NFL Moment Of The Week – Playoff Week 1

Ok, so a few weeks left of the season, and this week saw the first week of the playoffs, although I didn’t see any of the games in full…

It’s a frustration I have every year – Channel 4 here in the UK show a live game every Sunday night during the regular 17 week season, but then when the playoffs start, the knockout stages leading to the Superbowl, it goes to highlights only.

It’s all about the money, I’m guessing.
If Channel 4 stumped up the cash for a love playoff game, the fans like me would watch. However, not only have Sky stumped up more cash, they must have had an exclusivity clause.

Yes, I could pay to watch the games on Sky, yes I could pay to watch online via the NFL, but to be honest, I watch so much sport, I’ve always held back from paying to watch it.

So, highlights it is then, until the Big Game, which *is* on live.

One thing I noticed from the first week of playoffs? These teams are the wildcard teams for a reason – their regular season record was not enough to get them to the level of the teams above them, and it showed!
Lots of mistakes, mistakes which the better teams don’t make as many of!

On to the divisional round now, which sees the better teams back into the mix!

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