$101,000 Goal Update – Feb 13th 2012

Here’s this week’s update on the goal…

I did say last week that by this week I needed to have decided on my audition pieces, and I have (although as is my wont I may well change my mind!)

I’ve decided to go with the panto scene, but with a twist. I am supposed to choose to do one choice in full, and part of the other, and the panel may ask me to do both in full.

I had originally thought of the panto scene to do in full, but have decided to switch that, and use it as my shorter scene.

This allows me to still have it as a piece I am comfortable with and I feel works for me (both elements they suggest), while leaving the full 90 second slot for the classical piece, some Shakespeare.

I did have an early problem with the Shakespeare though – when I started to mess around with how I might play the scene, I found that it didn’t take long for my first attempt to slip into Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons!

I then started to imagine Homer…waiting offstage for his audition, telling himself ‘don’t do Sideshow Bob, don’t do Sideshow Bob’ and then going out and doing Sideshow Bob… D’OH!!

That’s an image I’ll now have to get out of my head – can’t have that lingering in the air on the 29th! Unless the panel ask me after if I was doing Sideshow Bob, in which case the answer will be a cheerful ‘or course!’

Well, you’ve got to laugh.

I watched a few performances of the scene on you tube, but decided I shouldn’t watch anymore – they had been varied enough to give me confidence to do it as I see it, and I don’t want to be drawn into imitating someone else’s style.

As for the funding side of things, one of the products I am offering, is 1 to 1 tuition on how to write articles. This will be 5 x 1 hour skype sessions, which really will allow me to teach someone how to put articles together, and then how to use them.

It’s not great leverage of my time, but I do know it gives value and help to anyone taking up the offer – it also offers $50 affiliate commission, so if any of my internet marketing buddies are reading this, then do get in touch!

I’ve put up a video about the article writing course here:

Ok, that’s it for now, do let me know what you think,
‘Til Next Time,
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