$101,000 Goal Update – Jan 17th 2012

Here’s the latest update on my current goal, including a ‘D’OH!’ moment from the college application…

I’ve not heard anything yet about the application – maybe they wait until the January 15th deadline before they contact anybody. I’m not sure that’s true though, because when I went to the college open day they said the first auditions started as early as December.

I did get an email from the college though. You may remember I was having issues with the reference – lack of relevancy with work or school reference, and not allowed to have a personal one. I did spot a small line that said the college could agree that I didn’t need one.

I emailed the college and explained my ‘mature student’ status, asking if I could be excused a reference. Since they didn’t get back to me in time, I used some creativity to get one done anyway, but this week they email me to say they agreed I didn’t need one.

D’OH!! That email was only 3 days before the entry deadline, so I’m glad I hadn’t waited for it.

I am wondering how much notice they’ll give me for my first audition. I understand it to be 2 x 90 second pieces, one contemporary, one classical. I guess that means Shakespeare…

For the modern piece I am considering the panto introduction I have done hundreds of times, in front of audiences ranging from 50 to 1500. It’s energetic and involves audience participation. If not that, I’m thinking maybe something from Mel Brooks’ The Producers.

For the Shakespeare, the first thing that sprang to mind is Shylock from The Merchant of Venice. That would work, although it would make both audition pieces a Jewish character, which doesn’t seem as if I’d put much thought into the process.

No doubt I’ll get more instruction when I hear from the college…

As for the making money to fund the whole thing, well a huge component of making money online is content. If you can’t supply fresh relevant content, you may well struggle.

I love to write, and don’t think I’m too shabby at it(!) One thing I have set up is a course where I give individual tuition on how to write articles the ay I do it. It’s live 1 to 1 sessions, so not great leverage of my time, but the course does have an affiliate programme.

That means others can sell it for me, and even one sale a day is enough to see me through. You can see the letter and video about it here.
How To Write Articles The Great Gordino Way!
I hope you’re enjoying following along with the goal, don’t forget to leave feedback or ask any questions!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget, for this goal I am using the same techniques I’ve used for nearly 30 years! I wrote them all down in my book which was described as ‘motivational magic’ ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

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