The Great Gordino Newsletter – June 19th 2012

"Gordon Bryan"Hi,
I hope all is well with you.

Phew, I’ve had a busy week – to be honest I am struggling to make enough progress to satisfy myself with all my ideas.

What I should do is work out which is the most important, then work on that one. The trouble with that, and long time readers will know this is a problem for me, sometimes the ideas bounce around so much I have to get them out in some form or another!

You may have read my articles since the last newsletter, but if not they were:
Goal Achievement – Comma Causes Communication Chaos! which was about the power of the press, and taking action.

Then there was:
Goal Achievement – The Transit Of Venus Part 1 which was about techniques for discovery.

I have a couple more articles lined up for this week, so keep a look out, and subscribe to the blog via the box at the top right, that way you’ll get notified in your email.

Today I just had my car go through its’ MOT. That’s always a nervous time for me.
My interest in cars sits somewhere between active indifference and hatred! Getting from A to B is all I want to know about cars, so for that reason I only drive old ones.

I am never going to look after a flashy one, so what’s the point in having one? That does mean that it can be a problem when the yearly check comes around. This current car has lasted me since June 2009, and has just passed for another year with only £40 of work needing to be done.

That’s a great result for me, and reason for some celebratory chocolate…

Something else I did this week was to get my first book published on Kindle. I wrote ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’ back in 2003, to put across the ideas and techniques that have allowed me to go on some great adventures over the years.

The rise and acceptance of the kindle means that many more people might want to look at the book, so I finally got around to giving the book a little update, and then formatting it for kindle.

It also means the price is a lot cheaper – at least it is to start with! I’m launching it on Kindle at only $2.99, which is around £1.99 and you don’t even need to have a kindle to read it!

Here’s the link if you fancy a look:
‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’
By the way, I made some adjustments to the details after publishing, so if the buy button isn’t there when you take a look, try again later.

Also, on kindle you can take a look inside the book before you buy, so go ahead and read the introduction, it’s a good way of summing up the book!

I saw in the news this week that one of the few surviving first Apple computers sold at auction, for loads of money. Another auction saw lots paid one of the original 35mm cameras.

I admit I am not a real technical geek, I usually get onto things after they have become established, but I love how people develop it.

The Apple and the 35mm both took things in really new directions, by adding twists to what was already there. This is an idea that can be used for your goal achievement, because in all probability, someone else has already done whatever your goal is.

That means you do not have to reinvent the wheel, you don’t even have to *adapt* the wheel, you can just follow what others did, and create your *own* wheel!

Ok, on that note I’ll sign off for this week.

Do keep the feedback coming, I love to hear what’s happening!
‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Here’s the link to my book on Kindle again:

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