New Year’s Day!

A New Year’s Day poem!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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8 Responses to New Year’s Day!

  1. Susan Evans says:

    Fun poem about the new year! I love how you include humor. May this be the best year ever!

    • gordino says:

      Thanks Susan,
      I think humour is an essential part of well being, and I try to find it wherever I can!
      Here’s to a great 2014!
      Cheers, Gordon

  2. I love your poem, Gordon! You are so right. Our future is what WE make it. Best wishes for 2014. :-)

    • gordino says:

      Thanks Lauri!
      I’ve changed tack this year about resolutions, and I have a few corkers of my own!
      Hope you have a great one too!

  3. I’m always into helping when it’s about chocolate.

  4. Great poem and nice to have the recording as well as the text. Happy new year to you!!

    • gordino says:

      Thanks Harriet,
      I have been tempted with the idea of vlogging this year – went down to the seaside, but decided the way I looked in the wind and rain was too scary for public consumption! I guess that’s not really what vlogging is about, but this cheat of audio and text is a half-way house! Ha!
      Happy New Year to you too!

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