Self Improvement – Get Ready To Tax Yourself This April!

Tax Yourself in April!The beginning of April looms large in many people’s minds, as here in the UK it marks the end of a tax year. Of course that also means the start of a *new* tax year, and you can use this as a nudge for your self improvement goals…

Accountants get swamped with last minute workloads, and various company departments can go on a budget spending spree to use up any leftovers before the tax year ends. Once the calendar clicks over to April 6th, the whole thing starts again, new budgets are released, and plans rolled out to achieve the targets set out for the next tax year.

It can all be rather, for want of a better word, taxing. What’s this got to do though with your own self improvement..?

Well, April marks three months of the year gone. A quarter of the year has passed, and as arbitrary a figure as that may be, it’s a good a time as any to take a step back and look at the year so far.

Has it gone according to plan? Are you as far down the road to your goals as you thought you’d be? You *did* set goals for the year, right?

Maybe your year so far has gone exactly the same as last year, and that’s because you’ve been doing exactly the same as you did last year! Your results won’t change unless your action changes.

Yes, your actions are unlikely to change unless you’ve made efforts to change your attitudes, but all the attitude changes in the world won’t make any difference unless they are backed up with action.

If you’ve taken no action, but expected different results, then that’s your answer right there – both as to why nothing’s changed, and for what you need to do to make things different.

If you’ve taken some action, then you have gone in the right direction, because you will have learnt if that action is in the right direction or not. You may have decided that it’s not something you want to pursue any more, which is fair enough, but do make sure you have given it a good enough go.

In most cases though, people simply haven’t taken enough action. They just haven’t worked hard enough. No-one said self improvement or goal achievement was easy. I’ve not said that in all the years I’ve been writing about it.

I have said that the formula and theory can be made easy, yes, but that never takes away the need for good old hard work. Show me anyone who has achieved their goals, and I’ll show you hard graft. There are exceptions, of course, but as the saying goes, it’s normally the exceptions that prove the rule!

So, as another tax year end ticks by, use it as a staging post, an opportunity to reflect on the year so far, and how you want the rest of the year to pan out. It will pan out one way or another, so why not be the one in charge of how it goes? Take control – set, or reset your goals, your self improvement targets. Then get ready to buckle down and tax yourself and see how much hard work you can put in!

Do ket me know what you think, I love the feedback!

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