The Great Gordino Newsletter – Mar 18th 2014

I hope all is well with you.

Sunday saw the closing ceremony of the Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi. I really enjoyed it. These ceremonies can often leave me cold, but in a country with a rich circus history, there was a distinct Cirque du Soleil feel to the show, and that always pushes my buttons.

There was a decidedly odd feel to the event though – the stadium was built just to host the opening and closing ceremonies of these 2 winter games, and it will now be converted at huge cost to host football matches.

Also, Vladimir Putin was there soaking up some glory, while at the same time grabbing land from Ukraine with little impunity from the west.

People said we shouldn’t have gone to either games, because of the Ukraine situation and Russia’s approach to gay people. I’ve always said that boycotts have little effect though, and damage the athletes more than anyone else.

Oh yes, the athletes…

As ever, the Paralympics have that extra layer of inspiration over the Olympics, because of the back story of overcoming obstacles that every athlete has. I’ve never seen so much coverage of the Winter Paralympics before, and it was stunning.

My jaw was on the floor as blind skiers went down the mountain, skiers with one leg, skiers with no legs, and so on. Just amazing.

Not only do they inspire others, they inspire *themselves*, and it made me wonder this…

Do you act in a way that would be inspirational to others? Just as importantly, or maybe more importantly, do you act in a way that inspires *yourself?*

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