Want To Jump? Then Decide, Learn, And Jump!

"Clare Trenchard", "Gordon Bryan"
Written by gordino

I’m taking a look at another of my quote images, and this one might make you jump..!

I took that photo down at Lyme Regis on the south west coast here in Britain, and as I wandered around I came across some statues around the park area. They were made by artist Clare Trenchard, and I did enjoy them.

This one in particular, is a rabbit doing a circus act – odd, you might think, and I’d agree, but when I saw it, it made me smile, and I thought it would make a nice picture looking down towards the harbour and the famous harbour wall, so I took it!

You can see my other photos of sunrise and sunset at Lyme Regis elsewhere, but for this article I want to focus on the idea I put over the top of the image…

“Want to jump? Decide to jump. Learn to jump. Then jump!”

Yes, yes, I know the grammar is all over the place, but you can get away with that on these types of self improvement images (just!)

The words are powerful, because the contain many of the key steps of the 8 step goal achievement formula that I’ve been using for over 30 years to go on some great life adventures.

Applying the words can be life changing, and if someone complains about their life, more often than not, it can be put down to *not* applying them!

So, let’s look a bit deeper…

Want to jump?

What does this mean for you? Is it a jump into the unknown, or do you know exactly what the jump will be? Is the focus jumping away from something around you now, or is the focus on jumping to a new level to change things? *Why* do you want to jump?

Phew, that’s a whole load of follow on questions! It needs to be though, and it could be applying to any area of your life – health, lifestyle, relationships, career, wealth. You need to know the answers, because jumping involves leaving the ground, so you want to be clear on the ‘before’ and ‘after’!

Once you’ve looked closer at what jumping actually means, and the reasons behind you wanting to, it’s on to the next step…

Decide to jump.

Following on from the wanting to jump, you need to decide that you will. This is where the attitude element of self improvement comes in. Working out what you want to change is great, but that won’t amount to anything without deciding that it will happen.

You need to believe that it can happen, that you are worthy of it, and then that it *will* happen because you’re going to make it happen.

This is a layered approach to self improvement and goal setting which builds a solid foundation for you to actually move forwards. Without it, you can still have success, of course, but you relying more on chance, on outside circumstance, and you are also in danger of keeping the idea of jumping as just that, only an idea.

A big barrier for many people when it comes to the belief stage, is that they don’t know how to actually move forwards. They don’t know the next steps, or they know the next steps but don’t have the skills. If that’s the case…

Learn how to jump.

Not knowing how to do something is not a fault. It’s not a failing. It’s just a fact.
Anyone who has done anything, did not know how to at first.

Seriously, look at the top of any profession, look to who inspires you, to who you’d like to follow. Did they get there by chance? By magic? Were they always at the top with no lower level for them?

At some point, they didn’t know. This also means that at some point, they did what you will need to do –

They learnt.

With the power of the internet, pretty much all of human knowledge is available to us, and available to us easily. It’s a quite staggering opportunity, and to be honest, if you told me there was no way for you to gain the knowledge, I’d tell you that you are wrong, particularly as you are reading this via the same internet that gives you the opportunity!

So, you wanted to jump, you’ve decided to jump, you’ve learnt how to jump, but you still haven’t jumped yet?

Then jump!

Ah, the jump! Sounds great doesn’t it, and it *is* great! There is nothing better than taking action to see something move forwards!

The jump doesn’t have to be a big earth shattering event though. It’s likely that as part of the deciding, as part of the learning, you will have already jumped. It’s also likely that the jumps along the way will involve falls.

Those falls are normal. They aren’t failures, they are part of the process, and must be viewed as such.

"Clare Trenchard", "Gordon Bryan"

When it comes to the jump, in this article I’ve tended to focus on the jump being a life change, and maybe a big one at that. It doesn’t have to be. It could be a little hop to make a small change, to see how it feels.

It could also be a jump just because it’s fun, and ‘just’ involves doing more of the things you enjoy in life. That can bring huge benefits, and should not be downplayed.

The plan I’ve gone over works for all these jumps – the big ones, the small ones, the fun ones, the serious ones. Some people might argue that this is too much planning, that it can lead to overwhelm instead of action, that if someone wants to jump, they should just get on and jump, maybe into the deep end!

That argument is not automatically wrong! It can work wonders, to simply want, decide, then act all at once, dealing with the learning as it comes up, and it can bring results too! It doesn’t always work for everyone though. For some people the thought of that instant jump is what causes the overwhelm, and the layered foundation I’ve covered helps greatly with this, and will not do any harm to those wanting to jump a little but quicker!

It’s the end result of the jumping that I want people to get to, and I’ve never been one to say there are only set ways of doing things. Quite the opposite and I’m always open to taking new ideas and angles on board. I have found the formula works for me though and have no doubt whatsoever that it will work for anyone applying it.

So, Want to jump? Decide to jump. Learn to jump. Then jump! It really can be a life changing experience, try it!

Ok, I’d love to hear what you think – do leave a comment!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Here’s that link again to the free 8 step goal achievement formula!

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