$101,000 Goal Update – Feb 27th 2012

The Great GordinoWell, it’s an exciting week – my first audition on Wednesday! My preparation has naturally been stepped up…

Wouldn’t you know it, I have a massive spot on my nose just as my audition looms – damn you, self bought Valentine’s chocolate!

I’ll be at Rose Bruford college early Wednesday morning, with my 2 monologues ready to go. I have to perform one in full, and part or all of the other one.

I’m really looking forward to it – yes, the adrenaline will be flowing on Wednesday, but I do enjoy the performing so much, and I’ll be viewing it as that, a performance, rather than an audition.

It seems there is also a group musical workshop. Who knows what that might involve!
I’ve applied for the acting course *and* the acting with musicianship. The monologue audition is to exactly the same 2 people, so it’s just the one audition rather than doing it twice.

As it happens, I’d quite enjoy doing it twice, it would give the chance to show how you can replicate a performance.

I was working on the panto piece at the weekend, which I had decided to use as my short piece, when I just felt it didn’t feel right.

Having been advised that the college looked down on panto, I felt that 45 seconds would not be enough time to convey anything worth ignoring that advice for. So, I switched, and have decided to go for a Henry Higgins speech from Pygmalion instead, to go with the Shylock monologue for the Shakespeare.

As for the blogging side of things to fund it all, my next product idea to add to the arsenal is another audio product, which I have high hopes for. I am still cranking out the articles for long term traffic generation and content to use. I’ll also be using the 84th Oscars this week with my Make Money From Movies technique.

Ok, that’s it for this week – wish me luck!
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