Why The Great Gordino Name..?

The Great Gordino – What’s In A Name..?

I often get asked why I use the ‘Great Gordino’ name, and it’s a reasonable question!

I thought I’d use me getting a new theme for the blog as a prompt do actually doing a post to explain it in one go, so here we are..!

When I first started out in the world of entertainment, I wanted to create an act that I could ‘hang my hat’ on, and for some reason, I had in mind a vinyl LP I had, of a Muppet Show.

On that record, which was styled as an old time music hall show, one of the ‘acts’ was Gonzo in his guise as The Great Gonzo. Funny already, right..?

He came on, and proceeded to do his speciality act, which was to eat a rubber tyre to the music of The Flight of The Bumble Bee.

Since this was a record, it was left to the listener’s imagination to create the picture, as the music began, and you could hear chomping noises over the top, as Gonzo started to eat the tyre. After a short while the orchestra played a finale, and that was the end of the act!

The whole track on the record only lasts a short while, but the surreal nature of it made me giggle.


I thought I’d create an act in tribute to it, and came up with The Great Gordino blowing up a rubber shark to In The Hall of The Mountain King.

I bought myself an inflatable shark, and a backing track for the music. For the act, I’d start blowing up the shark to the music, and as the music built to a fast crescendo, I’d pace the blowing so that I’d finish blowing it up at the same time the music ended.

"The Great Gordino"

A very nice tribute to that Muppet Show record I thought, and amusingly surreal to boot.

The problem was, that unless you knew the reference, the act was just odd, to say the very least, and I was met to a lot of silence with that act…

So, the act itself didn’t last long, but the name The Great Gordino made me laugh then, and it still does now, 20 years later!

I use the name as a nickname offline, and started to use it as a brand name online. The idea is that when someone sees content with that name attached, or a product even, they know it will be made with genuine intentions, from a base of integrity, because that’s a core message I put out.

The other core messages, about goal achievement, self improvement, creating and appreciating wealth, be that financial or abundance wealth – well, they are also encompassed in the story behind the name, so that’s why I stick with it.

It does have downsides, because it can imply something to do with clowns, or children’s entertainers, and until someone gets to know me and/or the story, it can give out a confusing image.

That’s OK, I’ll take that, because I’m all about people finding out the ‘real’ me anyway – getting to know me and my story while I get to know them and theirs.

So, that’s the story behind the name. I hope it maybe brought a smile to you, as it still does to me. Do leave a comment, do watch the video about the story, I’d love to hear what you think.

‘Til Next Time,
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