The Great Gordino Newsletter – May 12th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

Oh blimey, I’ve been slacking with the newsletter lately!

We had the general election looming here in the UK, and I got involved in discussions on and offline about it. Plus I have been busy with my articles for Huffington Post.

I have also been trying to sort out a couple of new project ideas which I want to do since the sports journalism course is still currently not on the cards.

I had so many things to write about, I fell into an old trap, which is that I ended up not writing the newsletter at all because I was feeling overwhelmed about picking the subject!

Hopefully you’ll be following me on face book, which is the best place to follow immediate updates. If not, here’s the link to The Great Gordino on Facebook – pop pver and get connected!

So, since the last actual newsletter, I’ve had a few articles published on Huffington Post – strictly speaking I should publish them here first, as this is *my* webspace and then go to HuffPost afterwards, which they do allow.

However, since I’m just starting out there, I wanted to give them the freshest fresh stuff, which means publishing as posts here after they’ve appeared there.

If you want to follow me there, you can go to my profile, and click to get notified of new articles. Mainly sports, that’s the point of it, but I have been publishing political ones in the run up to the election! Here’s my Huffington Post profile.

The election brought some stories – there was the surprising big win for the Conservative party, which no-one expected. There was the fallout afterwards, with the leaders of 3 parties resigning within the space of one hour.

There was the reaction from Labour supporters to their loss, which online at least seemed to revolve around blaming anyone but the fact they simply failed to win their argument.

There was the amazing rise of the SNP party, going from 6 seats to 56 seats in the space of 1 parliament, and there was Mhairi Black, who at 20 became the youngest MP for 350 years!

A lot going on, which I’ll try to get to in upcoming articles. It could be argued that on a blog I should just cover them in short posts rather than articles, but I do like the article format, and find that Facebook works well for the shorter posts.

Ok, here are the articles you’ll find since last time, on my Huffington Post profile, linked above.
– Sorry To Burst Your Balloon, But Spoiling Your Ballot Isn’t The Big Bad Protest You Think It Is!

– Oh How The NFL Would Love To Have A Story Like Bournemouth FC!

– Why It’ll Feel Weird Not Voting For Myself!

– Tom Brady Punished – Have The NFL Overblown It?

Ok, that’s it for this time – I’d love your feedback as ever!

‘Til next Time,
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