$101,000 Goal Update – Dec 20th 2011

Well, I’ve just watched two TV shows which gave me a motivation boost for my goal, so I thought I’d post an update…

The shows were the Royal Variety Performance, and the Glee Xmas Show.
The Royal Variety is something I grew up watching every year, and is a classic example of the kind of TV diet I had which gave me a love of light entertainment.

After a few patchy years, the Royal Variety has gone back to more of a variety line up, and it’s much the better for it.

As for Glee, well up to now I had not seen it – I saw the Xmas show billed, and decided now would be as good as time as any to see if I liked it. I loved the Xmas show! Very cheesy and shmaltzy, but giving plenty of hat nodding to TV specials of the past, and I like that.

Both of the shows had me itching to get on with my goal, but as for the acting degree, well there is not much I can do at the moment. I am waiting for my presonal referee to complete the referecne for me via the application website, so I can’t do anything but wait until that’s done.

I have been working on the blogging side of things, which is where the $101,000 will be coming from!

You can follow along at my Make Money Blogging blog, and hopefully you have grabbed my goal achievement book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’If I don’t connect with you again before Christmas, I hope you and yours have a happy and healthy time, however you celebrate!

‘Til Next Time,

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