What Does The Death of Stars Have To Do With Goal Setting?

I watched a documentary recently called ‘The Wonders Of the Universe’, presented by Professor Brian Cox. It gave me idea after idea relating to goal setting and goal achievement. In this article though, I’m going to focus on one, and it’s the death of stars. What does this mean for your goal setting? Read on to find out more…

All stars will die – in fact many of the stars in the night sky are light remnants from massive explosions, as stars collapse in on themselves and then explode.
Our own sun is no exception – as a star it is destined to follow the same pattern.
It will run out of fuel, then it will collapse on itself, then burst outwards in a final explosion.

Who says this will happen? Well, it’s more of a ‘what’ than ‘who’, and it’s the arrow of time that says it. The arrow of time says that time moves forward, that nothing stays the same.

We are all familiar with the concept of time moving forward, because we can see it in our own ageing process, but *why* does time move forward?

The answer comes from the development of steam power. As engineers worked on more efficient ways to heat water to create power, the 2nd law of thermo dynamics was born. This states that everything moves from a state of order to a state of disorder, and this is called entropy.

This concept is important, as it gives scientific basis to the arrow of time, and is therefore important to your own goal setting, so I want to go into it a bit further…

In the documentary, Cox used an example of sand castles in a desert.
If we build a sand castle, it’s a very ordered way of arranging sand. If we then leave it, it will be taken apart by the wind, taking it back to the disordered form of the desert around it.

Although physics states that the wind *could* blow the sand around and create a sand castle, it’s highly unlikely, because there are so many ways for the sand to be disordered, that it’s the disordered form which will take over.

Order will go to disorder. It’s why the sun will die along with all the other stars, and it’s an idea which should drive you in your goal setting.

Your present will not endure, your future *will* happen, it *will* be different than your present. This is a fundamental law of science.

So, what will your future look like? Well that’s up to you…

You can either drift along, and let your future happen to you, or you can grab the steering wheel, and direct that future into what you want it to be.

Using well established goal setting techniques, and goal achievement strategies, you can make a future which you would not have thought possible.
In 5 years time, you will look back and see the passage of time, things will undoubtedly be different to how they are today. How much better will it be if, when you do look back in five years, you can say that you directed the change, that the difference between the future you and the past you was down to, er, you!

As it happens, of course, choosing not to set goals can be equally decisive in forging your future, with the massive difference being that to choose not to direct your future is to choose to be buffeted by circumstance.

Don’t get me wrong, setting out on a path of goal achievement will always have unknowns ahead, and some of those unknowns may be very bad. Unpleasant things happen to us all though, and having a set of goals makes them much easier to deal with.

You can’t choose *everything* about your future, anyone that says otherwise is simply wrong. There are ‘dos’ and don’ts’ in goal setting and goal achievement, but my point in this article is the concept that the future will happen whether we want it to or not, that time will always move forwards.

If preparation is made, action taken, and opportunities grabbed, we stand a far better chance of the future being more how we want it to be rather than less.

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