An Athlete Misunderstands An Interviewer’s Question, And Her Response Will Inspire You!

"Kelly Gallagher"I’ve never been a huge fan of the immediate post race interview in sport, but yesterday I saw one that struck home when the athlete misunderstood the question…

The athlete in question was Kelly Gallagher, a visually impaired skier. Kelly, with her guide Charlotte Evans, had just won gold in the Super G at the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi.

That was the first British gold ever at a Winter Paralympics, so that makes it worthy of special note. The interviewer Rachael Latham asked the usual question – how does it feel?

Let’s face it, the athlete is hardly going to say ‘it feels cr*p’ are they, and that’s what makes these interviews a bit inane in my view. Even though the questions are designed to get the athlete talking, they normally just give stock answers from their media training anyway.

One of Latham’s follow up questions was to do with Gallagher missing out on the medals coming 4th, at the last Paralympics in Vancouver. ‘Was it worth the 4 year wait?’ she asked.

To me, Latham was asking if the feeling of winning gold was enhanced because it came after having to wait 4 years for another go, but Gallagher took the question slightly differently, and this is her answer that made me take note, and put a smile on my face…

‘It wasn’t waiting,’ she answered, ‘it was 4 years of work. Hard work, all the time.’
She then went on to talk about the challenges she and her guide had faced, including coming last in the downhill the previous day, that both of them had to recover from bawling their eyes out.


I always find myself inspired by the Olympics, but find the Paralympics has that extra wow factor of knowing what they go through with their disabilities. Throwing yourself down a mountain at 60 mph eyes with next to no vision takes guts, and I just want to clap my hands at the television all the time!

If you think you have barriers to your goals, take a long hard look at these athletes, then take a long hard look at yourself. Do you have the kind of barriers that they have, or is your life an easy road in comparison?

Yes, we all have difficulties to overcome in life, but some people have extra difficulties to start with. Then take a look at the work that Gallagher mentioned. Are you prepared to put in years of hard work to get to your goal, or do you prefer to moan at life instead?

Well done Charlotte, and well done Kelly. That one answer to one question could be the moment of the games for me, and it’s something I can think about for years to come if I need some inspiration. That’s why I’m writing about it, and I hope you can see the same inspiration that I can!

Do let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

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  • Yes very inspiring – and the answer ‘It wasn’t waiting,’ she answered, ‘it was 4 years of work. Hard work, all the time.’ is perfect for our business successes also – thank you for bringing this great athlete to our attention – I missed that event 🙂

    • I’m not sure how much coverage there was of the 2010 Games, but I’m certainly having my eyes opened watching it this time around!
      Thanks for stopping by,
      cheers, Gordon