Goal Achievement – Do You Wish Your Mum Was A Footballer?

It may seem an odd question to ask, but the careers of your parents can seem to have an unduly strong influence on your goal achievement. In this post I will explain why you don’t need your mum to be a footballer…

Or your dad to be a ballet dancer, or your aunt to be a rock star!

It’s easy to think it would help though, isn’t it. Whatever your goal is, it’s tempting to look at people who have famous parents, who follow them into those careers. They must have it really easy, with all those contacts, all those doors swinging open before them, right?

Well, no, not always.

Yes, it’s true that whatever your parents do, is something that you will be exposed to, something that will seem normal, so while it may seem an unusual career choice for others, for you it may be the only environment you’ve known.

You can see it in the movies, in music, in sport.

Something you can also see though, although you might have to look a bit harder, is how tough it can be to have a famous parent. Sometimes when a famous child wants to follow their parent, they get doors *shut* in their face, or they have to work that extra bit harder to prove themselves on merit, to show they are not just getting a free hand up.

There’s another reason to get past this idea of wishing a different career on your parent…

Even if it does make it easier for some children, the parent won’t have necessarily followed *their* parent. Somewhere up the line there will be someone who took a new direction, took a risk and forged their own career, making their own choice.

That’s the example you should look to! Also, how about the success stories in the field you want to get into, who had no parental assistance? They are much more common, and again provide superb examples for you to follow.

So, if you do wish your parent did something else, get past it! If it helps, imagine that they *did* do the job you are thinking about – what contacts would it give you if your mum was a footballer, what lessons would it teach you if your dad was a ballet dancer?

Then go out and make the contacts yourself! Go out and learn the lessons yourself, and you will be in just the kind of position you imagine is handed down so easily to others.

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