NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 16

This week, I had no trouble picking a moment to feature.

Marshawn Lynch.

"Marshawn Lynch"

Running back for the Seattle Seahawks, Lynch is one of those sportsmen who the media have problems with. He does a lot of charity work, and is apparently funny and amiable in person, but when dealing with interviews, he can act like a sulking teenager.

He chose not to talk to the press, and the NFL fined him, so then he did an interview, but simply answered ‘yeah’ to every question, as sarcastically as he could.

On the field, he comes into his own. His nickname is The Beast, and that’s for a reason. He’s a bulky man, and in addition to speed and the ability to change direction on a sixpence, he can bulldoze stragith through people.

This means he has to be marked by the defence, which opens up other possibilities for his own team.

The trouble for the defense though, is that even when he’s marked, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s stopped – as shown by this week’s moment.

Against the Arizona Cardinals, Lynch produced a run right out of the top drawer. It had the direction change, it had the speed, and it had him simply brushing tacklers off him.


When he got to the endzone he jumped in backwards, grabbing his crotch, which earnt him a fine of $11,000 from the NFL.

Not so brilliant.

Let’s focus on the run though – hopefully this video will play where you are, it really is one of the best you’ll see, and no question it’s the moment of the week:
Marshawn Lynch run against the Cardinals

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  • Visiting and watching the video and 2 other videos in the comments from the link above, I realized why this football and rugby were never my cup of tea. Simply because they are so rough! Now I recall the image of a mud clad rugby chap (neighbour) returning home many many years ago, as well as a photo image of few rugby kids having match in the muddy field because of preceeded heavy downpour, and how their eyes got infections. Not good…

    Having said that, same goes for hockey, baseball, cricket etc…Hmm…is ‘hazardous’ the appropriate word to describe such games??? ;p

    • Ha! Rough indeed, but that’s why lots of people (myself included) enjoy it. It’s the combination of that brute strength with the tactical decisions and athletic ability!
      I can’t imagine too many NFL players complain about the mud though! 😉