Something I’ll Be Writing More About From Now On

I’ve been writing about goal achievement, self improvement and personal development for a long time. For 10 years in fact, when I started my online newsletter called, er, The Great Gordino Newsletter.

When writing about those subjects, I would often mention the subject of abundance, appreciating the wealth of abundance that we have around us, but take too much for granted.

I’m not about to stop writing about goal achievement, because it’s been a passionate subject for me since I was around 18, when I started to put goal achievement theories into practice, and boy, did it take me on some adventures!

In fact, it’s precisely *because* I’m not going to stop writing about goal achievement, that has led me to my current position of starting to write a lot more about a related subject…

I intended to start at the beginning of 2012, but, (and this is something I’ve written about!), I decided not to wait, and to just get on with it instead.

So, what’s that subject..?

Making money.

Specifically, making money online, using a blog.

It’s a related subject to goal achievement, because one of, if not *the* biggest reason people don’t go after their goals is money.

They either don’t have enough money to put into their goal, or they are tied to a job that pays the bills, and don’t feel able to give it up.

That’s ok, it’s a normal situation. It doesn’t have to be the end of the story though. The internet of today provides massive opportunity to make money, which you can use to make huge changes in your life.

I’m intending to put my foot down in that area myself, and part of that is to help others to do the same. When I say ‘others’, I mean you if you want it.

Lots of online marketing teaching focuses on a figure of $100 dollars a day. It’s a nice round figure, and it’s also a figure which would allow most people to drastically change things in their life.

It also gives an easy target to measure against – that’s why so many marketers use it, and it seems good enough for me.

My plan at the moment is to provide unlimited email access to subscribers, teaching both the broad basics and the technical details of how to set up a blog to make money online.

If, as you read this, you don’t believe you can make money online with a blog, that’s ok. That lack of belief probably comes from a lack of understanding rather than actual experience of trying and failing.

My writing in the past, and the future, can help change that belief of yours.

In fact, you can have an online business set up within 4 weeks, and that will be the first part of my coaching.

I’m thinking of a price of $27 per month, so think to your own goal – would $100 a day make a difference to you? What difference would it make to you if you made 2013 the year when it finally happened?

If you agree that it would make a difference, and you would like 2013 to be that year, then do not wait until New Year Resolutions, get a head start and get going now!

Instead of starting in January 2013 and getting your blog up and running by February, you could start now and already have the blog up and running at the very start of the year!

Starting is easy – just contact me for more information. It will be personal emailing between you and me, not a member of staff, not a support desk, but me, so it seems fair that I offer that email contact, for free, to let you find out more about what I offer, and how you’ll go about setting up your blog within the first 4 weeks, ready to go and ready to earn you money.

Interested? I look forward to hearing from you, and as always I look forward to any comments or feedback you may have.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Just contact me via the contact page at the top of the blog, or you can get me on facebook – no hard selling, just more information if you’d like to find out more and make 2013 on to live long in the memory as a milestone year for you.
P.P.S. You can also find out more about setting up your blog in 4 weeks by clicking the free video banner at the side of the blog about taking the challenge!

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