The Great Gordino Newsletter – Mar 3rd 2015

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"Gordon Bryan"
Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you’ll know that Leonard Nimoy died.
(see what I did there?)

I’ve written before about the social media torrent of posting when a celebrity dies – I wonder if some of the posts are about needing to be seen to go along with others, etc, and the use of the word ‘tragedy’ a lot.

I’m not sure it’s a ‘tragedy’ as such, but Nimoy’s passing did genuinely seem to resonate with a lot of people, and the thought of him brings a feeling of fondness.

That’s because they either have the memory of watching the early original shows, or know him through the expansion of the massive Star Trek franchise, and any such expansion always puts the originals on a pedestal.

I think more than anything, it was some of the characteristics we saw when he played Spock – the attitude of ‘live long and prosper’, and the idea of using logic to make decisions rather than clouding with emotion.

Of course what made Spock so popular was the conflict he had when he fell ‘victim’ to emotion himself, and it was Nimoy’s playing of those scenes that made them work.

What a legacy to leave behind, work which genuinely made a long term mark on society – not bad eh!

Here’s his last post on Twitter:
A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP

"English curling"
I got all excited recently when the England girls team won gold at the European Curling Challenge, meaning they secured a spot at the World Championships, the first ever for an England girls team.

That was such a result, and the result of years of progression and work.

This week they are in Estonia for those World Champs.

4 games in, 4 close games in, and they sit with 2 wins and 2 losses. Getting that first win at World level is a big thing, but to me it was not a surprise. They are not there to make up the numbers, and although they will be playing massive curling nations like Canada, Sweden and Scotland, they will give anybody a game.

I was speaking to one of the players, Lucy, after the Europeans, about how their expectation of their own performance had gone up. She agreed. I told her that it would be the same at the worlds, to go into every game with an expectation that if every stone if played right, the results would come. She took a bit of persuading on that point, but it was clear she believed it really.

The main aim of this week for them is to secure their place in the World group, because it’s such a slog to get there, and if you can finish high enough up the table, you already qualify for next year.

As I write this, they are doing much better than that. Tough games to come against Scotland, Sweden and on Tuesday, the Canadians!

Right, short and sweet this week, I’ve got a lot of curling to watch!

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  • Yes, the news of the passing of Leonard Nimoy made its way to our local newspaper. His last post on Twitter..beautiful quote! Thanks for sharing.

    Glad your admirable team won the game. I m sure they are working hard to keep keeping up!

    • Hi Sandy,
      Yes, I think it’s nice that Nimoy can be remembered with simple quotes, ideas, images, which although simple can bring a big impact.

      The girls are fighting hard in every game, a BIG week for them!
      Thanks for stopping by,