Photography – Flying Scotsman, Bluebell Railway, Apr 19th 2017

"The Flying Scotsman",
Written by gordino

The Flying Scotsman is certainly one of, if not *the* most famous steam engine in the world. With an occasionally turbulent history, it’s now in fine fettle, and is either being shown off in museums, or being taken out on the tracks so people can enjoy her as she’s meant to be, puffing along the rails.

Demand is high, so she travels a lot, and this means the crowds turn up when she does, because no-one knows when she’ll be that way again.

I knew she was coming to the also famous Bluebell steam railway in East Sussex, and after mulling over whether I could be bothered with the drive on what would end up as small country lanes, I decided to go for it!

So, I worked out the journey, and the train times for when she would be there, and off I set.
I had an ‘interesting’ moment when I arrived. Because I am still getting used to my new phone, as I tried to adjust the screen brightness in the glare of the sun, I managed to turn the scree brightness down to zero!

That meant I couldn’t use it! I couldn’t go online to ask how to fix it, because I couldn’t see the screen to use it! After many bad words I had to accept I wouldn’t be using it, but luckily for me, I had decided at the last minute to take my old digital camera, so although I wouldn’t be able to take as many, I could at least get something for my journey.

I set myself up at a good post in a field looking down on the track, and despite someone else deciding to stand right in front me at the last minute, I managed to get some pics. You can click them for the bigger versions…

Flying Scotsman, April 19th 2017, Bluebell Railway.
"Flying Scotsman",

Even though she slowed down so that everyone could take photos, there wasn’t much time to hang around!
"The Flying Scotsman",

Then a toot and a puff, and it was all over…
"Flying Scotsman Bluebell Railway",

I was so glad I made the effort to go in the end – very nice to see her in all her glory – if you get the chance, do go along and see her!

Hope you enjoyed the pics, let me know what you think!

‘Til Next Time,
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