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I thought it would be handy to have a page which had links to all my products in one place, so, in no particular order, here it is!

1. The Great Gordino Newsletter.
I started this back in 2003 when emailing was pretty much all there was. Now with all the different ways of sharing content, I write a lot in many different places. Signing up to the newsletter is the *only* way to make sure you are kept updated!

2. Transform Your Life in 21 Days!
I wrote this book when I started my newsletter back in 2003, and it features the ideas and techniques I have used for nearly 30 years to go on some great adventures in my life. I have now moved it to the kindle platform, and, described as ‘motivational magic’, it’s currently priced very cheaply!

3. How To Make $30 Per Blog Post!
This is one of my training products to help people make money online. Great opportunities are all around us with the technnical advances, and this audio training comes with a full money back guarantee if you find it isn’t for you.

4. The Great Gordino’s Coffee Shop Guide To Niche Selection!
Selecting the niche market is the first step of the making money formula, and it’s one that so many people get wrong. In this audio training I cover what any potential niche has to have in place before you spend time and effort on it!

5. How To Make Money From Sport.
This is a guide I wrote many years ago, and it deals with something I’ve been passionate about for many, many years – sport. I love the fact that today’s technology allows me to make money just from giving my opinions on sport, and if I can do it, you can too!
I’ve updated it for 2012, although the basic logic behind the method is exactly the same as it was way back when I wrote it. I think I’ll update this to an audio product too, but for now it’s in ebook form. Naturally it comes with no question money back guarantee.

How about my services?

6. Article Writing.
I love writing, and it allows me to create content to drive traffic and use as products. Some people hate it though, and since it’s such a vital element to success online, I offer writing articles for other people. The quality is great (even if I say so myself!), and you get a free one to judge for yourself. Once you buy the article, it’s yours to do as you wish with it, as if you had written it.

7. Article Writing 1-1 Tuition.
Yes, I offer an article writing service, but I also offer 1-1 tuition so that you can learn to write your own articles, which is much cheaper in the long run! These 5 x 1 hour lessons are not recorded, not sold on, it’s just you and me, so tailored to your needs and schedule.

Ok, there are 5 of my products, and 2 services.
I created them all to be able to express myself and help others at the same time. There are some affiliate programmes in there too, meaning you can promote them, to earn money, or you can go and grab them to learn for yourself.

These products allow you to find the motivation, use the goal achievement techniques, and turn them into making money online to allow you to live the life you want to lead!

I’d love to hear what you think, and of any suggestions you may have for new products! (I’m in the process of creating my next training, which is about how to make money from Facebook!)

Health & Happiness,

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    • Hi Tamala,
      Didn’t realise it wasn’t on this page! It’s on Amazon Kindle, called ‘Lighting The Flame’ by G.Gordino a pen name. I’ll try and sort you a complimentary copy as a thanks for pointing it out! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Brice!
      I do enjoy the writing side, so it’s handy for me to be able to offer it to others, and/or teach tem simple ways to do it!
      cheers, Gordon