I Recently Bought Something And I Think You Should Buy The Same From Me!

I hope all is well with you.


With all the Black Friday shenanigans going on, I was thinking about something I bought myself recently. Let me tell you what I bought and why…


I am going to get back into the world of PLR, which stands for Private Label Rights. This is a big field in the online world, because with the need for content being paramount, people who can’t write, or don’t want to, can buy the licence to content written by someone else, and use it with their own name attached, either having tweaked it slightly, or using the content as is.


I had thought about setting up a PLR branch of business myself, because not only *can* I write, I enjoy it, so it’s a good way to add leverage to the effort I’ve already made. I got a certain way down the road but circumstances meant I didn’t follow it through.


I saw an offer online, which made think about revisiting the idea. It was a product about the business from an established seller in the field, but it was a bonus offered by another seller that really caught my eye, and it’s *this* that made me buy…




Tiffany Lambert has been selling her own PLR for years, and she’s been selling it by the bucket load! She also gives her opinion to you straight when posting online.


As a bonus to the product from the other PLR seller, Tiff offered her own programme of a PLR challenge, where members would be, er, challenged, to get their PLR up and for sale.


Since I already have a JVZoo account to use for selling, which is what Tiff uses, it seemed great timing for me to hop on board, and the accountability is a key element of the challenge for me.


So, that’s what I bought and why, but am I saying you should buy this course..?


No, I’m not. I want to focus on buying accountability. I’ve done it before so I know the huge value it can bring – so much so that accountability is a key element of one of my own products that I offer, my personal development programme.


In my programme, Transform Your Life Now, the idea is to work week by week on the key areas of life, career, relationships, lifestyle, health and finance, and then work out 3 steps, specific to you, that can be taken that week.


This individual coaching and accountability will move anyone who takes up the offer forwards in leaps and bounds in these key life areas.


Since it’s Black Friday, I’ve decided to run an offer for the whole of the weekend, including Cyber Monday. By the way, do they have silly names for the Saturday and Sunday too??


The programme normally costs $29 a month, which can be cancelled at any time, but for this weekend, I’m offering the first month for just $1!


Yep, just $1.


That will allow you to get a feel for the programme as well as enjoy the progress you make. Then if you don’t enjoy it, you haven’t risked anything and you won’t need to continue.


Does that sound like a good deal? I think so. In fact I *know* so, because as I said, I know the benefit of accountability. It’s why I just bought it from Tiff, and it’s why I know you’ll benefit if you buy accountability from me.


The idea of this weekend offer is a spur of the moment thing, so much so that the sales page shows the normal $29 price! That’s ok, just buy at that price, and I’ll pay you back the $28. Obviously if you have trust issues about that, I’m not for you anyway, but it’ll be a nice way to kick off our interactions!


Here’s the link:
Sign up to my Transform Your Life Now programme for $29 and I’ll give you $28 back!


Ok, do pop over and have a look, and let me know what you think, I’d love to see you on the inside.


‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. This is a great way to set you up to hit 2016 up and running! Transform Your Life Now first month for $1 offer!

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