The Great Gordino Newsletter – July 7th 2014

Another busy week, so this is basically just a quick round up of what I’ve been up to…

Watching sport.

Yes, I know I do lots of that, all the time, but this week it has been in overdrive, even for me! The World Cup is ongoing, Wimbledon has reached a climax, and the Tour de France began, starting in the hills of Yorkshire, so my eyes are squarer than normal.

I regularly use sport as something to hang goal achievement principles on, and there’s one article from Wimbledon which had my crying out to write it – hopefully by next week!

I did write an article about a 25th anniversary in June that hadn’t got as much coverage as I’d expected – Tiananmen Square. You won’t get a lot of response if you mention that to the authorities in China, but it’s an event worth remembering, so here’s the article:

Tiananmen Tank Man – Twenty Five Years

"goal achievement" "the great gordino"Today is the 9th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London, and the way I chose to write about was to do with sport (no surprise there!)  I found myself inspired in 2012 by the story of Martine Wright taking part in the Paralympics, so here’s that article:

Paralympic Goal Achievement – Martine’s Bum Deal!

"Gordon Bryan"
It was my birthday during the week, so I took advantage of one of the hottest days of the year, hopped in the car and took a 30 minute drive to the seaside, enjoying a lovely stroll along the beach watching the sun go down. Sometimes the abundance we have all around us is ignored by people who are too busy moaning about what they *don’t* have instead of noticing what they, and the ability for me to enjoy such a glorious evening is an abundance I’m fully aware of!

I saw a video shared on Facebook. It was on one of those viral sites, with a title that was set up as ‘click bait’ – basically a sales headline, designed to get you to click because you’re so curious to see what happens in the video.

Well, normally I avoid those, but this one worked and had me clicking. I’m glad I did, because it got me looking closer into a man I had seen mentioned before, and will be the subject of another article in the not too distant future.

That man is Sir Nicholas Winton, and here’s the video. I found a lump hit the back of my throat as I watched, and it’s only a couple of minutes:

Sir Nicholas Winton

Ok, that’s it for this week, do let me know how things are with you,

‘Til next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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