Steve Jobs + Randy Pausch = Double Dose Of Life Affirmation!

It’s no surprise that following the death of Steve Jobs, the social network sites are awash with quotes and stories about him. Read on to find a lot of them in one place, and why I’m reminded of a man called Randy Pausch…

As I read the Steve Jobs quotes. Lots of them were coming from a speech he made to students at Stanford University in 2005. It was filmed in 2005 after his first run in with pancreatic cancer. He used the subject of death as life affirmation, and I think it’s great. Here it is:

So, who is Randy Pausch…?

Well, I just happened to be watching the 2009 Star Trek movie this week, and I was reminded of an article I wrote back in 2009 called Star Trek – Did You Spot Randy Pausch?
Briefly, Randy also died to pancreatic cancer, and also made a video about how his own upcoming death should be an affirmation of life.

Here’s that article:
Star Trek – Did You Spot Randy Pausch?
You’ll see in that article I refer to the Pausch youtube video ‘The Last Lecture’.

I highly recommend you search it out and make the time to watch both these videos.
2 videos that drive home appreciating what we have, and the opportunities available to us.

I’ll sign off by wishing you, as ever, health & happiness,
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  • Death is indeed the great transformer and leveller. Whatever we do in life, we all must do it in the end. It underlines the importance of making the most of ourselves every day. Thank you Gordon.

    • Thanks Peter. I have no doubt that Steve Jobs and Randy Pausch put it much more eloquently than I could, probably because they had the experience of staring death right in the face. Cheers.