Goal Setting – June 1st Is Mid Year Resolution Time!

goal achievement with GordinoAs June 1st rolls around, (which it seems to every year), in my view it’s one of the most important days in the goal setting field, one of the most important days in *your* surroundings. It’s something I’ve written about many times, so read on to find out why…

On January 1st, everyone turns their thoughts to New Year Resolutions. The holiday season is in full swing, and people joke about them giving up smoking, or starting that diet, or finding love.

Whatever the goal might be, people declare that this is the year it will happen. So, what’s the problem – stating goals is a good thing, right?

Well stating goals is a good thing, yes, but the main problem with New Year resolutions is that no-one really believes them. Neither the people making them, nor the people hearing them.

The whole process is viewed as a joke, with the punch line being that the New Year Resolutions will fail again, as they always have.

Believing in a goal is essential for it to come to fruition. Believing in your own worth to achieve the goal will give you the fortitude to take actual steps towards it. Those steps will include a full goal setting process, mapping out the journey between where you are now and where you want to be, with the actions needed along the way.

Then you will need the belief that your goal will actually happen, in order for you to start on those actions you have researched. If you don’t have the belief, you are shackling yourself, tying a weight around your ankle which will keep you fixed in your current circumstances.

So bearing all that in mind, you can see why I doubt the power of the New Year resolution. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they never work, but I think they have too much negative mental baggage.

June 1st is a much better day. Half of the year has gone, there is a full half left.
You can look back on the first half, and see what you have managed to achieve. You may be on the right track, in which case you work out how to carry on, assessing your action plan if needed.

If you aren’t where you want to be yet, check your plan, and re-evaluate the steps.
If you don’t have a plan, make one! It’s a vital element of the achievement process.

Unlike the New Year, this set of resolutions will not have the jokey dismissive atmosphere around them, this set of resolutions is serious.

If you genuinely want to have something or be something different, and genuinely want to take the steps needed, then you must not set out on that path joking that you expect to fail.

You need to set out with a serious map laid out before you, and that’s why I think it’s better to set Mid Year resolutions on June 1st rather than New Year ones in January.

I have written about this often, and I make no apology for standing by the same ideas I haveused for over 25 years to go on some great adventures. You can read about the rest of the ideas (and the adventures!) in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

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  • Hi Gordon,

    Sorry but I missed this post by accident and an important one indeed.

    I set my goals so high the were impossible to reach. I got myself off track. I’m back on track now thanks to your post.

    I have to go back over your book for another read. I’m 63 years old now and retired. Some times I forget things, thanks for the reminder.

    I like the idea of setting goals in June. It brings me back to myself and I hope others too. I love reading your posts because your writing skills are incredible. You write in plain language so everybody can understand.

    Thank you so much for the post!

    You have a wonderful week ahead.


    • I found it such a helpful technique myself Linda!
      As with the other tips in my book, I know they have value precisely *because* I’ve used them myself.

      Thanks for your very kind words – I enjoy writing, and it’s always appreciated when others tell me the enjoy it too!