Passion Profits Interview – Nigel Adams Artist

"Gordon Bryan", "Nigel Adams"
Written by gordino

I’ve released an interview I recorded with artist Nigel Adams.
It’s all to do with using the internet to turn passion into profits. In this case it was to do with art, and Nigel as a professional artist – the content though (in particular my Passion Profits twist) means that the ideas work for *any* passion, and that means they can certainly work for YOUR passion!

In the videos, which were more conversation than interview, here’s what you’ll learn:
– The 1 Sentence Profit Fundamental behind anyone making any money. You must understand this vital point.
– Nigel’s backstory leading him up to the present day as an artist.
– Gordon bringing internet marketing ideas that Nigel can use (and of course you can use too)
– The Passion Profits twist, and the potential behind it.

There are plenty of goal achievement and self improvement nuggets in there too!

I had originally thought we go for about an hour, but we ended up at 3 and a half hours! So, I’ve broken it down into bite sized chunks so it’s easier to digest.

I’d love to hear what you think, love to hear about your story and about your passion!

You can find out more at:
Nigel and Gordon – Passion Into Profit!
"Gordon Bryan", "Nigel Adams"
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