Great Gordino Newsletter – Goal Achievement Tips From The Queen!

Goal Achievement Tips From The QueenEarly June 2012, and The Queen celebrates 60 years on the throne, with Diamond Jubilee events over a long 4 day weekend. The whole country comes together to take part – or does it…?

Well, no.

Lots of people are indifferent at best towards The Queen and the Royals, and lots of people are positively anti royal, believing we would be much better off without them, that they have no place in modern society.

Here’s my own personal take…

In the title I mentioned goal achievement tips from The Queen, and your reaction might be that she didn’t achieve a goal, it was handed to her, she was born into it.

Well, yes and no.

She was born vaguely in line to the throne yes, but it wasn’t considered likely that she would be Queen.

Her uncle was expected to be there, her uncle being King Edward VIII. He gave up the throne for love. That thrust George VI onto the throne, and it was his death 60 years ago that moved the responsibility onto Elizabeth.

Responsibility is the key for me, because at the time she made a public declaration to devote herself to serving the country for the rest of her life.

She accepted something that she did not choose, and decided to do it with a sense of duty. Will she abdicate?

No. That’s not part of the duty she took on, so she’ll die as Queen.

So, what of the opinion that she has an easy life, with no idea of what it’s like to work for a living, or go without?

That’s an interesting one, because there is no doubt that her every need is taken care of, and her contact with the ‘common’ people (whatever that means) is limited and regulated.

However, think for a moment of her workload. She does hundreds of public engagements every year, around the world, and she’s been doing that for 60 years. Think of the times when you didn’t want to go to work, and then imagine that your work involved presenting an image to the world, all the time.

Even watching the flotilla of boats on the Thames yesterday, that point struck home to me. I was watching in the warm on TV, with a cup of tea and a fair amount of chocolate. Queenie was standing on a boat in the cold and the rain, watching as a procession of boats went past.

I found the boats looked the same after only a short while, so went for some more chocolate. Elizabeth didn’t have that on offer, she stood there where she was, waving and smiling as ever.

The Royal family brings a lot of trade to the country, and it’s often argued that the business they bring is far more than the public cost of maintaining our royalty.

On a personal level, she was Queen when I was born, she was Queen when I grew up, and she’s Queen now.

She has been there as a constant background, part of the foundation of my nationality, and the characteristics that brings.

She represents responsibility, respect, duty, service, work ethic, and believe you me, many many countries around the world would ache to have someone like her. Things will be different when she’s gone.

That could easily be not until *I’m* 60, which is a frightening thought!

Maybe if you don’t see The Queen in a goal achievement light, before you rush to dismiss her as not relevant, think of the concepts I have mentioned, really consider how she has operated for 60 years, and wonder what positives you could take and apply to your own life?

Ok, that’s it for today, let me know what you think!
‘Til Next Time,
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