Jeff Lynne’s ELO in London – My Review



I hope all is well with you.


I went to see Jeff Lynne’s ELO in London, April 20th 2016, and since it’s the first gig I’ve been to for a while, (and the first at the O2), I thought I’d whack up a review…


I’m an old school ELO fan – I first got into them back in 1979, and I’ve seen them 3 times before, Wembley Arena 1981, Birmingham NEC 1983, and Wembley Stadium 1986.


None of them featured that many of the older stuff, as Jeff Lynne was tiring of being constricted by what he felt were fans demands to stay with the ‘Out of the Blue’ lush sound.


To be honest, by the 1986 Wembley show it was all over bar the shouting. When he then went off into producing and the Travelling Wilbury’s, us old ELO fans thought he had firmly shut that door.


His attempt to bring ELO back in 2001 was not a success, with a mooted tour having to be cancelled. That’s because it was basically him and a backing band, so ELO fans rebelled!


This time around, he is doing it on the back of a big revival in media pushes, a seemingly genuine interest in going back to the ELO name, but taking the fans into account by calling it Jeff Lynne’s ELO.


He played all the instruments on the latest album, Alone In The Universe, so hardly a band effort, and for the live shows he is using what is basically Take That’s live band, but there are big arena dates set up for a big tour, so I was in for a ticket!


As I said, I had never even been to the O2 Arena before, so was looking forward to seeing what it was like. I got there early enough to take a ride on the cable car across the Thames, and then it was in for the show.


"O2 Arena", "Gordon Bryan"


I stopped off at the merchandise stand for the obligatory programme, plus a nice retro style tee shirt!

"Jeff Lynne's ELO", "Gordon Bryan"


I like the arena – the sound is good. The steep seats are *really* steep, but I had booked some a bit more pricey and lower down, so the view was fine.


Support band was The Feeling. They did a really good job in their half hour slot, and gained a new fan in me!


Then after a 45 minute wait after The Feeling, it was time for Jeff Lynne’s ELO…


What a show!


"Jeff Lynne's ELO", "Gordon Bryan"


Great light show, loads of old songs, masses of hits after hits. The sound was great, and the band was as tight as a nut.


"ELO", "Gordon Bryan"


They were on for 90 mins, lots of people dancing, lots of people singing. I suspect I’m not the only old school ELO who had thought they would never hear that kind of crowd or that sense of excitement for an ELO show again!


It seems to have gone down well on social media too, always a good sign.


For such a hardworking touring band back in the day, Jeff Lynne didn’t really enjoy it as he found he couldn’t reproduce the studio sound. This time around with a musical director fully involved, the sound is superb, so hopefully it won’t be just a one off tour.


So, the Great Gordino verdict? Very nice, to say the least, and it made an old fan very happy!


That’s a memory to stick around for a while!


‘Til Next Time,

Health and Happiness,





Before you set out for a new destination on life’s ocean, don’t forget to check the state of your boat first!


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino",


Now, I will admit, that’s quite a lot of text for a ‘quote image’ – quite a mouthful rather than something that slips off the tongue. When the picture was taken, I knew I’d be using it to say something along those lines, and since I also knew I’d be expanding on it with an article, I ended up just going with the whole shebang!


I think the words and the picture make a good point as a combination, but let’s take a closer look…


I’m a big believer, a massive believer in fact, that we can take our lives in any direction we choose, with choice being the important element. If we look around at our current circumstances, we can look back and see choices we made that led to our current situation.


We might have to look a long way back, and we might not like facing up to it, but it’s true nonetheless. With that being so, then it’s irrefutable logic that by making different choices we can create different circumstances.


That may sound glib, that it’s too simplistic, and while the principle *is* simple, it’s not always easy to do it in real life, that’s clear. Sometimes it can involve some real hardship, and that’s not to be dismissed. As I say often, life isn’t always rainbows and sequins.


While accepting that it might be hard, let’s not forget that it also might *not* be hard! It may be a whole lot easier than we ever thought, and the only way to find out is to just get on with it!


I’ve written for many years that if we want to do something in life, why shouldn’t we just do it? If we want to change something, why shouldn’t we just change it?


I think we should just do the things we want, we should follow our passions, our joys, the things that make our souls feel alive!


What we shouldn’t do though, is set out willy nilly, without a plan, and this is where the picture of the knackered boat comes in…


Once you’ve decided to make a change, to take your life somewhere new, you need to answer some questions, which will set you up before you cast off. The boat in the picture is not going to get anyone anywhere anytime soon, no matter how strong the desire might be, so to make sure the boat doesn’t represent *you* and your goals, here are the questions –


1. What is your destination, your goal, exactly? Not vaguely, not roughly, but exactly? When any boat sets out on the ocean, it never sets out to go ‘over there’ somewhere – the destination is clear.


2. Why do you want it? Do you really want it at all? Is it goal that others are imposed on you, or you think they will like? You need to know the deep down reason behind you wanting the goal.


3. Why haven’t you got there already? It could be that your boat is as dodgy looking as the one in the picture! Is it because you don’t have the skills? Or you’ve been too lazy? Or bad with your time management? Skills can be learnt, including time management and motivation upkeep and seeing to these elements can be likened to fixing the holes in the boat. Leave the holes there, and you can imagine what will happen!


4. What’s the plan? You need to know the next step you have to take, which for the boat would mean the first setting of the rudder (although as previously mentioned, the rudder needs some work first!)


So, life has a mass of opportunities to offer, and it’s up to us to choose. Once we’ve done that, we need to check that we are ready before we set off. Don’t take forever doing it mind you! Don’t get stuck in the ‘paralysis by analysis’ mode where you try and get everything right before you start, but *do* make sure you have got as many of the basics in place as you can, and then off you go!


Ok, I’d love to hear what you think as ever – I love the feedback!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


P.S. This is the exact kind of issue I cover in my Transform Your Life Now coaching programme. Why not go and take a look, and you can also grab my free 8  step goal achievement formula!



The image quote I’m looking at for this article doesn’t have a fancy sunset. It doesn’t have a sunrise for that matter, nor sea nor trees nor sweeping landscapes. There’s a reason for that…


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


The whole point of me starting my own image quotes was that I liked the pictures I was taking, and having written about personal development for many (many!) years, it seemed a nice way to get the points across.


I’m enjoying doing them, but sometimes I like the make the point with no photo in the background, just to drive home the words. Sometimes the words can be simple, blunt even, but powerful, and this is just such a case.


“You know you can. You’re just choosing not to.”


Let’s break that down into the 2 halves –


You know you can. Well, what do you know you can? I don’t know you, so how am I qualified to be telling you what you can or can’t do? The answer is that I’m not in that position, but you are, and *that’s* the point!


It’s not about what anyone else thinks you can or can’t do, it’s about your own belief. In my case, (and it’s the best one for me to talk about!) I could look at being an astronaut for example, or breaking the world record for the marathon. I can’t do either of those.


I’m too old, and my body is not made in certain ways that would be necessary to do those things. Sometimes physical requirements are a factor, and if we don’t have those requirements and they aren’t things that can be developed through training, then there is little we can do, and it’s a case of accepting it.


Once you dismiss the things you can’t do, and it’s important they are dismissed as fact, not just as theory, then you are left with everything else – everything else that you *can* do!


I can tell you, that’s a big old pile of everything! It varies according to the individual, but in all probability it includes your goals. Your *real* goals too, not the goals you think you should set, but the actual goals that you know deep down are your passions and your joys.


Those goals are more than likely within your capabilities – OR, and this is the key, you have the capability to learn whatever you need to learn, to do whatever work you need to in order too get there.


Deep down you know this to be true, which leads us on to the second half of the quote –


You’re just choosing not to. If you know you are capable of achieving huge goals, or have the ability to learn and work at what’s needed to get there, the obvious question to ask is this – why do you choose not to?




The answer is fear. Most people do not pursue their goals, and that’s a choice, because they are scared.


Scared of failing. Scared of what family and friends might say. Scared of it being hard work. Scared of exposing their souls to the world. Scared of the changes it will bring. Scared of how much money it will cost, or giving up financial ‘security.’


That’s quite a list, and even a quick read of the list will have many people nodding in agreement, that these are all good reasons not to pursue a goal.


I could argue that fear is no more than a thought that we choose to believe. How often can we look back in our lives to times we were scared, but then found out something was nowhere near as bad as we’d thought.


That happens far more often than not, but those memories get hidden beneath the new layers of fear we build up, because the fear gives us comfort. It’s comfortable for us to maintain the status quo, using our fears as a permanent excuse.


It’s not comfortable really though, is it? In reality it leads to a constant nagging feeling at the back of our minds that we are deliberately holding ourselves back, that we are not living the life we could be leading, and we know it’s down to us.


Now, it could be that pursuing a goal *doesn’t* work, that it does lead to failure, that it will be hard, that the people around us might be alienated. That could happen, and since it’s a choice whether to push for our goals or not, isn’t it logical that to choose not to try is ok..?


Well, yes, it *is* ok. If that’s the choice you make, then that’s ok, as long as you accept it fully as your choice, and stop blaming it on that big list of excuses!


Personally I recommend going the other way, of course! I recommend that if you continue to ‘choose not to,’ you are doing yourself a disservice. I recommend that you choose to go for whatever it is you desire deep down, because in that same deep down place that houses the desires is the ability to fulfil them.


You might not have the ability at the moment, but you have the ability to learn, which is the same thing with a little time lag!


What’s the worst that can happen? Whatever those worst things might be, as unlikely as they are, even if they do come to pass, you’ll have the knowledge that you went for it, that you won’t have to look back and wonder ‘what if?’


Stop choosing not to. Accept that you ‘can,’ and start. It can be a life changer!


As ever, I’d love to hear what you think – do leave a comment!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,

P.S. This is the kind of topic I cover on an individual basis in my Transform Your Life Now! programme. Go and take a look, and you can grab my free 8 step goal achievement formula while you’re there!



As we pile into April, that’s 3 months of the year gone – a whole quarter! I wanted to write an article about that, and *just happened* to have some Easter Egg chocolate left to make an image to go with it…


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino",


So, going with the chocolate analogy, how has the first quarter of the year tasted? If it’s tasted nice, then great, carry on enjoying the rest of it!


If it didn’t taste too good though, then it’s a good time to assess the way forward for the rest of the year – maybe you should try a different chocolate!


That’s probably enough with the chocolate idea, but the point is a key one.


If you didn’t make plans at the beginning of the year to do something different, then in all likelihood your year so far has gone pretty much the same as last year, and it will carry on doing so too!


It may seem like pretty simple logic, and it is, but it’s something that way too many people just ignore. They think that the ‘change fairy’ is going to come along and that results will be different with no change in the input.


Clearly it doesn’t work that way, and to drive different results, we need to target different results in the first place, and then take different actions to change the current direction.


Now, it could be that you haven’t enjoyed the first quarter of the year due to external circumstances, things you didn’t do, or maybe had no control over. Well, that happens in life, to say otherwise is just silly. As I often say, life isn’t always rainbows and sequins.


We may not be able to control everything that happens to us, but can control how we react. We can choose whether to not react at all, to just let things ride and let circumstance take us where it will.


Or, we can choose to take a pro-active stance, to put steps in place to make things different. The first quarter of the year results do *not* have to dictate how the rest of the year goes – you have 3 times left the amount of time already gone!


You can make no change at all, that’s your choice. Or, you can make small changes, that’s your choice. Or you can make *massive* change, and yes, that’s your choice too.


So, to sum up, I’m going back to looking at the chocolate (something I do often!) If you’ve enjoyed how the first quarter of the year tasted, then that’s great, all well and good. If it hasn’t though, you don’t have to eat the rest of it, or you can change flavour, change brand, or switch to eating something else altogether!


Ok, do let me know what you think, I love the feedback!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


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Is It Foolish..?

It’s April 1st today, so it’s as good a time as any to ask ‘Is it foolish to set goals? To go after dreams? To follow passions?’


Well, is it..?


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


There’s a short answer, and a long answer – the short answer is ‘no,’ but since that doesn’t really qualify as a decent article, I’m going to delve a bit deeper into the long answer!


Many people say it’s not foolish at all, but there are probably more people that say it *is* foolish, so before we look at the reasons why people might say it’s not foolish, let’s look at those people saying it is…


So why do they do it? It sounds obvious that going after dreams and following our passions is a good thing to do, and that would involve setting goals, so what’s the problem?


The problems are many, as some people see it. They may see the difficulties, they may see the potential for failure, they may see ridicule from family and friends, they may know that it could only be done by going through massive upheaval and change.


With all those problems stacked up, it seems reasonable to play it safe, to leave the dreams for when we are sleeping, and to focus on the real world, the safe option.



It might *seem* the safe option, but there are 2 glaring reasons why it’s not always the safe option.


Firstly, we will be hit by difficulties in life whatever we do. Life isn’t always rainbows and sequins, to say otherwise is silly. Outside circumstances will always, *always*, bring a share of difficult things to deal with, no matter which direction we’ve chosen in life.


Secondly, if you go for the ‘safe’ option, your dreams and passions won’t just cease to exist – they’ll still be there, but now they’ll be accompanied by a nagging sense of ‘what if?’ and ‘if only.’


That sense won’t go away, and has a drip drip build up of stress, which can lead to real problems further down life’s road, both mental and physical.


Isn’t it better to take the plunge, to try things and see? If it all goes wrong, (which it might, there are no guarantees of success), then we can always fall back on the ‘safe’ option, knowing full well that we gave it a shot.


Even more importantly, although it might go wrong, it may also go *right*!
It could be that we live in line with our passions, that we follow our dreams, set goals accordingly, and then go out and achieve them!


Plenty of people do this, all the time, all around the world, from all different backgrounds! If they can do it, why can’t you? The answer is, there’s no reason why you can’t – you can!


You start by getting your mindset right, and then you follow goal achievement techniques, and you find your life heading in a new direction, one that makes you smile with anticipation, one that has you enjoying the journey.


Oh, it’s exciting!



"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino",


So to sum up, on April Fool’s Day (or any other day!), I’d suggest that no, it really isn’t foolish at all to set goals, to go after your dreams, to follow your passions. In fact I’d be tempted to argue that it’s more foolish *not* to!


As ever, I’d love to hear what you think – do let me know!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


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Vlog: Easter Weekend Sport (Sport 2)

Here’s my latest vlog, taking a look at some most enjoyable sport over the Easter Weekend. I’d love to hear what you think!







Here’s another article taking a closer look at one of my quote images…


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


The words in the image could have been boiled down to just 3 words, ‘assume the best,’ but I wanted to throw in a few extra words – not to fill out space, but to make some important self improvement points while I was there!


Let’s start at the beginning – “if you’re going to make assumptions…”


That’s a big ‘IF’!!


Now, I’m not saying we will never make assumptions, that would just be silly. If we don’t know the facts about something, then we have no choice *but* to make assumptions, right? About all sorts of things, right?


Well yes, but in my view the problems creep in when we don’t make the effort to find out the actual facts, and choose instead to take our assumptions, good or bad, as fact. Sometimes it might take a bit of effort to find out facts, but sometimes it can be amazingly simple, and in that case to not bother is just lazy.


It’s the easy way, to fall back on assumptions, particularly if those assumptions give us an excuse to not take action.


That’s what way too many people do, and whenever I hear it, or see it on social media, my instant reaction is to challenge it!


1. “I wouldn’t be able to do that.”
2. “Oh no, that would be too hard.”
3. “ I wouldn’t have the time.”
4. “What if I messed it up and failed?”


Negative assumptions.


That little lot holds so many people back, holds them back from following their passions, their joys, from pursuing the goals they know will make them feel alive.


Here’s another assumption which could be argued as positive, but I would argue holds just as many people back…


5. “ I could do that if I wanted!”


That’s a lazy assumption, and it’s just another way of excusing inaction – “I could do it if I wanted to, but don’t really want to, so that’s ok.”


It’s not ok, no, because it leads to frustration, disillusionment, an unfulfilled life.


Well, the list of assumptions is coming along now, so let’s add to it with some assumptions about other people, assumptions which hold you back just as much as the assumptions about yourself…


6. “They won’t help.”
7. “They’ll laugh at me.”


Hmm, maybe they will laugh, maybe they’ll try to stop you, maybe they won’t help, but I reckon a that list of 7 negative assumptions is long enough, so let’s look at a different approach…


6 & 7. Maybe they won’t laugh at you, and maybe they *will* help you.
5. Maybe you could tell yourself that if you want to do something, you *will* try to do it.
4. You could wonder what would happen if you *didn’t* mess up and fail.
3. You could work on your time management and *make* the time.
2. You could assume it *won’t* be too hard.
1. Maybe you could assume you *could* do it after all.


Now, that new list of assumptions is still no more than a list of assumptions, but how much better to approach life with the second list instead of the first list!


In either case you will only move past assumptions by taking action and finding out for sure, but if you assume the positive, assume the best, then your brain will be looking to verify those assumptions when you do take action.


Your brain will focus on verifying the negative assumptions just the same, if you set out that way, so when you hit a bump in the road, which is likely if you’re moving forwards, which is better – setting your brain up to look for the positives, or setting your brain up to confirm the negatives?


You might think assumptions are not important when it comes to personal development and life progress. You’d be wrong.


Your assumptions are the foundation underneath your actions, and it’s actions which produce results. So, as quickly as possible replace your assumptions with facts, but until then assume the best. Assume the best of others, and assume the best of yourself. It can be life changing.


Ok, I’d love to hear what you think as ever – I love the feedback!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


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This article looks at a point made in one of my image quotes, and it’s a point that upsets some…

"Gordon Bryan" "The Great Gordino"


“Your level of success reflects the value you bring.” 


You might consider the point and agree with it right away, or you might disagree right away, but I think it’s worth deeper examination, and the first thing to look at is what you would define as ‘success.’


Maybe you think of success in monetary terms, that success is measured in the size of the pay packet, and the material surroundings that accompany it.


It could be that you don’t think of success as a money thing at all, that success is to do with following your goals and passions, or maybe serving society.


It’s an important difference, and if you think of success as a money thing, then logic does seem to suggest that to be more successful, I.e. earn more money, you have to offer more as an employee than people on less wages.


If you bring more value, which would be a skill of some sort, then a promotion will come, and so will more money.


Why, then, does the point upset people? Well, it upsets people because of the word ‘YOU’ in the sentence – the fact that success reflects the value *YOU* bring.


I hear people moaning that they are being held back, that they aren’t being given a fair chance, their face doesn’t fit, if so and so only did this, if so and so only did that, then they’d be more successful.




If you take this view, then the problem is that you are putting the responsibility for your success in other people’s hands! The phrase doesn’t say ‘your success reflects the value that other people bring!’ It’s down to you!


If other people are holding you back, go somewhere else! If you’re not getting a fair chance, go somewhere else! If your face doesn’t fit, go somewhere else!


If you are bringing a level of value to a situation, and you don’t feel it’s being recognised with success, then there will be somewhere where it *is* recognised. To say otherwise is to shirk taking the responsibility.


It may mean upheaval, moving, travel, hardship, but if that’s what it takes, you won’t be the first and you won’t be the last who has to go through hardship to find success!


Or, if you feel you are trapped in an employment structure which will never sufficiently reward the level of value you bring, then why not branch out on your own? If the value you bring is so high, it’ll be value to customers, customers that you can find yourself!


If success for you doesn’t mean money, but passion, fulfilment, service, etc, then in many ways that’s easier, because the correlation between the level of success and the value you bring is less in the hands of others in the first place. Other people don’t control the recognition of your value, it’s a straight connection with customers.


Particularly with the power of the internet, you can put your value out there, and it will reach the people it’s intended for.


‘Success’ is indeed a slippery customer to define, because it’s an individual definition. Many people who strive for years to achieve what some people might describe as success, are deeply unhappy because they not been following their passions, so the value they have brought has been value on other people’s terms.


However you look at it, I think that’s a key element. The value you bring has to be something that’s valuable to you, because then to increase that value will seem like a natural progression rather than a hardship, and the success will come in due course, almost as a happy by-product.


If you’re trying to increase value just because someone else says you should, then you’ll most likely get caught working for someone else, probably resentful, and more than likely moaning about it. If you expect your success levels to rise in a situation like that, then it’ll be slow and laborious.


So, think of your success levels. If you’re happy with them, then great! Not everyone is unhappy with their level of success, but if you *are* unhappy about it, if you feel there could and should be more, then think about the value you bring.


Can you do more? Is your real value in fact doing something completely different to what you currently do? Your value to others and your value to yourself?


It could be that it’s time for a change, and if that’s the case, then as always, it’s down to you, and down to your choice, and my advice would be go where you know your best value is in full flow, and that’s where you’ll find your biggest success. It can be a life changer!


I’d love to hear what you think – I love the feedback!

‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


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That Time I Started Vlogging!


I hope all is well with you.


I thought I’d try a vlogging experiement!


I had been intending to create more videos from my content, particularly the self improvement content, and while I was dithering about how to do it, I saw a documentary on the BBC about vloggers.


They do it in a slightly different way than I had planned, but it prompted me to have a go, so here’s the first one!



As you can see, I’ve gone for the ‘do it now’ approach, because I realized that I *had* spent too long

thinking about it and not enough time just doing it!


So, I’d love to hear what you think! Either leave a comment here, or over at youtube.
Of course if you fancy, you can hit the subscribe to my channel button while there, which will keep you notified of new videos as they come along!


Ok, I’ll sign off for now, looking forward to finding out what you think!

‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,



Bench The Failure – A Goal Achievement Masterclass!


I hope all is well with you.


This post concerns a little experiment I am conducting, after reading a newspaper article where someone did the same kind of thing. I was tempted to have a go to see if worked, because the author of that article was worried by something that has been worrying me also.


I’ve seen various offers online about courses, or help, to get someone to be a ‘bestseller’ on Amazon.

The advantage of that is that ‘Best Selling Author’  is a line which helps coaches, writers, speakers, authors, build authority to their own brand.


That sounds all well and good, but there are problems…


Firstly, ‘Best Seller’ is extremely vague!

Secondly, these courses and offers can be expensive, running into thousands of dollars!

Thirdly, it’s something that can be done by anyone at virtually no cost, without need for such expense!


I saw an article online from The Observer about someone running an experiment to see if he could ‘knock up’ a book to get himself labelled a ‘Best Seller.’  He went on to show how he indeed pulled it off!


It made me smile, and I instantly thought of doing it myself to spread the message, so…


I decided to call the book ‘Bench The Failure – A Goal Achievement Masterclass’ because in truth, it genuinely *is* a goal achievement masterclass! I’ve decided to do something, set it as a goal, worked out how to do it, then set about taking action – that’s the good old goal achievement formula in a nutshell!


So, I’ll update this post with screenshots, but basically, I started the project at 4pm on Feb 25th, and by 6pm, not only had I finished the book, it had *already* gone through the Amazon publishing process, and was available to buy on the website!


You can see it here:
Gordon’s ‘Bench The Failure’ book on Amazon


I priced it at the minimum of just 99 cents, and if you fancy, you can take part in the experiment!


The more people that buy it, the better the chances of hitting the ‘Best Seller’ tag, which will prove the experiment – so, if you fancy buying it, I’ll even pay you back your money! As it happens, I think that taking part in the experiment will be fun, and worth 99 cents, but since the book (as part of the experiment) is only one page with a picture of the bench and a link to this very post, the offer stands that I’ll pay you your money back if you wish.


As for the bench? Well, I took that photo Feb 16th, and have already used it as one of my series of ‘quote images’.  When I read the article, the title of ‘Bench The Failure’ came to mind right away, so I used it – simple as that!


"Blue Bell Hill, Feb 2016"


I’d love to hear what you think! (and of course as a buyer of the book!)


It’s a fun experiment, (but with a serious potential point) so do bookmark, or sign up for updates!





Well, here’s the update, one day later, and it’s done it!
I was going in to change the categories, as I thought the ones I had picked (well, Amazon seemed to have picked when it published) were too big for the experiment to work. While I was there, I saw that it had hit the number 1 spot! BEST SELLER!  


Here are the pics:

"Gordon Bryan" "The Great Gordino"

"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"


How many sales did that take?

Well, finding out on Amazon seems a maze of difficulty, but I know of the grand total of 6 people who told me they had bought. There could be more, as some people were kind enough to share the project around, but I’m going with 6!
One buyer left a review, so that was it! 6 sales, 1 review, 1 photo, 1 page, 1 idea and a bit of cheek to get on and do it, and I’m now an Amazon best seller!


What does this experiment show?


Well, it shows what can be done when you take action – that’s one of my favourite words.


I had a goal, and I believed it could work because I had seen someone else do it.
I knew the plan, because someone else showed me their plan.

I took the action, and asked for help via social media.

Other people took action, based on me asking, and ‘asking‘ is another of my magic words when it comes to goal achievement!


Then it was a case of waiting to see what happened, and the result came through!


In addition to the basic goal achievement lesson, it also gives an internet marketing lesson for anyone interested – I’ve seen courses offering this kind of thing, running with costs/fees into the thousands! Don’t spend that money!


I’ve just shown you what can be done with 1 page in 1 day, and the only cost was a bit of time.


I’d love to hear your comments!


‘Til Next Time,

Health & Happiness,


P.S. Remember, if you’d like to take part in the experiment, here’s the link again:
Gordon’s ‘Bench The Failure’ on Amazon


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