when the playoffs start, the knockout stages leading to the Superbowl, it goes to highlights only.

It’s all about the money, I’m guessing.
If Channel 4 stumped up the cash for a love playoff game, the fans like me would watch. However, not only have Sky stumped up more cash, they must have had an exclusivity clause.

Yes, I could pay to watch the games on Sky, yes I could pay to watch online via the NFL, but to be honest, I watch so much sport, I’ve always held back from paying to watch it.

So, highlights it is then, until the Big Game, which *is* on live.

One thing I noticed from the first week of playoffs? These teams are the wildcard teams for a reason – their regular season record was not enough to get them to the level of the teams above them, and it showed!
Lots of mistakes, mistakes which the better teams don’t make as many of!

On to the divisional round now, which sees the better teams back into the mix!

‘Til next time,
health & happiness,

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Jan 6th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

It’s the first newsletter of the year, so I’d better start by wishing you…Happy New Year!
Whether 2015 *is* happy or not, well that’s mostly down to you.

I’ve been writing about the New Year for many, many years – you can type New Year, or Resolutions into the search box on the right to bring up the articles (or you could buy my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’) ;-)

Decide. Decide for yourself. Then act on the decision.

So, what’s caught my eye in the first week? These 3 stories…

Firstly, I saw that the top 10 best selling albums in the UK were all by British acts, which is the first time that’s ever happened. A lot of people poo poo the current acts, but the British music industry is a world leader, and has been for a long time.

Having worked in it for many years, I know how much money it generates, how much employment it delivers. Plus, of course, a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. I for one would like to see a lot less poo pooing of acts simply because some people don’t happen to like them!

"silver coin discovery"
Secondly I saw that there was a big discovery of silver by a treasure hunter. Treasure hunters have an image of going round fields in their anoraks, getting excited when their metal detector goes over an old tin can.

That image has developed because for a lot of detectors, that is what happens, but since I wrote a book about how to profit from passions, and my ‘Transform’ book is about following what you enjoy, more power to the treasure hunters I say!

In this case, it wasn’t an old tin can that was found, but a huge stash of sliver coins, dated at 1,000 years old. They were in great condition too, probably buried as mint, so the only people that had handled them were the person that made them, and the person that buried them!

As someone who owns pieces of solid silver myself, I can appreciate the aesthetic value of these – the actual value is probably around £1 million, to be split between the landowner and the person that discovered them.

The third story that caught my attention gave me probably my biggest laugh of the year so far…

"Kanye McCartney"Kanye West made a record with Paul McCartney. That’s *Sir* Paul McCartney to you and me. One of the most famous men on the planet.

Although not to Kanye West fans, it would seem. There were posts on twitter from his fans praising him for helping unknown artists! Another one said ‘don’t know who the f*** this Paul McCartney is, but he’ll get a career on the back of this’


Now, since then, a story has appeared that the people knew all along who McCartney is, that they were just having a laugh and the rest of us took the bait…

Yeah, right.

It could have been a joke though – oh, it’s too confusing, I’m just going to enjoy the smile it brought to my face when I read it.

Ok, that’s it for today – starting the year with music, passion and having fun – sounds a good way to go. Let me know what you think, and if you think others would enjoy the newsletter, please do share, I’d appreciate the extra coverage.

’til next time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. I mentioned my book about profiting from your passions:
FB Passion Profits
I also mentioned my motivational book:
Transform Your Life in 21 Days!

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NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 17

"Antonio Brown"Last week of the regular season, and it seems appropriate that I return to the same player I featured in week 1…

‘Return’ is the appropriate word too, because I’m talking about 2 kick returns from Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown.

In week 1, it was a case of him trying to hurdle a kicker and ending up booting him in the face, but in week 17 he was free and clear.

A classic move by the defence, all going one way across the pitch, draws the defenders that way too. When the receiver switches back the other way, the defenders take that extra half second to react, and that half second can be all the receiver needs to make enough space to free himself.

Then, Brown found himself with really only defender in front of him, the kicker. Now, even though kickers are reknowned as terrible tacklers (it’s not really their job to be fair), because Brown had a blocker in front of him, he pointed at the kicker as someone he wanted blocked.

The trouble is, he was running so fast, he was too fast for his own blocker!
In the picture, Brown no. 84 has his blocker in front of him, who is about to hit the floor when Brown knocks him over! You can clearly see how the defenders are a half second away from him coming back from the other direction.

Next stop for Brown was the endzone for 6 points.

A great play, another example of how important special teams can be, and well worthy of this week’s moment of the week. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series – the playoffs start now, but that’s the end of the regular season.

Hopefully the moments I picked helped to show why I enjoy the game, the ups, the downs, the spectacle!

Let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,

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The Great Gordino Newsletter – Dec 31st 2014

I hope all is well with you.
Long time readers will know that I sign off wishing you health & happiness.
I mean it too.

So, on this last day of 2014, it’s a quickest of the quick edition to say I wish you health & happiness for 2015.

I don’t know what 2015 has in store for you, but I do know this –
Sometimes you can do something about the health side of things, sometimes you can’t. The happiness side though? Oh blimey, that’s there for anyone that chooses it.

That includes you.

So choose it.

‘Til Next Time,

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NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 16

This week, I had no trouble picking a moment to feature.

Marshawn Lynch.

"Marshawn Lynch"

Running back for the Seattle Seahawks, Lynch is one of those sportsmen who the media have problems with. He does a lot of charity work, and is apparently funny and amiable in person, but when dealing with interviews, he can act like a sulking teenager.

He chose not to talk to the press, and the NFL fined him, so then he did an interview, but simply answered ‘yeah’ to every question, as sarcastically as he could.

On the field, he comes into his own. His nickname is The Beast, and that’s for a reason. He’s a bulky man, and in addition to speed and the ability to change direction on a sixpence, he can bulldoze stragith through people.

This means he has to be marked by the defence, which opens up other possibilities for his own team.

The trouble for the defense though, is that even when he’s marked, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s stopped – as shown by this week’s moment.

Against the Arizona Cardinals, Lynch produced a run right out of the top drawer. It had the direction change, it had the speed, and it had him simply brushing tacklers off him.


When he got to the endzone he jumped in backwards, grabbing his crotch, which earnt him a fine of $11,000 from the NFL.

Not so brilliant.

Let’s focus on the run though – hopefully this video will play where you are, it really is one of the best you’ll see, and no question it’s the moment of the week:
Marshawn Lynch run against the Cardinals

Do let me know what you think – leave a comment below!
‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.s. Don’t forget in my book ‘FB Passion Profits!’ I showed you exactly how I made money online from the NFL, and you can do the same.

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